Mnozil Brass - Almrausch CD

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  1. Jagerner Jubelmarsch 2.57
  2. Die Wapplergavotte 3.07
  3. Leisewise 1.45
  4. Lagreiner Dunkelmarsch 2.55
  5. Angeluswalzer 3.34
  6. Seltsamerweise 1.19
  7. Mnoschil 4.43
  8. Dussère 7.01
  9. Halbweise 0.36
  10. Fingerwärmerpolka 2.50
  11. Unter'm Sturzhahn 1.38
  12. Hupfdibupf 1.58
  13. Sie stierische Dusche 2.12
  14. Wildkogelpolka 1.56
  15. Halbweise II 0.23
  16. Amadeenwalzer 1.52
  17. Halbweise III 0.27
  18. Harte Hasen 2.30
  19. Viertelweise 0.08
  20. Hopfen und Malser Weisenbläsermarsch 2.36
  21. Die Seltsame 1.57
  22. Achtelweise 0.05
  23. Connecting people 3.02
  24. Der Fetzenschädelgalopp 1.34
  25. Vollweise 0.39
  26. Mnozil 3.24

This CD was released in November 2009.  Mnozil in the studio, exploring brilliantly their cultural roots . Stunning playing.

Review by Iwan Fox, 4barsrest.comAlmrausch
A bit of flower power from Mnozil - as they take a trek over the Alps with some surreal yet beautiful results.

Mnozil Brass
Recordings: MNZO6
Total Playing Time: 62.30 mins

It's easy to forget that whilst Monzil Brass can delight you with their theatrics and humour in concerts performances, what you are actually listening to is a group of highly accomplished professional musicians playing at a level few other brass ensembles can match.

Lasting impression

The fun and games are great of course, but it's the playing that invariably leaves the more lasting impression on the mind.

That's not to say that even the aural experience can be a touch surreal at times too: especially with this, their latest highly inventive release.

Almrausch is a form of musical journey (although named after the Alpine Rose flower, seen on the CD cover) - obliquely a Wayfarer's memory trip from the nursery slopes of Mount Blanc to the local Mnozil pub, via the peaks and villages of the French, Swiss and Austrian Alps.


On their way the intrepid travellers rest their weary limbs by enjoying themselves playing arrangements of local folk songs, marches and waltzes, plus the occasional bit of musical whimsy in a style that somehow encompasses staggering ensemble playing with almost ‘Jeau san Frontier' silliness.

Almost that is.


The mental image is of lederhosen and funny felt hats, red faced Austrian farmers and busty serving wenches in local watering holes - yet at the same time the music is beautifully naive, rendered with an authentic bucolic sense of the folk tradition of the region.

The 27 individual tracks melt into each other like Spring time snow - some lasting as little as 5 seconds in duration, yet moving the musical journey forward by yet another significant step.


Stop offs come in the form of jaunty marches interwoven with playful waltzes, melancholic folk tunes, sturdy polkas, dances and odd ball diversions, the players taking turns to lead from the front like co-operative hikers.

The surreal sense of adventure is brought home at its conclusion - a breathless arrival at the door of the local pub is followed by a ruinous celebration and morning after hangover, which takes the form of a bleak, but grateful paean to composer Alban Berg.


In between we get all those mental images chucked into the Mnozil blender - from reflective musical panoramas to an almost 1970's 'Cinzano' advert inspired waltz, that starts somewhere in a mountain pass village and ends downtown in a jazz club in New Orleans.

Expect the unexpected with Mnozil and you will be left delighted with this authentically original release. Expect to try and understand the raison d'etre behind what they do - and you will be left wondering what on earth you have let yourself in for.

As for the image of the butcher's ‘joint cut' map of a cow and an archery board on the cover? You'll need a psychoanalyst to work them out.

Don't try - it may reduce your enjoyment of the playing.

Iwan Fox

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