What are the benefits?

There are several proven benefits to using the lefreQue plates:

The first 10 'euphonium' reviews of the lefreQue plates, received in the last few weeks:

This is the greatest invention since the euphonium. Buy it now, you will not regret it.

The plates are great on the instrument. Somehow, the mouthpiece plates seem to focus the sound of my Prestige even more. I also think playing the instrument seems to be easier! My must-have as a euphonium player. Once again, you've introduced me to a great product.

All brass players. These harmonic plates do really work. I'm very fortunate to have some after seeing Steven Mead recently. You'll notice the difference immediately!!!!! If you try them you'll be amazed.

There is good news from the lefreQues. As I practised - just 3 three hours ago - my son who is himself playing the trumpet asked me: Has something changed with your instrument, it sounds clearer? 
Partly this should definitely be ascribed to the lesson you gave me, but as I am not a super quick learner the LefreQues should be responsible for the change too.

The plates are really good. And I fixed my euph so the combination of both is amazing.

I never thought that it can make so big difference.

The large plate certainly helps in band and I'm still experimenting with the others but they certainly are making a difference when playing on my own!

I've just done 2 hours preparing with the fellowship band for a solo gig. I am amazed with the new plates. My whole playing experience. You know me enough that I don't say these things often.  I felt my whole sound has altered for the best (the edge has been taken off) I can play longer phrases. I totally forgot about the plates and discovered I was doing longer phrases. It's totally incredible.  Stamina is increased due to working less hard. You just cannot beat the sound the plates create. The benefits are just amazing. Playing the amount of time I do in a day I just feel the benefits straight away (usually after a rehearsal like this I'm knackered).

I love them! Marija and I used them in rehearsal and we sound like a new section! I wonder if the small one (like yours on your second tube) might make a difference? The sound is so much rounder, like I have an extra litre of lungs!

Hi Steve, I think they're amazing!! :) Still tweaking where the exact best position is for the one near the bell is. Top c #'s are very sweet and centred. The overall sound has become bigger and it's especially nice having a couple of extra gears of dynamics. :) 

 "The lefreQue plates arrived yesterday and I put them on and played with them since then, and did some testing with them and without them. Well, as you may have expected, I am quite blown away by the difference they make. I mean, I did expect them to have a positive effect after all I had heard already, but to be honest, I did not expect this huge effect. I don't understand how it works and why it works, but the difference that is there in the instant is simply amazing. Already just blowing air through the instrument (without playing a note) feels quite different, easier and more free blowing, as if a lot of resistance has been take away. When playing the first impression for me is that the sound gets more vibrant, more centered, more stable, more focused, with a better defined pitch and also somehow cleaner, more pure, also bigger. I also did some tests with my brother and my mum to see, if this is only a subjective feeling (what would be already very nice to have) or if they also could notice a difference. And they both told me they hear a clear difference. They said that the sound gets richer and cleaner and that when changing notes it becomes smoother and clearer and more natural (what is also my feeling). It seems as if the place, the spot of every note on the instrument gets better defined, and so it is easier to hit the notes properly and there is less effort needed. I feel that I still need to get used to this fact and learn that I don't have to work so hard anymore to get e.g. flexes right or to get high notes. I think I got into a habit of overdoing some things for security reasons which is not needed anymore now. It is totally amazing and I have no clue HOW this all works, but for me it is very obvious THAT it works, and at the end of the day this is all what matters. Another obvious change for me is, that the low register seems much easier, especially the difficult notes between low G and pedal C, but also my pedal notes. There seems to be more center in them and better sound. The entire instrument feels more free-blowing now. And the sound feels more vibrant and the setting time (if this expression makes sense) until the note has its full vibration seems shorter, it falls into place faster so to speak. And the feedback that my body gets is much more enjoyable, like the vibrancy of the sound transfers more to my body, I feel more part of the whole sound experience, like the instruments is closer to me, not some "device out there". I think also there is a massive improvement about tuning. I will do more testing with this, also with a tuning-machine, but my feeling is that all the "problem notes" get better in the instant with these plates, especially high G and F, B and Bb, and also top C# and D. And the notes feel bigger and more centered, also easier to play. Moving air though the instrument feels easier and more relaxed, and I feel more secure and stable with my airflow and sound production, the body starts to relax a little more as there is more ease and the playing feels more natural. I can feel the benefit of this both when playing lyrical passages, there is less effort necessary, and with playing fast passages which sound cleaner and it is easier to maintain a stable sound throughout the passage as the instrument responds better. So all I can say so far is that I am very impressed and very happy with these lefreQue plates! I will do more testing and also try them on trombone and we will also try them on other instruments in band".

The following pages show and explain why people find these so amazing, please read !









They must be fitted with the plate with 'legs' sitting on top of the other plate, as per this photo:

legs position

See what several top performers say:

 “The lefreQue is a miracle to me! From the first moment on I heard the difference so very clearly that I will never play without itanymore!! The sound is much deeper and richer and you get a much improved legato. For any instrument, at any level, the lefreQue is a major sound improvement!”

“lefreQue the new tonal enhancement for wind instruments from Holland. I use this device myself and endorse its amazing qualities!”

  • New York Philharmonic - Kim Laskowski, Associate Principal Bassoon

They have been life changing. It is so easy to play now that I haven't been getting tired after rehearsals.
With your product, you don't have to push the sound and nuance is always heard.
Really incredible!

  • Annika Amundsen Principal Bassoon Malmö Symphony Orchester

"The way Lefreque works is just astonishing!
In the beginning, I had the feeling that I was trying out a new and better bocal.
With Lefreque, playing a legato in octaves feels like the tones are ”just coming”.
My discarded reeds suddenly take on a new life, and the whole bassoon feels vibrant."

  • Pedro Eustache endorses lefreQue

“the LeFreque sound bridge brings—to lack of a better expression—a “3D sonic quality” to my flutes… SUBTLE YET FLAGRANTLY INSPIRING… IT’S LIKE CHANGING TO A BETTER INSTRUMENT! …A REFRESHING, EMPOWERING FEELING… ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!”

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