Calling - Jay C.Batzner - Solo Euphonium and Electronic Drone

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Here is a new contemporary work, part of the Leading Edge series of original compositions for the euphonium. About 'Calling', the composer writes, "Very often, it seems, my music takes on a life of its own. I wasn't sure what I was going to do when I started this composition but it didn't take long for the piece to decide what it wanted to be. The sources of the tape part are not important. The inspiration for the Euphonium line is not important. In my mind, this piece simply IS.  The title, Calling seemed appropriate to me since, to my ears, it sounds as if the soloist is calling out to this eternal droning E-flat that is omnipresent. In some ways, this feels like the first work in this style that I have ever composed. In other ways, it feels like I've been writing this way forever."

The backing track for this piece is available as a free download HERE This publication comes complete with composer biography and performance tips from David Thornton. The work can also be heard on David Thornton’s CD Parallel Realities 

More about the Leading Edge Series :

“The Leading Edge is a series of solo works for euphonium that push boundaries. The formats and structures are varied, using composers from many different backgrounds, but the concept is a constant: to provide our repertoire with fresh blood. The works are innovative yet practical; pushing boundaries isn’t always about being super contemporary or extraordinarily difficult, though there are certainly some challenging pieces presented here!

The compositional process is fascinating, how new ideas come to fruition and are given a voice through the chosen instrument. The composers involved in this project have been selected very carefully – musicians who see their work as having a distinct voice and strive for this in their musical language or sound worlds within their music.

From unaccompanied works to electro-acoustic repertoire, from conventional form with piano to programmatic music with chamber groups, the series covers a broad spectrum of styles that will suit euphonium players with the desire to find new expressive avenues for our instrument. We have enjoyed learning and performing these pieces as we hope you do too.”

David Childs & David Thornton

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