Optimum - nutritional supplement/stress release for musicians - 30 tablets

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This is a new nutritional supplement aimed at combating performance anxiety and backed by Dr.Roger Webster has been launched. 

30 tablets

For best results take three tablets daily in the week prior to a performance/event. It is perfectly acceptable and safe to take continuously if required.

Optimum performance supplements are designed to aid concentration and focus whilst subduing anxiety/panic attacks. There are no dulling of the senses usually associated with prescription beta blockers This is an effective alternative with proven results from our own extensive trials utilising professionals and UK conservatoire musicians. Plus it is European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) compliant.


'Optimum' is a natural food supplement tablet designed specifically to aid concentration and focus whilst subduing anxiety and panic attacks. It is made from natural ingredients - including Lemon balm, chamomile, calcium and Ginko Biloba to hops, zinc and magnesium.

It has been rigorously tested for two years prior to launch and meets all stringent European Food Standard Agency (EFSA) standards. Optimum has also been trialled successfully in the UK with leading professional musicians and conservatoire students.

Roger Webster

One of the major forces in its launch has been Prof Roger Webster - one of the world's leading brass players, who holds a Master's Degree in Music from the University of Leeds, and went on to complete his PhD in Psychology specialising in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

He has been particularly involved with the treatment of dystonias and musical stammers, as well as performance anxiety issues over many years.

Research and testing

Roger told 4BR: "Optimum is a product that has taken a great deal of research, testing and trialling to meet the most demanding health and safety requirements from the European Food Standards Agency.

In addition, production and quality compliance testing is continuously carried out by one of Europe's leading nutritional supplement manufacturers."

''Optimum' is a product that I believe can have significant, safe benefits in helping players, performers, students, public speakers and examinees alike who suffer with performance anxiety'

~ Prof Roger Webster

Safe and non addictive

He added: "The product is completely safe, natural, non addictive and has been given certification to back all claims.

'Optimum' is a product that I believe can have significant, safe benefits in helping players, performers, students, public speakers and examinees alike who suffer with performance anxiety.

The results during trials with professionals and students were fantastic!

None of us expected this final formula to be so effective. It really opened up a world of performance possibilities to those adversely affected by nerves."

Industry professionals

Roger concluded: "Working with industry professionals in developing this product has been a hugely engaging experience - and knowing that we have taken time, undertaken extensive research and invested in a natural food supplement product with proven benefits means that I truly believe 'Optimum' can help people realise their full performance potential."


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