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At the EuphoniumStore we have the full range of lefreque plates in the sizes 33mm,41mm and 76mm.

Each set consists of two plates, that will sit one on top of the other, secured to your instrument by a black fixing band (supplied with your chosen plates, and in addition we include a set of silicone bands that can also be used to fit the plates)

There are different finishes available, as the sound and performance changes with the metal and platings used. 

LF finishes

Here below is a full list of sizes and their suitability for your instrument.

These are recommended matching but if you get the chance to test them, you may find other options that work better for you. For example Steve Mead uses: 41 mm plates on the mouthpiece/mouthpipe connection, 33mm plates on the 2nd valve slide knuckle (see video) , and 76mm plates on the back branch, all in silver plate. Some brass have found the brass finish is best for them, especially those with lacquer or brass finishes on their instrument. Some players have found the red brass plates add a certain rich timbre to their playing. Other swear by the solid silver finish and the gold plated finish, but these of course are much more expensive ! The 'combi' options are also fascinating, but we think most brass players will be delighted with the standard options.

LF size sheets

We will suuply the lefreQue plates with free black fixing bands as follows:

33mm plates -  one 45mm band AND one 55mm band

41mm plates - one 45mm band AND one 55mm band

76mm plates - one 70mm band AND one 85mm band

black bands

Extra/replacement bands can be purchased from this store too

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