Here at the Euphonium store, we are delighted to bring you the range of Euphonium accessories from Brakul, Japan.

eBrakul photo 

Brakul writes:

"An accessory has been created to refine your music life. It's our beloved sound accessory that beautifully enhances the sound quality of brass instruments. Carefully handmade, this item has received high praise from players.

Our sound accessory, which is handcrafted for music enthusiasts seeking the genuine article, is proudly delivered by us to create the highest quality sound. By using this accessory, with its richness and clarity of sound, a new dimension is added to your musical expression.

At BRAKUL, in order to make better products, we are also focusing on research to improve technology and acquisition of high-quality materials.
Therefore, please note that product specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

 The best combination of my products changes depending on the person, and the choices also change depending on the condition of the body and the instrument. 

I am creating products that will make playing more enjoyable for all brass instrument players."
Are you ready to try them? 
The Euphoniumstore is very proud to have been offered this special exclusive dealership for these products for euphonium players. We do understand they are quite expensive, but we honestly believe that they add greatly to our art, both from a visual and aesthetic perspective, and most definitely from a performers experience. These products have been carefully researched and designed and make a positive difference.
Products available:
Brakul Besson/Willson Euphonium Valve Button Top (recommended for use on the 4th valve) 
in Silver, Brass and Copper
bt copper
Brakul Besson Euphonium Top Cap for 4th valve
in Copper, Brass and Silver 
Brakul Besson Euphonium Bottom Cap large for 4th Valve
in Copper, Brass and Silver 
TC a BC brakul group
Tone Changers (for all models of euphonium):
1. Kabuto-kun (The beetle!) 
in silver and copper
2. Ohana P 
K copper box 2OH box


  Please note, the products which are listed as Besson specific are only designed for German-made Besson Sovereign and Prestige euphoniums, from 2006 onwards.
Similar models are available for Yamaha and Willson euphoniums, please write to us if you're interested:

BRAKUL –  first reviews from Euphoniumstore customers

WZ, Austria
Phenomenal - I can no longer imagine my instrument without the Brakul system. The sound quality in all registers is clearer, with improvements in intonation.
Above all, it is the tone response that is so much more precise and transparent.
I'm enjoying the new feeling of practicing and it's really a lot of fun!

MM. Germany

After I changed bottom cap and finger button on 4th valve to Brakul system I felt immediately an opening of the whole instrument, more volume and even easier response, especially in deep range. Even it is more centered and kind of a "crispy" sound which I really like. It feels like a "turbocharger" on the instrument. This system is amazing!

SF, Italy
I received the Brakul button and back for the 4th valve and I must say the sound of the instrument has had an improvement which I like, clearer and more sonorous.

My comments on the Brakul products still stand after my first impressions. The sound quality difference when using the products is noticeable, especially the lead pipe accessory. It’s become a permanent fixture on my euph now.

DS, Germany
I ordered the brakul Fingerbutton in brass and the tone changer Beetle in copper.
My experiences were very positive! I was suprised how heavy the Fingerbutton was compared to the one that came with my instrument. From the first note I felt my horn resonating a lot more, combined with a huge plus in projection (I played in a very big hall when I used it first time!).
I belief I will order the bottom cap soon.
The Beetle gives a nice Addition in core and I like to try different positions on my leadpipe. Having many people talk positively about something is nice, but noticing myself and therefore being convinced is great.

I had to take my horn into the shop to get cleaned/valve work right after I got the Brakul 4th valve bottom cap but I've finally had some time to play with it. I honestly went into it thinking there would be little to no difference. I did not notice any differences back when I tried the Lafreque plates several years ago so I thought this might be similar. However, I have been quite impressed with this cap! I really notice the biggest difference in overall resonance and depth of sound in the low/middle register. My low 4th valve concert F and the several notes around it have a ton more ring and center. Also, it feels like I have a little more control with my response in the soft dynamics.

GM, Italy
The first day I tried it I was surprised how only 2 accessories can make a remarkable contribution to the performance.
The significant benefits I have experienced are:
- Extra resonance and singing sound in all registers
- Extra Centred Sound and clear Articulations
- Easier to play
I'm currently using the Brakul Copper fourth valve button top and the heavy fourth valve bottom cap in Brass material

HL, Hong Kong

I’m using gold plated prestige euphonium. The 4th brass cap of Brakul can make the sound quality more acoustical even in the practice room. After that, the copper button can make the sound powerful and more articulate.Overall, it’s fit for my needs and the resistant are perfect, not too much.

GP, Austria
I am using the cooper heavy bottom cap and the copper heavy finger button.
I notice a more focused sound and some benefits in the response and articulation in the low register especially! I have to say that i just fell in love with the very open big sound of my new prestige when I got the Brakul system. I think with Brakul on it, it’s even more singing and resonating! i really like it!!

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