SBTray - Extendable Water Catcher/Valve Gutter for euphonium - (long legs)

Reference:  ACWCEX
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After more than 9 months of testing Steven Mead is very happy to recommend and promote this new valve tray/gutter/water catcher for euphoniums. This is the only one we sell now, but it is available with short legs and long legs, this is the version with long legs so please check the other image on this page to see if your valve bottom caps correspond with this photo.,

Here is the latest addition tot he series, the spring adjustable water catcher for euphoniums that is designed to fit all euphoniums!

He has been looking for something like this for many years, and unhappy with the metal water catches the clip to the bottom of the valve group. The problem is traditionally have been extraneous vibration on certain frequencies, slight change of performance as well as the air compression sound that often accompanies the use of the metal gutters.

This new SB Tray is extraordinary light (10g) and nonmetallic, and it has small hooks on the end of the two protruding prongs that clip inside the bottom caps of valves one and three, giving a very secure and reliable grip. This model has the extendable hooks to allow for the different dimensions of the different brands of euphoniums.

Guaranteed not to vibrate! 


Weight: 10 grams (0.4 ounces)

Length: 8 cms (3.15 inches)

Width: 1.9 cms (0.76 inches)

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