Tech-Oil - Premium Valve Lubricant - 2 bottles - new style bottles

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TECH OIL - 2 bottles

The euphoniumstore has just acquired the first ever UK supply of Tech-Oil, highly regarded as the best brass instrument lubricant that you can buy.

Perform your best when your instrument has the finest lubricants on the market. 

Steven Mead now uses this oil and recommends it.

Avoid bad notes because your valve is stuck. Use Tech-Oil for a worry-free performance.

Apply just two spots of oil to a clean valve (make sure you remove all traces of old oil from your valve and valve casing for optimum performance). Just one spot at each end of the valve, no more, then you don't need to reapply for weeks! Seems unbelievable, but it's true.

 Here's some more info from the company:

Developed for musicians by a musician (who happens to be an engineer)

Result: a product tailored to your true needs instead of being designed for frequent sales.


Tech-Oil forms a barrier between the piston and the valve casing. This cohesive barrier resists sideways forces that otherwise cause metal contact and “sticking". Customers have noticed that Tech-Oil often solves sticky valve problems and saves expensive trips to the repair shop.

Balanced Viscosity

Valve oils that are too thin are weak in lubricity tests, while oils that are too thick are sluggish. Tech-Oil is smooth and fast.


The components of Tech-Oil are stable against atmospheric interference which cause "gumming" in many valve oils…which is valve oil geek talk for, when you use normal valve oil and wipe your valves during cleaning, a dark residue is usually on your rag. This residue is caused by this adverse interference. With Tech-Oil your valves stay clean.


This measures the tendency of liquids to evaporate. Many valve oils dry out too fast, requiring frequent application. Tech-Oil stays in the valves by having a low rate of evaporation. This low evaporation rate combined with the stability of the oil allows Tech-Oil to stay on your horn even during use in hot and cold weather extremes.

Low Water Passover Ratio

Tech-Oil repels water to keep breath moisture and contaminants out of the valve walls and lower caps while other oils allow water to exchange place with the oil resulting in all sorts of bad things happening to your playing and horn. Avoid this by using Tech-Oil.

How to Use

  1. Wipe your piston or rotor & clean the casings

  2. Apply only 2 drops of Tech-Oil

  3. Perform with confidence

  4. Re-oil about a month later

Buy Tech-Oil now and perform with the confidence you deserve. Now with new  EU-approved child proof tops

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