CD - Spot on! - Fabian Bloch, with Francois Killian (piano) and Michael Meinen (percussion)

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This is the latest CD from the talented and creative Swiss euphonium player Fabian Bloch.

Spot on! - The Next Generation of Euphonium Music featuring world premiere recordings of new works for euphonium.

1.   Bogalusa .. Francois Killian 4:06 2.   Vault .. Jim Fieldhouse  5:08 3.   Blazing .. Fabian Kunzli  6:38 4-6. Euphonium Concerto (ATLAS) .. Daniel Schynder  - Version for Euphonium, Piano & Percussion]:  18.42 7. Ncore .. Roland Szentpali  5.15 8-9 Euphonia .. Jukka Linkola 14.05 10. Wheeap! .. Daniel Hall  4:44 11.  From This Earth .. Andy Scott 5:30 12. Karachi (Version for Euphonium, Piano & Percussion),  4th Mov of Nay Concerto .. Daniel Schynder  1.46 Playing time 65.57


Review from Thomas Dunne, Brass Band World, Oct.2019

In this new release Swiss euphonium player, Fabian Bloch, breaks new ground with an outstanding selection of no less than eight première recordings of new repertoire in a ‘jazz trio’ style.

He opens with François Killian’s Bogalusa. The cheeky syncopated rhythms, and nonchalant piano and drum kit accompaniment paint a delightfully nostalgic picture of the small Louisiana town famous for its jazz and blues. Composed by Bloch’s former euphonium colleague at Fairey Band, Jim Fieldhouse’s Vault reveals a sonorous tone in the expansive opening passages, followed by showcasing a considerable technical ability. Meanwhile, Blazing by Fabian Kunzli proves to be a fascinating, often mesmerising work, ranging from dance passages to mysterious moments of introversion.

Daniel Schnyder’s ATLAS concerto features as the major work of the disc. Inspired by the snowy mountain peaks of Marrakesh, the listener is transported to North Africa with driving, richly ornamented lines. The second movement creates an almost Indian atmosphere in its improvisatory feel and impressive range. The third evokes South America with its lively, dancing jazzy rhythms and features a notable extended cadenza.

The Latin America vibe continues with Ncore by Roland Szentpali. As this rousing, hip-swaying encore progresses, the listener almost forgets that the performer is playing euphonium and becomes absorbed in the perfectly captured style. Famous for his challenging euphonium concerto, Jukka Linkola’s new Euphonia is an extended two-movement work of epic proportions, contrasting energised funky passages and broad melody. Next, Daniel Hall offers a characteristically fascinating work, Wheeap!, inspired by jungle drum, bass and reggae delivered in a performance of pure energy! This continues in Andy Scott’s From This Earth, which explores the themes of courage and determination in a minimalist, yet spirited work. For an encore, Fabian Bloch switches to bass trumpet in a cheeky rendition of Daniel Schnyder’s 2005 work Karachi, which transports the listener to the Arabian Sea in a cascade of technical flourish.

Fabian Bloch has indisputably proved the potential of the euphonium in the ‘jazz trio’ setting through an outstanding level of performance and repertoire, which fuses traditional forms with a plethora of styles. Combined with excellent recording and understated, yet informative presentation, this innovative disc will have a lasting appeal for audiences, including those far beyond the brass band sphere.


CD - Drive - Fabian Bloch

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Here is the beautiful CD, 'Drive' from the Swiss euphonium star Fabian Bloch.


1. Gypsy Earrings .. Ardeshir Farah arr. Ryan McGeorge. 4.57

2. Respectfully Yours .. Andy Scot 3.53

3. Hummingbrrd .. Steven Bryant   3.08

4. Pulse .. Oliver Waespi  4.45

5. Fujiko .. Andy Scott. 4.10

6. Elegie .. Peter Meechan. 5.44

7-10. Drive - Euphonium Concerto No. 1 .. Simon Dobson. 17.40

11. The Red Novae .. Peter Graham. 5.16



Fabian Bloch, a Swiss musician, has shown since his childhood an unconditional passion for the euphonium, an instrument he studied at the Berne University of the Arts, in the class of Thomas Rüedi, before continuing his improvement at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester (United Kingdom), where he obtained a Master in Performance under the tuition of Steven Mead. At that time, he also played for “Fairey Band”, an world famous brass band, and performed at numerous concerts and competitions throughout England.

As a soloist, Fabian Bloch is constantly looking for new challenges, both in Switzerland and abroad. His first solo-CD, “Drive”, was released in September 2015 and was literally praised by the specialised press. His strong interest in new music is also reflected in the “Spot On!” project of his trio, in which he presents lots of new compositions.

Fabian Bloch currently plays with the european Brass Ensemble and in various leading brass bands in Switzerland and Great Britain. He also regularly gives concerts with his duo Euphorimba (euphonium and marimba).

He also passes on his passion to the next generation of euphonium players as an teacher in two music schools and teaches students of all ages in his own studio, “Brass Sounds”.

He completes his wide range of activities with frequent engagements as an extra in the Basel Symphony Orchestra, the Zurich Opera Orchestra, the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra and the Berne Symphony Orchestra.

CD - Songs for One and More - Matthew Murchison

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“Songs for One and More” is a collection of unaccompanied and multi-tracked original and adapted music for euphonium and tuba. Recorded during the 2020 quarantine this marks the first album of newly recorded solo material from Matthew Murchison since 2004. 

This is indeed a very clever and brilliant CD. Put together by the charismatic Matt Murchison. It's quite extraordinary what he can do in the studio with some time and some imagination. Incredible arrangements and what a range this guy has!!

Have a listen to some samples:

Introducing Dr. Matthew Murchison

Dr. Matthew Murchison wants to make his corner of the musical world a better place. If his concerts were a Dickens novel the first sentence might be: “It was the highest of brows, it was the lowest of brows. ”Matthew believes everyone deserves high-quality, interesting, and funny entertainment, from contemporary electronic music to songs about cat anuses.

Matthew has a varied career as a performer, composer, arranger, educator, conductor, and producer. Matthew has been called “one of the finest players of his (or any) generation.” In a more humbling tale, at age 17 he was approached by an elderly lady during a retirement home performance and told to “STOP IT!”

Matthew was a member of River City Brass in Pittsburgh, PA from 2002-2015, where he was a featured soloist hundreds of times. His solo performances with the River City Brass have been broadcast across the country and his comedy songs have been enjoyed by tens of people from every dark corner of the internet.

As a musician, Matthew primarily plays euphonium, tuba, and ukulele, performing exclusively on the XO euphonium. Under a full moon you may hear him play trumpet, bodhran, or didgeridoo. He has served as producer for CD recordings and can be heard on solo, chamber, large ensemble, and rock band albums. Matthew has performed solo and chamber music concerts all across the United States as well as in South America, Europe, and Asia. He has been able to perform with such groups as the Brass Band of Battle Creek, the United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own,” Mr. Jack Daniel’s Original Silver Cornet Band, Denver Brass, the Pittsburgh Symphony, and the Dallas Wind Symphony.  

Matthew self-publishes a number of his compositions though his website, while others may be obtained only after completing a series of magical quests. Recent performances of his award-winning compositions have taken place across the US, as well as in Japan, South America, and Europe. He released his first solo album entitled “Everyone But Me” in 2003. As a member of the River Bottom Quartet, Matthew’s arrangements and playing can be heard on the album “In Too Deep.” Matthew’s newest album, “Reminiscence,” is a collection of American songs and folk tunes and is available on his website now!

As a conductor, Matthew has worked with the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra Brass and Percussion Ensemble and has served as a guest conductor/clinician for honor bands. He has been a soloist multiple times with the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra as the euphonium-playing Santa Claus, making Art performing his variations on “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.” The Santa beard is very itchy. He has also been hired to write jokes and perform as the emcee for concerts, and has been a judge for international performance and composition competitions.

CD - Eire Time - Gary Curtin - accompanied by Foden's Band (cond.Michael Fowles)

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Here is the brilliant new CD Eire Time, by Gary Curtin accompanied by Foden's Band.

There has been a lot of anticipation for this release, and it's sure not to disappoint! Undoubtedly one of the CD releases of 2020, and set to win awards we think!

Amazingly this is the debut CD by Gary Curtin, and we get to hear his astonishing technique and beautiful lyrical playing, in a program that has something for everyone including some incredibly important works for the euphonium.

Watch the trailor on YOUTUBE

Repertoire/Track list

  1. Eire Time - Andrea Price 7:40
  2. The Water is Wide - Trad. Arr Stephen Roberts 5:11
  3. Cantiphonia i - Bert Appermont Arr. McGhee 7:53
  4. Cantiphonia ii - Bert Appermont Arr. McGhee 6:49
  5. Cantiphonia iii - Bert Appermont Arr. McGhee 5:58
  6. Eternal Source of Light Divine -  Jonathan Bates 4:22
  7. From your Smile - Paul Lovatt Cooper 4:01
  8. Dance of the Goblins - Bazzini Arr. Simon Oliver 4:59
  9. Deep Surge - Tom Harrold 9:28
  10. In Christ Alone - Richard Phillips 3:28
  11. Valflikans Dans - Hugo Alven Arr. Frode Rydland 3:55
  12. Get Here if You Can - Brenda Russell Arr.John Barber 4:29
  13.   Carnival of Venus - Allen Vizzutti Arr. Jonathan Bates 6.24

World of Brass writes:  "This is a perfect demonstration of passion, devotion and lyrical beauty. 'Eire Time is a truly captivating listening experience and broadens the spectrum of what the euphonium can achieve. The repertoire stretches from his virtuoso set pieces, known to brass band audiences throughout the world, to a brand-new concerto especially commissioned for this album."

Highly recommended.


CD - Changing Weather - Hidenori Arai (euphonium) and Hatsumi Shimizu (piano)

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Hidenori Arai, Euphonium
Hatsumi Shimizu, Piano

The long-awaited 2nd CD of euphonium player Hidenori Arai. Like the first album "NASOTA", the new songs "Sonata for Euphonium and Piano No.2" "Impression in Those Days" "Inori " composed by Hidenori himself, inclduing the album title song "Changing Weather".

from Golden Hearts Publications Global Store:

Like the first album "NASOTA", the song "Sonata" is included in the first song. What a cool genius this is! As a euphonium player, the level is much higher than the previous work. While keeping the subtle narrative as it is, the sound is further refined, the range of expression is further expanded, and I'm looking forward to the third album as soon as "How far will this person evolve?"

This time again, his own 4 songs (1 more than the previous CD). Other than that, the previous work was Bach or Schumann, but this time it is Gilles Martin, Mendelssohn / Steckmest, Glinka, Jan Bach.

The first album was exposed with energy and passion, which was also attractive, but this second album keeps it a little bit secret (although it is full of passion) and the selection of songs It has a stylish finish overall.

To that extent, his narrative is more gentle and mellow. It is an album that accepts everyday changes as described in the title, enjoys those changes, and responds to those changes, going through the changing times. Gentle & Dandy.
Like the previous work, Arai himself is the producer. Especially in terms of sound as a CD, I think it was quite sophisticated.

The piano is Hatsumi Shimizu, as in the previous work. It is a good combination.
Euphonium CDs are interesting because amazing CDs are coming out all over the world. Euphonium enthusiasts should buy this "Changing Weather" without hesitation."

Label:opus55 LLC

Release year:2019

Hidenori Arai / Euphonium
Hidenori Arai is very active as a freelance Euphonium player, performing as soloist and ensemble player as well as guest player in orchestras and wind bands.
He is principal euphonium player of “Brass Band Xepher”, member of “FUNKARU” (Euphonium Tuba Quartet) and “Bottoms Up Euphonium Tuba Quartet”.
He also composes, particularly for the euphonium and tuba which are instruments he is familiar with.
He currently serves as lecturer at Senzoku-Gakuen College of Music and executive director of the Japan Euphonium Tuba Association.
He graduated from Senzoku-Gakuen College of Music with highest honors - at the top of all classes. He studied with Kaoru Tsuyuki, Michio Funakoshi and Tetsuya Otsuka.
Prizes include 3rd prize at the 5th Jeju International Brass Competition, 3rd prize at the 26th Japan Wind and Percussion Competition and 1st prize at the 7th Tsuken Concours. And he performed at several concerts by selected musicians in Japan including Yomiuri Newcomer Concert and JMC Concert.
As an artist and an educator, he also appears on many festivals, academies and conferences including “Asia Tuba Euphonium Festival” 2016 in South Korea / 2017 in Hong Kong / 2018 in South Korea and “International Tuba Euphonium Conference 2019” in Iowa.
As a composer, in 2012, he was commissioned by the Japan Euphonium Tuba Association (JETA) to compose a required piece “Sonata for Tuba and Piano with Prologue" for the 2nd J.E.T.A. Student Competition.
He released two CDs; “Nasota” in 2017 and “Changing Weather” in 2019.

Track listing:

Sonata for Euphonium and Piano No.2 : Hidenori Arai
1. Tempo di Valse, appassionato - Latin [5:06]
2. Tempo rubato - Beguine [3:43]
3. Rondo alla Zingarese [3:10]

Mignardises : Gilles Martin
4. Giocoso [1:04]
5. Cantabile [1:55]

6. Fantasie "Auf Flugeln des Gesags" : Felix Mendelssohn / Henri Steckmest [4:05]

7. Sonatensatz:Michail Glinka (arr. Rainer Schottstadt) [9:52]

Impression in Those Days : Hidenori Arai
8. Kira Kira [1:15]
9. Henteco [1:31]
10. Poco a Poco a... [2:46]

11. Concert Variations : Jan Bach [16:03]

12. Inori : Hidenori Arai [4:05]

13. Changing Weather : Hidenori Arai [6:11]

CD - Elegance - Tzu-Hsiang Lin (euphonium) and Teng-Kuan Wang (piano)

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Here is the brand-new CD 'Elegance', from the outstanding Taiwanese euphonium player and teacher Tzu-Hsiang Lin. 'Lin' was recently appointed a Besson Artist in Taiwan and has been largely responsible for so much of the recent upsurge in euphonium activity in Taiwan, that has seen extraordinary rising standards and outstanding students.

Lin returned to Taiwan after studying for some years in the UK (Royal Birmingham Conservatoire), and took with him the understanding and passion that puts an artist on a great forward trajectory. He is now part of a team of great teachers who organise clinics the masterclasses for Taiwanese students on a regular basis.

Here is his debut CD which shows outstanding playing across some quite famous and popular euphonium repertoire. 

Congratulations Lin on this fantastic milestone in your career! This is believed to be the first euphonium solo CD ever produced in Taiwan.



1. Brilliante - P:eter Graham

2. Softly As i Leave You - DeVita Arr. Catherall

3. Aces - Frank Gulino

4. Michelangelo - Dagsland Arr Rydland

5. Fantasy Variations for Euphonium and Piano - Y. Ito

6. Flower Song (from Carmen) - Bizet Arr. Wilson

7. Concert Piece No.1 - J.Turrin

8. Aubade - Sparke

9. Cantabile - Paginini Arr/ Richards

10. Once in a Blue Moon - Wan Yun Liang 

CD - CIRQUE - Mnozil Brass

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It has been sometime since we've seen a new release from Mnozil Brass. Here is a CD release of their brilliant touring show Cirque. 

For those that have seen the show you will be delighted to see that all the major pieces from the show are here on this CD.This is from a live concert(s?) and what stunning playing it is too, some of it just totally jawdropping!!!  (When I first heard the CD I had to hit the replay button to track 11 some 6 six times - S.Mead)

Guaranteed to make you smile, laugh, and for a brass player, shake your head in disbelief!!

1 Der Lippenfresser (The lip-eater!)  .. Leonhard Paul

2 Harry Lime Theme .. Anton Karas

3 Overture ("Citizen Kane") .. Bernard Herrmann

4 Infernal dance of all Kashei's subjects .. Igor Stravinsky

5 French Kiss .. Leonhard Paul

6 Saint Agnes and the burning train .. Sting

7 Tiger Rag .. Nick LaRocca

8 Four Brothers .. Jimmy Guiffre 

9 Loop de Cirque .. Thomas Gansch

10 Tip Top Toe .. Leonahrd Paul

11 Overture to the operetta "Die Fledermaus" .. Johann Strauss Arr Mnozil Brass

12 Ich Bin Der Welt Abhanden Gekommen - I am lost to the world  .. Gustav Mahler Arr. Leonard Paul


Produced by

CD - Radiance - Bastien Baumet - Portugal Air Force Band

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Here is the brand-new CD, Radiance, from the French euphonium star Bastien Baumet.

It features four new and important works including the Symphony Concertante by Roland Szentpali which was used as the final test in the 2018 Jeju Euphonium Competition.

This is an outstanding recording in every way. For more information please check out Bastien's informative website


Repertoire/track listing:

Quatre Danses .. Jean-Jacques Charles

1 Tango

2 Habanera

3 Valse

4 Samba

Symphony Concertante .. Roland Szentpali

5 Introduction

6 Passepied

7 From Nora

8 Play

9 Euphantasy .. Giancarlo Castro D'Addona

Radiance -- Oliver Calmel (Tran. Laurent Arandel)

10 Energy 

11 Prysm

12 Light


Recorded in Lisbon November 2018

CD - Dream - Kyohei Ando (euph) and Hatsumi Shimizu (piano)

£12.50 - £10.00
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Here is the brand new album from the top Japanese euphonium soloist Kyohei Ando, accompanied by the brilliant pianist Hatsumi Shimizu.

Three extended works make up this terrific CD and two of the works are very well known in the euphonium repertoire, euphonium concerti by Linkola and Sparke. 



Kyohei Ando was born in Ashibetsu, Hokkaido in 1986.

He graduated from National Music University with Yatabe Award. Studied at the University of Alabama, USA as a ROHM Music Foundation Scholar.

December 2012 Master's degree at the same university. He has studied euphonium under the supervision of Masae Matsuoka, Hirozo Takeuchi, Toru Miura, Dr. Mitsuru Saito, Dr. Demondrae Thurman.

24th Japan Wind and Percussion Competition Euphonium 1st place

 The 25th Falcone International Euphonium Tuba Competition 1st place

Jeju International Solo Competition 2016  2nd place

In addition to holding regular recitals every year since 2009, he plans and conducts concerts across genres to open up the new world of euphonium.

Recorded in the United States as a member of the Euphonium Tuba quartet "Boreas Quartet" formed by alumni of the University of Alabama, the 2014 debut album "The Serpent's Kiss" released.

A member of the Euphonium Tuba Quartet "Euphonium Tuba Collective". 

Spiel Chamber Orchestra Euphonium player.

He is also active in professional brass band music, symphony orchestra extra work and euphonium coaching.

Part-time lecturer at National Music University since April 2014.


Please enjoy this new CD!!


Repertoire/Track list

Euphonium Concerto - Yukka Linkola

1. i. Agitato

2. ii. Quasi Nocturne

3. iii. Maestoso, Energico

UFO Dreams - Euphonium Concerto - David Maslanka

4. i. Fantasy Variations 'The Water is Wide'

5. ii. Home Planet 'Who Are You? Where Do You Come From?'

6. iii. Variations 'From The Bottom of My Heart'

Euphonium Concerto No.1 - Philip Sparke

7. i. Moderato e Energico

8. ii. Lento

9. ii. Vivo e Scherzando


72.21 mins total

Recorded 6-7 March 2019 in Saitama, Japan  Catalogue number OVCC-00149

Please visit Kyohei's website.

CD - Eufonissimo - Luciano De Luca (euph) with Lucio Del Vescovo piano)

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Here is the debut solo CD from perhaps currently Italy‘s most famous euphonium player Luciano De Luca, who is a professional euphonium player with the Italian Police Band, and perhaps best known as the principal euphonium player with the Italian Brass Band. On this fabulous first disc there is most definitely an Italian flavour to the repertoire, but also some exciting works from other European countries, including a world premiere recording and performance of the Shamanda Dance by Thomas Doss, the wonderful showpiece Move Their Mind by Stan Nieuwenhuis, and Bliss by Hermann Pallhuber. There is also a brand-new Suite for Euphonium by the Italian composer Davide Valllini. Luciano is joined by his friend and colleague Fausto Bottoni in the beautiful and mesmerising duet, Two Part Meditation. We highly recommend this debut recording from Luciano. Enjoy his lyrical phrasing and astonishing virtuosity.


1. Shamanda Dance - Thomas Doss. 8.42

2. Autumn - Giovanni Piacente. 3.26

3. Move Their Mind - Stan Nieuwenhuis. 8.15

4. Elegy - Filippo Cangiamila. 2.49

5. Ave Maria - Piazzolla Arr. Filippo Cangiamila. 5.20

6. Two Part Meditation - Kiankitu. 7.40

Suite for Euphonium - Davide Vallini.

7. Le Pale Eoliche. 5.33

8. Cerrentango. 4.51

9. Apparita. 3.53

10. Bliss - Hermann Pallhuber. 11.22

CD - Austrian Colors - Georg Pranger - accompanied by piano and brass band

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It is with huge pleasure that I can recommend this debut CD recording by the Austrian euphonium player Georg Pranger.  His ambassadorial work for the euphonium over the last years in Austria is well known to all those who had contact with him and the brass band scene in that country.

 So now he has released an album entitled Austrian Colors,  and this demonstrates his fine sound, outstanding control and a desire to put the euphonium on the map in Austria by commissioning, performing and now recording new works by leading Austrian composers.

 The established works are Café 1930 by Piazzolla,  Respectfully Yours by Manchester-based Andy Scott,  In Gardens of Piece by Philip Harper and Euphonium Fantasia  by the American composer Stephen Bulla.  These are well played with sensitivity and complete understanding of the styles.

 The Austrian works are what make this CD so significant, starting with Pulse by Thomas Doss,  then we hear  the very evocative work entitled Nachtmusik Fragmente by Jakob Gruchmann,  and then two fantastic original works: Chamäleon Concertino,  a brand-new 10 minute work by Thomas Doss  and the Euphonium Concerto for Euphonium and Brass Band by Martin Rainer.

 The development of the euphonium in Austria has been slow but significant, enhanced by the rising popularity of brass bands.  I myself have been involved with the Austrian scene, working with ensembles and bands for many years, and during this time I have noticed the developing skill and musical intelligence of Georg Pranger which is now fully realised on this magnificent CD.  Congratulations to pianist Johanna Hengg and the RET Brass Band, conductor Andreas Lackner,  who share the accompanying duties with great skill and sensitivity.

 This CD is highly recommended, and congratulations to Georg  and everyone else involved in making this such an outstanding project.


Pulse - Thomas Doss 7.20

Cafe 1930 - Astor Piazzolla Arr. Ken-ichiro Isoda 7.11

Nachtmusik Fragmente - Jacob Gruchmann

i. Allegro 2.42

ii. Wiegenlied 2.07

iii. Espressivo 2.13

iv. Allegro 2.17

Respectfully Yours - Andy Scott 4.26

Euphonium Fantasia - Stephen Bulla 6.56

Chamaleon Concertino  for Euphonium and Brass Band - Thomas Doss  10.00

In Garden of Peace - Philip Harper 5.51

Euphonium Concerto for Euphonium and Brass Band - Martin Rainer

i. Allegro con moto 4.25

ii. Marcia Funebre 9.06

iii. Allegro con brio 4.33


Recorded between October 2018 and February 2019

CD - Souvenir - Misa Mead and Benjamin Powell - special sale £2

£12.50 - £2.00
Reference:  CDBOCC127S
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This album is totally outstanding, from start to finish, from the brilliance of her own arrangement of Flight of the BumbleBee to the dashing final phrases of Fernando Deddos' Ratata for euphoniun and snare drum.

Benjamin Powell is the consummate accompanist on this album, and we hear his great skills and sensitivity to the full.

We are sure this is going to be a hit !!

Please take a look at the demo video that Bocchino Music made for this CD release:

Here's the full track listing:


1 Flight of the Bumblebee - Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov / arr. Misa Mead
2 Silent Noon (from ‘The House of Life’) - Ralph Vaughan Williams
Suite Brève dans le goût classique - Alfred Désenclos 3 I. Prélude 4 II. Fugue 5 III. Aria 6 Ⅳ.Finale
7 The Green Hill - Bert Appermont
8 Adagio Op.38 - Woldemar Bargiel
Appalachian Impressions: Sonata for Euphonium - Matthew Jackfert 9 I. Autumn at Grist Mill 10 II. A Train Through Snowy Thurmond 11 III. Hootenanny
12 La Gruta - Diego Niñerola
13 The Moon Over a Ruined Castle (Kojo no Tsuki) - Rentaro Taki / arr. Tomohiro Ibaraki
14 Concertino - Misa Mead
15 Ratatá! - Fernando Deddos featuring percussionist Laurent Zufferey

Recorded in RNCM Studio 7, September 6-7, 2018 Recorded and Produced by Richard Scott and Phil Hardman Bocchino Music BOCC127

CD - Lost Treasures Vol.2 - Glenn Van Looy - Geert Callaert (piano) and string quartet

Reference:  CDGLVLT2
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This is a brand-new album from Glenn Van Looy, who once again, in collaboration with the conductor and arranger Luc Vertommen, has put together a superb album of 'Lost Treasures', from the 19th century, with piano accompaniment and also this time with string quartet.

With nearly 70 minutes of music, this album is sure to appeal to all lovers of the euphonium. Glenn's playing as always is quite outstanding, and he really breathes new life Into these forgotten gems from the 19th century.


1. Air Varie - J.Ramain

2. Air Varie - Vasseilliere Fils

3. Premier Solo - Henri Pottier

4. Grand Solo (Andante et Allegro) - Hedwige Cretien

5. Solo de Concours - Adrien Barthe

6. Piece de Concert - Paul Veronge de la Nux

7. Variations Brilliantes Op.14 - Jean Paque

8. Concert Aria - Emile Wambach

9/10/11 Premier Concertino - Charles Gaucet

12. 2nd Concertino  - Charles Gaucet

Highly recommended

CD - Hustle - Mark Glover (euphonium) Dr. Viktoriya Zaharieva (piano)

Reference:  CDMGH
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Here is a brand new and highly recommended CD from British born Mark glover, who currently lives and works in Dubai.

It is indeed one ofthe more original and important euphonium CDs we have heard for a very long time!!

Mark writes:

"Between 2012 and 2016 I live in Singapore and a big mission of mind was to get the euphonium out to new audiences. I was finding opportunities for recitals and travel so I started asking composers and arrangers to write for me, mainly so my recital programs could be unique. I had a crazy thought that one day I would record some of this music and after a lot of hard work, time, money, patience and belief, HUSTLE is the result."


1)    Sholem Alekhem, Rov Freidman - Béla Kovács 

2 -4)  Concerto for Euphonium “Euphoria!” - Zaidi Sabtu-Ramli

              i    Mania

             ii    A Lucid Dreamin’

            iii    Nirvana

5)    Pavane - Gabriel Fauré arr. Wesley Kendrick

6)    Scherzo for Euphonium and Piano - Asaad Hamzy

7)    Bells Across the Meadow - Albert Ketèlbey arr. Wesley Kendrick

8)    Through Her Eyes - Mark Glover

9)    The Devil’s Tongue - Hugo Schmidt arr. Harold Brasch

10)   Euphtude - Steven Lloyd-Gonzales 

11)    Lullaby for Lucy - Alex Thio

12)   Hustle in Jozi - Zaidi Sabtu-Ramli


Recorded, Mixed and masteredIn Dubai December 2017 to February 2018


Watch Mark Glover in concert in this Youtube video

CD - Nasota - Hidenori Arai (euphonium) and Hatsumi Shimizu (piano)

Reference:  CDHA1
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Here is a super new CD from Japan, featuring one of the brightest talents as euphonium performer and composer Hidenori Arai, and one of Japan's most brilliant and popular piano accompanists, Hatsumi Shimizu.



Hidenori Arai - Euphonium

Hatsumi Shimizu - Piano

-Comment by Yasuhide Ito from liner notes : 

"Lo and behold, this long-awaited album is full of richly expressive music that can surpass the cello or voice. Furthermore, the crowning glory of this album is his own composition, which demonstrates fully the characteristics of the euphonium.

In Japanese, there is a word “NAYUTA” which means novemdecillion, i.e. an extremely large number. The title of this album is “NASOTA”, but “NAYUTA” is a perfect term for Hidenori Arai’s wondrous abilities: his possibilities are infinite. I heartily welcome the birth of this album, which will further expand the world of the euphonium." - Yasuhide Ito



Sonata for Euphonium and Piano No. 1 - Hidenori Arai

1 Allegro

2 Moderato

3 Rondo

Prologue - Aria from “Goldberg Variationen” - Johann Sebastian Bach 

Daybreak at Midnight - Hidenori Arai

Sicilienne op.78 - Gabriel Urbain Fauré

Fantasiestücke op.73 - Robert Schumann

1 Zart und mit Ausdruck

2 Lebhaft, leicht

3 Rasch und mit Feuer

Träumerei - Robert Schumann

Sonate für Euphonium und Klavier - Yasuhide Ito

1 Andante mosso, come il tempo di prima sonata per violoncello di Brahms.

2 Molto adagio

3 Allegro vivace

Umi no Uta - Hidenori Arai

For You - Hidenori Arai

Epilogue ( Aria from “Goldberg Variationen” - Johann Sebastian Bach 


Highly recommended!!

CD - Over The Edge - Roland Szentpali (tuba) and Gyorgy Gyivicsan (trombone) and the Gyor Symphonic Band

Reference:  CDRS2
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On this disc there is some quite remarkable brass playing, with Roland Szentpali starring in the role of composer and soloist. The other brilliant soloist is trombonist György Gyivicsan.

The band accompanies magnificently, and tuba legend Roger Bobo is the narrator on the first track, Earth Voices.

There are many highlights on this album, in particular Roland's stunning performance of his own arrangement of Carmen Fantasy, and a quite stunning rendition on trombone of Pearls II, that Steven Mead recorded on his Pearls album with the RAf Central Band.

Highly Recommended.

1 Earth Voices for Solo Tuba, Narration and Brass Ensemble by Roland Szentpali & Ferenc Szabo & Gyor Symphonic Band & Roger Bobo 6:55  
  2 Trombone Scenes for Solo Trombone and Large Brass Ensemble: I. Szarka, Kalap, Laposüveg by György Gyivicsan & Ferenc Szabó & Gyor Symphonic Band 6:49  
  3 Trombone Scenes for Solo Trombone and Large Brass Ensemble: II. Egyszer Jön a Kutya by György Gyivicsan & Ferenc Szabó & Gyor Symphonic Band 6:43  
  4 Carmen Fantasy for Solo Tuba and Symphonic Wind Band by Roland Szentpali & Ferenc Szabo & Gyor Symphonic Band 11:00  
5 Pearls II for Solo Trombone and Symphonic Wind Band: I. Nissan 300ZX by György Gyivicsan & Ferenc Szabo & Gyor Symphonic Band 3:31  
  6 Pearls II for Solo Trombone and Symphonic Wind Band: II. for Deny by György Gyivicsan & Ferenc Szabo & Gyor Symphonic Band 4:56  
  7 Pearls II for Solo Trombone and Symphonic Wind Band: III. Last Dance by György Gyivicsan & Ferenc Szabo & Gyor Symphonic Band 5:40  

CD - Romance - Bastien Baumet - Euphonium, Mathilde Nguyen - Piano

Reference:  CDBBR
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Here is the new CD Romance by the outstanding French euphoniumist Bastien Baumet, accompanied by one of the leading piano accompanists in Europe, Mathilde Nguyen.

It is a really beautiful programme, with lots of contrasts. Despite the title there are also moments of outstanding technical virtuosity, as well as some simply world-class lyricism.

The CD is highly recommend.

Here is an interview that Bastien did for the popular brass band website 4Barsrest:

Here's a video promo for the CD:

Track listing:

1.   Romance 1 -  Robert Schuman

 2.    Romance 2 -  Robert Schumann

3.    Romance 3 -  Robert Schumann

4.    Concert Gallop -  Philip Wilby

5.   Sonate 1 -  Gustav Schreck

6.   Sonate 2 - Gustav Schreck

7.   Sonate 3 - Gustav Schreck

8.   Elegie -  Gabriel Faure

9.    Concertino 1 -  Rolf Wilhelm

10.  Concertino 2 - Rolf Wilhelm

11.  Concertino 3 - Rolf Wilhelm

12.  Legend – Marcel Kentsubitsch

13.  Glorious Liberation (Heart in Heart) Ivor Bosanko

14.  Sang Till Lotta – Jan Sandstrom


CD - Mists of the Mountains - A4 Brass Quartet - shipping NOW!!

Reference:  CDA41
Stock:  In stock In stock

Here is the brand new debut CD release from perhaps the 'hottest' new brass ensemble in the UK today.

The ensemble consists of :

Jamie Smith - Cornet (Co-Principal Cornet, Grimethorpe Colliery)

Jonathan Bates - Tenor Horn (Principal Horn, Black Dyke)

Michael CavanaghBaritone (Solo Baritone, Grimethorpe Colliery)

Chris Robertson - Euphonium (Solo Euphonium, Wingates)

Welcome to the debut CD of the award-winning A4 Brass Quartet.

Formed in October 2013, the quartet members have roots in British brass banding, with all players holding principal seats in some of the country’s top bands. Whilst adhering to these original roots, as a group they continue to develop and commission new repertoire. The quartet has a unique blend of instruments, with a cornet, tenor horn, baritone and euphonium creating a distinctive sound that stands out from the standard brass quartet.

This CD features original music by some of the leading composers in the UK and Europe, who have written works specifically for A4 Brass. These composers include Martin Ellerby, Edward Gregson, Oliver Waespi and Nigel Clarke to name a few. Mists of the Mountains by the quartet’s very own Jonathan Bates is the piece that the group won the Christopher Rowland Ensemble of the Year Award with, so poignantly features as the title track of this debut CD.

Based at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, England, A4 Brass is comprised of principal players from some of the UK’s leading brass bands, including the world famous Black Dyke, Grimethorpe Colliery, and Wingates bands. The quartet has a unique blend of instruments, with a cornet, tenor horn, baritone and euphonium creating a distinctive sound that stands out from the standard brass quartet. The great technical capability and musical versatility of the quartet was recognised by the Royal Northern College of Music in the group’s first year together. Firstly, the quartet won the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble of the Year prize and after consequently being invited to represent the brass department at the overall prize, went on to win the Christopher Rowland Ensemble of the Year Award, claiming both the judge’s and audience vote.

This CD features original music by some of the leading composers in the UK and Europe, who have written works specifically for A4 Brass. These composers include Martin Ellerby, Edward Gregson, Oliver Waespi and Nigel Clarke to name a few. Mists of the Mountains by the quartet’s very own Jonathan Bates is the piece that the group won the Christopher Rowland Ensemble of the Year Award with, so poignantly features as the title track of this debut CD.

The quartet perform concerts and masterclasses all over the UK, and 2015 saw the first mainland European excursion for A4 Brass as they accepted the invitation to perform in the Trakai Fanfare Week in Lithuania. The quartet has also featured on national television and radio, most recently for ITV’s 2015 Christmas Carol concert and live on BBC Radio 3 for their ‘In Tune’ broadcast in December 2015. Further performances have taken the quartet to the Isle of Man; St John’s Smith Square, London, as part of the Philip Jones Celebration of Brass and the Lake District Summer Music Festival.

A4 Brass Quartet perform exclusively on Besson Musical Instruments and are kindly sponsored by Chalker’s.


1. Toccata - Jonathan Bates 2:07

2. South Uist Variations - Oliver Waespi 11:37

3. A Musical Murder Mystery at the Bates Motel - Nigel Clarke 2:47

 4. Quartet No. 2 - Edward Gregson 6:27

 5. Craze - Tom Harrold 5:32

6-8. Electra Dances - Martin Ellerby

i. Vendetta 2:17  ii. Threnodies 3:59 iii. Nemesis 2:20

9. ‘...and has forgotten the gift.’ - Robert Bushnell 5:19

10. Moskito - Thomas Doss 4:14

11-14. Mists of the Mountains - Jonathan Bates

i. Gagaku 1:46   ii. Trans-Siberian Express 1:34 iii. Requiem from the Tuvan Hills 3:48 iv. A Tale of Two Peaks 9:05

Producer,Engineer & Post-Production: Adam Goldsmith  Artwork and Design: Mango Graphic Design

Recorded by World of Sound at The Royal Northern College of Music, Studio 7, 3/4 November 2015

CD - Journey - Misa Mea & Tomoko Sawano (piano)

£12.50 - £8.50
Reference:  CDBM123
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Here is the stunning debut CD from Misa.

Journey is an album that captures her superb musicianship, virtuosity and control. The repertoire includes several works either composed or arranged by Misa. It was recorded in January 2014 in Studio 7 at the RNCM, Manchester.

The pianist is the superb Tomoko Sawano.

Here is the Youtube appetiser of the CD:

The repertoire:

1. Fantasy Rondo - Robert Schumann Arr. Pierre Cambourian

2. Otemoyan Fantasy - Misa Mead

3. Hummingbrrd - Steven Bryant

4. Journey - Misa Mead

5. Waltz Op.39 No.15 - Johannes Brahms Arr. Misa Mead

6. Fantasy Rondo for Two Euphonium (duet with Steven Mead) - Derek Bourgeois

7. Concerto for Euphonium, Wind & Percussion (Summer of 2008) - David Gillingham

8. GAME - Suite for Euphonium and CD - Misa Mead

Misa Mead

 Misa was born in the city of Kumamoto, in the south west of Japan.

She graduated from Tokyo College of Music in 2008.

At both high school and university she was a scholarship student. 

Misa won the unanimous Gold Medal at the European Solo Competition for Young Soloists in Luxembourg 2011, as well winning the first prize at the 4th All-Japan Junior High and Senior High School Students Wind Instruments Solo Contest, 2000, and the 25th All-Kyushu Music Competition Gold Award 2001. 

At the highly prestigious 7th Jeju International Wind and Percussion Solo Competition 2012, South Korea, she won third prize and was the highest placed Asian performer.

Misa graduated with Honours at the Paris Conservatory in 2012.

She appeared as a guest soloist in March 2013 at the TubaMania Festival in Bangkok, Thailand and is set to return there in March 2014.

She also appeared as a guest artist in May 2013 at the South West Region Tuba Euphonium Conference (SWRTEC) in California, USA, performing her own compositions. In 2013 she was appointed High School Performance Assistant at the Tokyo College of Music. She also works closely with the Tokyo-based Spiel Kammerensemble.

Misa is an active as freelance composer and orchestrator.  Many of her works are published by ASKS Winds (Japan) and distributed world-wide.

Since July 2013, Misa has moved to the UK, and performed many concerts in Europe including in France, Italy, Germany, Canada, and Lithuania . She married the famous British euphonium artist Steven Mead in March 2014, and changed her name from Misa Akahoshi to Misa Mead and with this, her debut album Journey, her recording career has also begun. Forthcoming appearances include the ITEC2014 in Bloomington, Indiana and the Sydney International Brass Festival.

Misa was recently appointed as a Besson Euphonium Artist and will represent the Buffet Group around the world with her solo and duet activities.

 Tomoko Sawano

 Born in Tokyo in 1969, Tomoko began playing the piano at the age of three. She studied at the Tokyo College of Music High School and Tokyo College of Music under Katsuko Miura and Kazune Shimizu, winning Third Prize in the Special Grade of the PTNA Piano Competition in 1992.

In 1993 Tomoko moved to Germany to study at the University of the Arts, Berlin under Professor Rainer Becker. In 1995, during her studies in Germany, she was awarded a Diploma at the International Music Competition Maria Canals of Barcelona.
Since high school Tomoko has been dedicated to ensemble performance. She places importance not just acting as an accompanist, but on serving as an essential partner during performances. With flexibility and a resolute musical sense she possesses great ensemble abilities that allow her to become one with her co-performers. She is highly regarded for her ability to draw out the musicianship of her collaborators. As a result she receives offers from musicians all over the world for CD recordings, concert tours, and recitals.
Additionally, Tomoko has served as an official pianist at competitions and workshops across the globe, including the International Instrumental Competition Markneukirchen (Germany), ARD International Music Competition (Germany), Philip Jones International Competition (France), International Trombone Festival (Denmark), Pacific Music Festival (Sapporo), Mondoñedo Workshop (Spain), and TubaMania International Festival, Thailand. She has won many best pianist awards at these events.
From 1998 Tomoko has served as brass and wind répétiteur at both the University of the Arts, Berlin and the Franz Liszt college of Music, Weimar. She receives extremely high praise for her work in these schools and many of her students have won prizes at international competitions.
Tomoko currently lives in Berlin, Germany.

Dutch Variations - Euphonium Multitrack CD - Jorijn Van Hese

Reference:  CDJH2014-01
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The young Dutch euphonium virtuoso performer Jorijn van Hese has for some time been fascinated by the challenge, not to mention the wonderful sonic possibilities of multitracked euphoniums. This great new album, very much in the style of Steven Mead's Euphonium Magic albums (vol.1.2.3) explores an array of literature, with a leaning towards towards Salvation Army repertoire.

It's very well done and is sure to be of interest to anyone who's enjoyed the Euphonium Magic albums.

Track listing

01 – Red Shield -  Harry Goffin, arr. Ian Jones
02 – My All is on the Altar – Morley Calvert, arr. Michael Babb
03 – Rhapsody for Euphonium – James Curnow, arr, Jorijn van Hese
04 – Under His Wings – Cornelis Tj. Ros
05 – Star Lake – Eric Ball, arr. Sam Creamer
06 – Festivity – Leslie Condon
07 – In Perfect Peace – Kenneth Downie, arr. Edwin Outhuijse
08 – Withness of Faith – Henk Klaucke
09 – The Old Rugged Cross – George Bennard, arr. Jörgen Bootsma
10 – Dances – John Stevens
11 – Vivacity – Martin Cordner
12 – Londonderry Air -  Traditional, arr. Martin Cordner
13 – Victory – Jörgen Bootsma
14 – Dutch Variations – Ralph E. Pearce
15 – Absent Illusion   Marcus Venables
16 – Mighty to Save – George Marshall, arr. Michael Babb
 Bonus Track
17 – Hungarian Dance No. 5 – Johannes Brahms, arr. Jorijn van Hese

Here are some examples :

We think you'll enjoy this innovative CD.

'Euphonium' - CD - John Storey

Reference:  CDJS01
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This is John Storey's excellent debut solo CD release, with brass band, woodwind octet and string quintet accompaniment.

John is Principal Euphonium of the Coldstream Guards in London.

After becoming a member of his first band at the age of eight, he joined the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain at 16 before reaching the brass final of BBC Young musician of the year in 1996.   John went on to study music at the University of Huddersfield under the guidance of the late Geoffrey Whitham. During this time he also joined the James Shepherd Versatile Brass.   After graduating, John joined the Band of the Coldstream Guards as Principal Euphonium. Throughout his time in the band John has been privileged to play at many state occasions such as Trooping of the Colour and the Festival of Remembrance. He has also performed at many prestigious Royal occasions.   As well as travelling around the world with the band, John has represented the army internationally as a guest soloist. In 2000 he was invited to Kingston, Jamaica by the country’s Defence Force Band as visiting soloist for the Capital’s Easter Celebrations. In 2004 he flew back across the Atlantic to perform at the US Army Band’s Tuba and Euphonium conference.   John cites one of his career highlights as performing the Flower Song from Bizet’s Carmen for Her Majesty the Queen at an intimate concert in Windsor Castle, a performance that was later mentioned in dispatches. A second great moment was being part of the fanfare team opening the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park, London.   Outside the band, John continues to be involved in the brass band world, most recently playing with Seindorf Beaumaris band in the 2011 and 2012 Welsh area contests.   During the past year John has embarked on a number of recording projects. In addition to putting together his first solo CD he recently recorded with the Progressive Rock band ‘Big Big Train’. - See more at:


1. O Waly Waly - Arr. Stephen Roberts

2. Flower Song from Carmen - Bizet Arr. Wilson

3. Concerto for Euphonium and Woodwind Octet - Mozart Arr. Scott

4. Variations on Rule Britannia - John Hartmann

5. Peace - John Golland

6. Concertino for Euphonium - Rolf Wilhelm

7. Euphoria - Rodney Newton

8. Concertino for Euphonium and String Quintet - Steven Rockey

9. 'Neath Dublin Skies - Paul Lovatt Cooper

Pierce plays Bach - Ben Pierce (tuba and euphonium)

Reference:  CDBP04
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American virtuoso soloist Ben Pierce takes on what is arguably the hardest musical challenge for today's brass performer, the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. In this oustanding album recorded in 2009,  you can hear 24 outstanding tracks by one of today's leading performers:

1.Three Cello Suite Preludes – No1 in G Major, BWV 1007
2. Three Cello Suite Preludes – No2 in D Minor, BWV 1008
3. Three Cello Suite Preludes – No3 In C Major, BWV 1009
4.Sonata In G Minor, BWV 1020 – I Allegro
5. Sonata In G Minor, BWV 1020 – II Adagio
6.Sonata In G Minor, BWV 1020 – III Allegro
7. Partita In A Minor, BWV 1013 – Allemande
8. Partita In A Minor, BWV 1013 – Corrente
9.Partita In A Minor, BWV 1013 – Sarabande
10. Partita In A Minor, BWV 1013 – Bourree Anglaise
11.Toccata And Fugue In D Minor, BWV 565
12. Partita In E Major, BWV 1006 – Preludio
13. Six 2-Part Inventions – Invention No1 in C Major BWV 772
14. Six 2-Part Inventions – Invention No4 in D Minor, BWV 775
15. Six 2-Part Inventions – Invention No8 in F Major, BWV 779
16.Six 2-Part Inventions – Invention No9 in F Minor, BWV 780
17.Six 2-Part Inventions – Invention No13 in A Minor, BWV 784
18. Six 2-Part Inventions – Invention No14 in B Flat Major, BWV 785
19. Six 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) – Sinfonia No2 in C Minor, BWV 788
20. Six 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) – Sinfonia No8 in F Major, BWV 794
21. Six 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) – Sinfonia No9 in F Minor, BWV 795
22. Six 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) – Sinfonia No11 in G Minor, BWV 797
23. Six 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) – Sinfonia No13 in A Minor, BWV 799
24.Six 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) – Sinfonia No14 in B Flat Major, BWV 800

Cheers - Ben Pierce (euphonium) and Jun Okada (piano)

Reference:  CDBP03
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This is simply a GREAT show album, featuring 15 stunning tracks, displaying the full technical wizardry of the leading  American soloist, Ben Pierce.

Repertoire, with sound clips:

1.Philip Wilby
Concert Gallop
© Comus Edition 1991
2.JB Arban
Brilliant Fantasy
3.Antonio Bazzini/Benjamin Pierce
The Dance of the Goblins
4.Herman Bellstedt
5.Ionel Dumitru
Rumanian Dance No. 2
© Editions BIM 1996
6.Herbert L. Clarke
The Southern Cross
7.Maurice Ravel
Piece in the form of an Habanera
8.Jean-Baptiste Arban
Variations on a Tyrolienne
9.Peter Graham
© DeHaske 1999
10.Herbert L. Clarke
Showers of Gold
11.Niccolo Paganini/Donald Hunsberger
Moto Perpetuo
© Donald Hunsberger 1990
12.J.B. Arban/Yasuhide Ito
Variations on the Carnival of Venice
© TOA Music International 1989
13.Johannes Brahms/Benjamin Pierce
Hungarian Dance No. 5
14.Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov/Benjamin Pierce
The Flight of the Bumblebee
15.Robert Schumann

Wheels of Life - Ben Pierce - Euphonium and Tuba

Reference:  CDBP02
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The highly acclaimed American  virtuoso performer on both tuba and euphonium,  Dr Ben Pierce  has produced several outstanding recordings in recent years. Hear him now on his first release, 'Wheels of Life', recorded in 2006 accompanied by the outstanding Japanese pianist Jun Okada.  It features  popular and important tuba and euphonium works in addition to the title composition and other rarities.

Arthur Butterworth (b. 1923)
Partita, op. 89
1. Prelude (1:21)
2. Capriccio (1:18)
3. Sarabande (2:25)
4. Bourrée (1:28)
5. Scherzo (2:04)
© 1991 Comus Edition
Penderecki, Krzysztof (b.1933)
6. Capriccio (4:44)
© 1987 Schott Musik International
Robert Schumann (1810-1856)
Fantasiestücke, op. 73
7. Zart und mit Ausdruck (3:32)
8. Lebhaft, leicht (3:50)
9. Rasch und mit Feuer (4:05)
Kenyon Wilson (b. 1970)
10. Tubaku (3:56)
© 2002 Kenyon Wilson
Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)
Concerto for Bass Tuba
11. Prelude (4:49)
12. Romanza (4:34)
13. Finale- Rondo alla Tedesca (3:12)
© 1955 Oxford University Press
Marcel Bitsch (b. 1921)
14. Intermezzo (5:08)
© 1968 Alphonse Leduc
Eugene Bozza (1905-1991)
Concertino for Tuba and Piano
15. Allegro vivo (3:50)
16. Andante ma non troppo (4:27)
17. Allegro vivo (2:52)
© 1967 Alphonse-Leduc
Stevens, John (b. 1951)
18. Triumph of the Demon Gods (5:26)
© 1981 Manduca Music
Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943)
19. Prelude, op. 2 No. 1 (3:55)
Wendy Wan-Ki Lee (b. 1977)
Wheels of Life: In Reminiscence
20. Pensiero (4:33)
21. Affannoso (2:07)
22. Doloroso (3:09)
© 2003 Wendy Wan-Ki Lee

Notes from the Underground - CD - Ben Pierce (euph&tuba)/Kristy Mezines (piano)

£12.25 - £9.25
Reference:  CDBP01
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The fabulous new solo CD from the American euphonium and tuba virtuoso Ben Pierce.

You can listen to many of the sound clips below !! an

1.    Petar Christoskov (b. 1917), arr. Benjamin Pierce- Moto Perpetuo, op. 2 and
Henry Eccles (1670-1742)- Sonata in G minor
2.    I Largo
3.    II Courante- Allegro con spirito
4.    III Adagio
5.    IV Presto
Pablo de Sarasate (1844-1908), arr. Benjamin Pierce- Three Spanish Dances
6.    Jota navarra
7.    Romanza andaluza
8.    Zapateado
Áron Romhányi (b. 1974)- Parallels
9.    Allegro
10.    Andante, rubato
11.    Vivo, very rhythmical
12.    Joachim Raff (1822-1882)- Cavatina
13.    Joseph Suk (1874-1935), arr. Benjamin Pierce- Burleska
Allen Vizzutti (b. 1952)- Cityscape
14.    Uptown
15.    Midtown
16.    Downtown
Robert Mueller (b. 1958)- Notes from the Underground
17.    Existential Ballade
18.    Elegy for Nothingness
19.    The Inevitable Moto Perpetuo
Elena Lebedeva (b. 1957)- Insects
20.    Fly
21.    Butterfly
22.    Grasshopper
23.    Dragonfly
24.    Beetle


Ben's achievements as a soloist are quite astonishing, and when you see this list and you don't already know his playing, your attention must be aroused!! 

-Winner, “Citta di Porcia” International Tuba Competition (2008)

-Winner, Grand Prize, Jeju International Brass Competition (2008)

-Winner, Markneukirchen International Tuba Competition (2008)

-Winner, Lieksa Brass Week Euphonium Competition (2004)

-Winner, ITEC Solo Tuba Artist Competition (2002)

-Winner, University of Michigan Graduate Concerto Competition (2002)

-Grand Prize, Japan Wind and Percussion Competition: Tuba (2001)

-Winner, Leonard Falcone International Tuba Artist Competition (2001)

-Winner, Lansing Matinee Musicale Orchestral Brass Competition (2001)

-Winner, International Women’s Brass Conference Euphonium Competition (2000)

-Winner, Royal Northern College of Music International Open Euphonium Competition (2000)

-Winner, Leonard Falcone International Euphonium Artist Competition (1998)

-Winner, ITEC Solo Euphonium Artist Competition (1998)

- Winner, ITEC Mock Band Audition Competition: Euphonium (1998)

- Grand Prize, Music Teachers National Association Competition for Brass (1998)

Brink - Euphonix Quartet

Reference:  CDPM06
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The second disc from the Eufonix Quartet on the Potenza label brings new and exciting music to life for both low brass quartet and quintet! Special guest performer on 'Brink' is all-star euphoniumist, Matt Tropman. All members of the Eufonix Quartet are Buffet Group and Besson USA artists.

Eufonix is: Danny Helseth, Pat Stuckemeyer, Aaron Tindall and Kelly Thomas

1. Aria - Simon Kerwin
2. Brink - Dan Kramer
3. Urban Suite - Shawn Kelley
4. Song For Japan - Steven Verhelst
5. Fly Me To The Moon - Bart Howard
6. A Birthday Quartet - Roland Szentpali
7. Four Pieces - Paquito D'Rivera
8. Jazz Suite - Lewis J. Buckley

Romanze - Kristy Rowe (Baritone) Ben Powell (Piano)

£12.50 - £6.75
Reference:  CDBM21
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This is Kristy Rowe's debut solo album. Her incredible musicianship, flair and technique have won her countless admirers over the last few years and so this recording is sure to be very much sought after. It is a project which Kristy made her own, sourcing all the music, making the arrangements and now, playing them all so beautifully. Her playing has to be heard to be believed. Ben Powell, one of the most highly regarded of the RNCM piano accompanists supplies the colourful and sympathetic backing.

Romanze - Friedrich Diethe (6:52)
Notturno - Robert Clérisse (5:10)
Three Romances op. 94 - Robert Schumann (11:52)
I - Moderato (3:21)
II - Semplice, con sentemento (4:10)
III - Moderato (4:21)
Arioso - Joseph Hector Fiocco (3:14)
Six Nocturnes op. 186 - Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda (25:59)
I - Larghetto (4:42) II - Allegretto, ma un poco vivo (3:00) III - Poco Adagio (4:48)
IV - Allegretto, ma un poco vivo (3:19) V - Adagio con molta espressione (5:50) VI - Allegro Moderato (4:20)
Adagio op. 9 - Jojtech Jirovec (6:09)
Nocturne op. 55, Nr. 1 - Josef Holbrooke (6:30)
Romanze op. 85 - Max Bruch (8:53)


Produced by Richard Scott and Steven Mead

Recorded at the Studio 6, RNCM, Manchester, UK in September 2011


Kristy introduces the album:

'The idea of creating a baritone album of romantic pieces came about in 2011 while studying at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM). I found the Schumann Romances in a pile of old music in the RNCM library during my first week of studies. A few months later, I prepared them for a lesson with my mentor, Steven Mead, and he immediately realized the suitability of this genre of music for the baritone. It was this inspiration that ignited the idea of creating an album of romantic pieces for the baritone. While some changes were necessary in the process of making the pieces "baritone friendly," I have tried to stay as true to the original composers' intent as possible. I have always been drawn to Romantic music and the musical freedom that it encourages. I hope others find the same sense of enjoyment from playing or listening to this music."

Music for Battle Creek - Brass Band of Battle Creek

£13.00 - £12.00
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Check out this sensational new LIVE disk by one of the world's leading brass bands!! It is the first new BBBC CD release since 2005 and it is a stunner! The title track, Philip Sparke's 'Music for Battle Creek' was commissioned by the band and subsequently used as the set test piece at the 2007 National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain held at the Royal Albert Hall in London. All are live performances and the playing in the Philip Sparke test piece is out of this world, capturing  the excitement and brilliance of this incredible band.

Track list:

1.  Symphony in E minor 'Allegro' - Shostakovich arr.Duncan

2.  Joy Spring - Clifford Brown arr. Schiermeyer

3.  Hymn for Diana - Joseph Turrin 

4.  Gonna Fly Now - Bill Conti arr. Chattaway  ~  featuring Chris Jaudes (trumpet)

5.  Barcarolle from the Tales of Hoffman - Offenbach arr.Stephens ~ featuring Steven Mead and Lance La Duke (euphs)

6.  Espana - Chabrier arr. Langford

7.  St.Louis Blues - W.C. Handy arr. Wycliffe Gordon ~ featuring Wycliffe Gordon

Music for Battle Creek - Philip Sparke

8.    1st Mov.  Prelude and Toccata

9.    2nd Mov. Elegy: In memoriam John and Marguerite Gray

10.  3rd Mov.  Rondo Finale

11.  Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral - Wagner arr. Bill Himes

End Game - Eufonix Quartet

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The Eufonix Quartet debuts with their first offering on the Potenza label, 'End Game'. Heralded as 'Tuba Quartet 2.0', this diverse group of musicians brings new and exciting material to a previously unknown genre - the euphonium quartet. All members of the Eufonix Quartet are Buffet Crampon & Besson USA artists.

Eufonix is: Danny Helseth, Pat Stuckemeyer, Aaron Tindall & Kelly Thomas.


End Game - James Grant
Concertino - Roland Szentpali
A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square - Sherwin/arr. Thomas
Tuba Quartet, Op. 59 - Crawford Gates
Linden Lea - Ralph Vaughan Williams/arr. Cohen
Whither must I wander? - Ralph Vaughan Williams/arr. Cohen
Glen Meadow Fanfare - David Dover
tba4tet - James Grant
Fon-Fon: Tango - Ernesto Lazarus/arr. Brown

Knock Yourself Out - Off Bass Brass

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The members of Off Bass Brass started working together as a quartet in 2004. From the early stages of the group's development, it was clear that the goal was to take their music in a different direction. Since that time, the Off Bass Brass has continued to explore widely different genres of music in order to set itself apart as a chamber ensemble, as well as expand the repertoire of the tuba-euphonium quartet.

The group also makes a concerted effort to commission new compositions and arrangements, often adding additional performers. They have been fortunate to work with outstanding composers and arrangers and truly gifted musicians from outside the group. It is this collaborative atmosphere that provided the impetus for this recording.

Off Bass Brass is:
Mark Jenkins, euphonium
Ryan McGeorge, euhponium
John Cradler, tuba
Tom Holtz, tuba


Mahzel - Beekman & Wayne/arr. McGeorge
Wind Sketches - Brian Balmages
Ave Maria - Franz Biebl/arr. Jenkins
Knock Yourself Out - Daniel McCarthy
Gypsy Earrings - Ardeshir Farah/arr. McGeorge
In Modo Religioso - Alexander Glazunov/arr. John Stevens
Latintensity - Hank Levy/arr. McGeorge
Orion - Hetfield, Ulrich & Burton (Metallica)/arr. McGeorge
Chickenyard Social - Les Hooper/arr. McGeorge

Songs of Ascent - Aaron Tindall

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Aaron Tindall, tuba and euphonium virtuoso performing a great selection of premieres for tuba and piano! A landmark recording, see what everyone is saying about this disc:

"Aaron is to be congratulated on this marvellous CD. Having never really heard him play tuba I was frankly astonished. I always valued and respected his euphonium playing, but what he has achieved here with this disc really made me sit up and take notice. From the beginning to the end one is aware of an insatiable musical energy, and a musical alertness that I rarily hear on recordings. Not only is there power, range and technique, (a lot of people seem to be able to do this nowadays), but there is charm, nuance, outstanding intonation, and sublime control in equal measure. This is a CD to withstand the test of time and comparisons. Quite brilliant." - Steven Mead

"Outstanding virtuosic recording by Aaron Tindall. This is the best recording of the John Williams with piano to date." - Daniel Perantoni


Concerto for Tuba - Roland Szentpali
Landscape - Torbjorn Iwan Lundquist
Concerto for Tuba - John Williams
Songs of Ascent - Roger Kellaway

20 Supreme Years - Eikanger-Bjørsvik

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Additional Info

When an extraordinary brass band, crammed with fine musicians, celebrates a successful 20-year relationship by recording a carefully chosen programme of cutting edge compositions and arrangements, all under the masterly direction of one of the greatest influences on modern brass band repertoire and performance, then the listener can expect to be in for a treat. 

When that combination is Eikanger-Bjørsvik and Howard Snell, then that expectation further heightens. Add to the mix the groundbreaking recording and editing techniques employed by Steven Mead and the final product allows us to sit back and enjoy, at a level of detail never previously experienced in the genre, the wonderful musical journey that makes this a milestone in brass band recording history.

Kenneth Crookston - Editor, British Bandsman.


1. Bank Holiday, Howard Snell, 2.19 
2. Concerto, Bellini arr.Snell, 6.17
Soloist: Martin Winter 
3. Adagio, Beethoven arr.Snell, 5.53 
4. Cossack Dance from Mazeppa, Tchaikovsky arr.Snell, 3.38
5-8. Irving Berlin Suite Arr.Snell 
5. Anything You Can Do, 1.42 
6. A Pretty Girl is Like A Melody, 4.22
Soloist: Gyda Matland 
7. It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow, 3.08
Soloist: Jane Westervik 
8. Puttin' on the Ritz, 2.29 
9. Finale Act 1 Lohengrin, Wagner arr.Snell, 3.22 
10. The Flower Song, Bizet arr.Snell, 4.32
Soloist: Tormod Flaten 
11. The Clock with the Dresden Figures, Ketelby arr.Snell, 3.33 
12. Adagio, Albinoni arr.Snell, 6.49 
13. Tango, Albeniz arr. Snell, 2.40 
14. Londonderry Air, Trad. arr.Snell, 3.35
Soloist: Grethe Tonheim 
15. Daphnis and Chloé (Finale 2nd Suite), Ravel arr.Snell, 4.54 
16. Scaramouche Brasiliera, Milhaud arr. Snell, 2.27 
17. Russian Dance, Khatachurian arr.Snell, 4.02 
18. Passacaglia in C Minor, Bach arr.Snell, 12.30

From the Deep - Tormod Flaten

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1. Banjo and Fiddle (William Kroll arr. Rydland)
2. Tonerna (Visions) (Carl Sjöberg arr. Nikolaisen)
Euphonium Music (Brian Bowen)
3. I. Andante/Allegro
4. II. Andante con Espressivo
5. III. Moderato/Allegro Moderato
6. Andante Cantabile (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky arr Rüedi)
7. The Folks Along the Road (Gustav Øistensen Aaberg)
8. Cinema (Rodrigo Leão arr. Rydland)
9. Two Folk Tunes from Valdres (Norwegian Trad. arr. Rydland)
10. Song (in memoriam Bengt Eklund) (Frode Rydland)
11. Andante e Rondo Ungarese (Carl Maria von Weber arr. Antrobus)

Recording on the Bocchino label with the Leyland Band, Tormod Flaten one of the best euphonium players in Europe, produces a masterclass of control, technique and tone with several outstanding new arrangements and original compositions. Highly recommended !

CD - Euphonic Sounds - The British Tuba Quartet

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The 2nd CD ever made by the BTQ. only 3 copies left! (7/7/20)


  1. Celestial Suite - Stephen Bulla
  2. Il Ritorno - Diero/arr. Ferguson
  3. They Didn't Believe Me - Kern/arr. Holcombe
  4. Quartet for Brass - Ramsoe/arr. Buttery
  5. Mon Coeur Se Recommende a Vous - Lasso/arr. Robinson
  6. John, Come Kiss Me Now - Byrd/arr. Winter
  7. Bocoxe - Powell/arr. Buttery
  8. The Favorite Rag - Joplin/arr. Sabourin
  9. Spiritual Jazz Suite - arr. Niehaus
  10. Greensleeves - arr. Buttery
  11. Get Me To The Church On Time - Lerner & Loewe/arr. Belshaw
  12. Air from Suite No. 3 - Bach/arr. Werden
  13. The Pink Panther - Mancini/arr. Krush
  14. Euphonic Sounds - Joplin/arr. Werden
  15. You Made Me Love You - Monano/arr. Holcombe
  16. William Tell Overture (Finale) - Rossini/arr. Smalley

CD- Fireworks - The British Tuba Quartet

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Back in stock, the fantastic BTQ with their final CD.

  1. Fanfare No. 1 - Taylor
  2. Overture: The Merry Wives of Windsor - Nicolai/arr. Smith
  3. Flower Duet from Lakme - Delibes/arr. Mead 
  4. Now Hear This! - Dempsey
  5. Overture: Distressed Innocence - Purcell/arr. Smalley
  6. Flander's Cauldron - Amos
  7. Overture: The Force of Destiny - Verdi/arr. Smalley
  8. Pigs - Ridout
  9. Westminster Intrada - Forsyth
  10. Kierkegaard - Kupferman
  11. Fireworks - Frith
  12. Petite Caprice - Rossini/arr. Davis
  13. Montagues and Capulets - Prokofiev/arr. Smalley
  14. Perpetuum Mobile - Strauss/arr. Smalley
  15. A Cool Suite - Smalley
  16. Bavarian Polka - Trad./arr. Schmidt


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