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It's a big MOMENT for the Euphoniumstore, as we add a lot of new sheet music - 20 works in total, including some very popular, classic solos from the repertoire, and the brass band version of the Euphonium Concerto by Edward Gregson.
Here is a list of the full titles, which you can find in NEW ITEMS and SHEET MUSIC. Coming soon, the full digital solo catalogue from BookWright Music.
Concerto for Euphonium (Nelhybel), Concerto per Flicorno Basso (Ponchielli), Four Puccini Arias (Arr.Spaniola), First mov.Concertino No.1 (Klengel), Faustbuch (Raum),Nocturne Op.7 (Strauss), Hungarian Melodies (V.Bach), 60 Etudes (Kopprasch), 25 Duets (O'Toole)12 Jazz Duets (Jack Gale), Arcades and Alleys (Lourens), Andante and Hungarian Rondo (Weber), Mountain Silence (Ian Lester), International Songbook for Euphonium (Arr.Werden), Fantasia di Concerto (Boccalari), Fantasia per Tromba (Ponchielli), Bravura Variations - with Brass Quintet (Adolphe Adam), Arpeggione Sonata (Schubert)
Special sale: UFO CD with the Brighouse and Rastrick Band, Love's Joy (Steven and Misa), Fandango (Steven Mead and Tomoko Sawano)

UFO CDlove jfandango

Last set Lefreque plates in stock:  33mm solid silver

33mm silver

Just arrived - some great new solos and studies.

From Phil Snedecor - Euph'tudes (fantastic series of Concert Etudes) in TC and BC.

From Prima Vista Music - Three Stories Three Worlds (Meechan), Simple Song (Joel Collier) with piano or brass band accompaniment, Divertimento (Dan Price) for euph and piano, and the classic 'Be My Love' (Brodsky and Cahn Arr. Ray Farr) for solo euphonium and brass band or wind band/harmonie/concert band.

euphtudes3stories coverSS pianoDiv coverBe My BB

Super Duets, Philip Sparke - 15 Progressive duets for trombones or euphonium. Now available in TC and BC


New to the Euphoniumstore: FlowPartner - designed by Patrik Randefalk. Helps with flow, stamina, register and more features. The unique combination of internal conical shape, and a rotating MPs enables it to control the air flow and achieve balance resistance in all different registers.

Available in red (M and L), and grey and black (L) 

fp grey

Besson euphonium tigger adjusting rod, gold plated, with snap on and miniball  - BACK IN STOCK 8-2-23. 

Denis Wick Baritone mouthpiece SM4 (Gold) - back in stock 

15 CDBrassTrail Duet Series Vol.2 is here and available in both treble and bass clefs. A really well put together book of duets, to play with friends or teacher/student in a variety of styles.

Introducing the brand new Wiseman Wooden Euphonium Case - the ultimate in luxury case design - and the perfect life companion for your instrument. Take a look at the information page for more info. To reserve your case, check pricing and choose options, email: euphstore@gmail.com

vertical 1back viewopen 3. 1sm1


To celebrate the reprint of the highly successful method book Misa's Technicals Bk.1 we are offering it at the special price of only £14!! Available in treble and bass clef. 

lacquyer b tBack in stock, Button Top Lacquer with pearl insert for Besson euphoniums.

Omaggio cover

Omaggio - the brand new album from Steven Mead and Brighouse and Rastrick Band. All copies autographed. Euphonium Concerti from Philip Harper, Philip Sparke, Peter Graham, Cafe 1930 (Piazzolla), Dancing Lights (Lucy Pankhurst) and The Sally Gardens (Arr.Ken Downie) 

100D100 days of Trumpet Practice - Rex Richardson. New in store and highly recommended. A true recipe book covering all aspects of trumpet (brass) playing. Rex Richardson establishes the structure of a disciplined routine. A concept that reveals the meticulous and efficient daily work of one of the great virtuosos. We think is really suitable also for euphonium and baritone. Published by EditionsBIM.

finger trainer BentonConn superslickMDP method book

Harley Benton Finger Trainer (with adjustable tension), Conn Superslick Slide Cream (recommended for euphonium tuning slides with trigger).

And a super new method book, MDP Method - check it out!!

triple mp case tubaTriple tuba mouthpiece case from Denis Wick

R in Blue front Rhapsody in Blue - Gershwin Arr. Doksitser/Andrews - full version with wind orchestra/concert band

belly guard

Back in stock: Besson euphonium main trigger plexiglass guard. 22 in stock.

We have an update on the full range of water-catchers/valve gutters we now have at the Euphoniumstore.

wc full sheet

1. Besson Baritones - non extendable

2. Baritones - extendable

3.   Euphonium - short legs - extendable

 4. Euphonium - long legs - extendable

 5. EEB tubas - extendable *NEW*


Pulcinella - Philip Sparke - a great new solo, now available with piano accompaniment. Pulcinella was commissioned by the Taiwanese euphonium player Tzu-Hsiang Lin. Lin is a renowned soloist and teacher and a Besson Euphonium Artist.                                                                            

PULSE coverSouvenir coverSpecial sale of 2 great CDs!  Pulse (Steve and the Royal Band of the Belgian Air Force) and Souvenir (Misa Mead and Benjamin Powell), only £2 each for the next two weeks only!!!

DWBPMWe've just added the Denis Wick Baritone Practice Mute to our store. 

MM news smaller

The brand new Meadsprings Medium. Now available!!

2mm taller than the Light springs, for extra response and speed. Just the extra help you're looking for!! Buy ONE SET, or TWO SETS. Sure to be very popular.      

MeadSprings Light
Meadsprings - still the most popular and in-demand high quality valve springs for euphonium and baritone. Five sets available: Original, MediumLight, Baritone/Non-compensating euph, Tuba.                         

See 'new items' for recent additions to our our stock and other drop-down menus for specific searches, or try in the search box!

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Manhasset 53 Table Top Music Stand
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Four Concertos - Joseph Horovitz
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Czardas (album) ed.Eric Wilson
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World of the Euphonium, Vol. 5
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Ultrabreathe - ORANGE
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Four Concertos - Joseph Horovitz
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SM Ultra 5XR gold plated
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Symphonic Variants
Ultrabreathe - WHITE
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