CD Tribute - Steven Mead and the Michigan State Wind Orchestra cond. Kenneth G. Bloomquist

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This wonderful CD is now exactly 30 years old, and we hope that you enjoy this incredible music and outstanding performance.


  1. Original Fantasie (Picchi/Mantia)
  2. Night in June (King)
  3. From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific (Clarke)
  4. Rhapsody (Curnow)
  5. Beautiful Colorado (DeLuca/Roberts)
  6. Concertino No.1 in Bb (Klengel/Falcone)
  7. Fantasia di Concerto (Boccalari/Kent-Akers)
  8. Estrellita (Ponce/Lake)
  9. Atlantic Zephyrs (Simons)
  10. Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms (Mantia/Brasch/Maldonado)
  11. Flower Song from Carmen (Bizet/Harding)
  12. Auld Lang Syne (Mantia)

30 years of memories!

from Steven Mead

I have so many great memories of the Tribute CD. It was one of my very first collaborations with the Polyphonic company, with sound engineer Mike Moore and producer Philip Sparke. It was also one of my very first ever visit to the United States where the Brass Band of Battle Creek was in its infancy, and my friendship with brothers Jim and Bill Gray was quickly solidifying. It was just one year earlier when we discussed the possibility of me making a recording with the Michigan State University Wind Orchestra. The subject of Leonard Falcone was ever-present in our minds as I had been connected with the Falcone festival for the past two summers there. We wanted to find some music that Leonard used to perform, and we nominated some of his favourite solos. We decided also we would honour the legacy of the late great Simone Mantia and these two eminent gentlemen became the dedicatees of this Tribute album.

We managed to assemble all the music, with sincere thanks to the library at Michigan State and with the help of many others. The recording week was quite joyous, but really quite unusual at the same time. Recordings could only start at 10 pm on the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday of the recordings as many of the young musicians were involved in an opera production at the University. And so the band assembled around 10 pm each night and we worked until around 1:30 am. Then we went out to eat at the local Denny’s restaurant each night, getting to bed around 3 am. There were also some school clinics taking place at that time so the mornings for me were not free. As we finished our final recording session we then had to prepare for the rehearsals and concert to be given by the Brass Band of Battle Creek. From there we went onto the ITEC, my first one, in Lexington Kentucky! It was an immensely demanding but thoroughly enjoyable week, and looking back on this now with great fondness, working with friends and colleagues and with this beautiful and quite memorable music. Sadly we lost the conductor Kenneth G. Bloomquist last year, but I’ll be forever grateful for his patience, good humour and it was a great pleasure to witness the fantastic camaraderie between him and his young band. Thirty years have passed since this recording and listening to it again now, it comes back fresh. The passion and the energy is almost surprising not to mention some of the quick tempos!!

And to the photo on the front cover of the CD: it was suggested that we try to find an old uniform from the Michigan State marching band, and the one that they had in the museum there almost fitted me. Fortunately the photograph only goes down to the knees as the length of these trousers was around 10 in inches longer than my legs!!

It’s cemented forever my connection with Michigan, with the University, and all those associated with the recording. I hope you all enjoy listening to it!


Each copy of the CD sold now from April 21 onwards will be autographed by Steven Mead.

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