Denis Wick Baritone SM4 (Gold) - back in stock

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SM4 small shank baritone mouthpiece . The classic baritone mouthpiece, with the same size and depth as the SM4 euphonium mouthpiece.

With over 30,000 SM mouthpieces sold since 1995, there is no doubting the popularity of this design!

Steven Mead designed the SM series of mouthpieces in conjunction with Denis Wick. These are top-quality mouthpieces and offer the following features:

- A very confortable rim that allows the player to play for long period of time without the rim cutting into the lips.
- The outer edge of the rim is contoured to allow for a great balance between a positive 'feel' and a smooth feeling for the lip muscles. The effect is immediately noticed.
- A firm inner rim edge which makes for a lightening response and positive lip flexibility.
- An outer shape that maximises the energy potential of the vibrating air column as it passing through the back bore into the shank.
- The outer shape is carefully calculated to allow for a firm tonal centre and yet retains a true euphonium/baritone sound.
- A resultant firmness in the notes, especially noticed in the higher and lower register. Players are able to keep a rich sound in these extremes of pitch as well as the middle register.
- Increased response of articulation in all ranges.
- The tongue seems to be able to articulate clearer and faster, with less effort.

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