CD - Industrially - 4 major works by Adam Wesolowski and String Orchestra, incl. Euphory Concerto with Steven Mead

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Here is a brand-new CD release of major works by the Polish composer Adam Wesolowski.

Of special note for euphonium players is the premier performance and recording of the Euphory Concerto performed by Steven Mead (accompanied by the Silesian Chamber Orchestra)

This is the first CD recording where Steven has recorded with string orchestra. And long overdue perhaps!

The three movement Euphory Concerto begins the CD, and this 12 minute concerto has three very contrasting movements, Andante, Allegretto com umore and Presto con Fermazza.

The other works on the CD are:

Silver Concerto for harpsichord, string orchestra and sounds of the Historic Silver Mine, featuring harpsichordist Aleksandra Gajecka Antosiewicz (accompanied by the Silesian Chamber Orchestra)

Encore Concerto for flute and string orchestra, featuring flautist Lukaszz Dlugosz (accompanied by the Silesian Chamber Orchestra)

Industrial Sinfonia for string orchestra and multimedia (performed by The Chamber Orchestra of the City of Tychy)


Total time: 68.03

Recorded in Katowice, Poland


With special thanks to Adam Wesolowski for the wonderful music, the brilliant concept and for inviting me to perform and record with the orchestra.



** Limited Edition - Autographed - The World of the Euphonium - Volumes 1,2,3,4,5 CDs - The Complete Collection **

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Here is a unique opportunity to have the complete collection of Steven Mead's 'The World of the Euphonium' CDs, all five volumes, around 7.5 hours of music.

Each CD Is autographed by Steve. This is a unique to the Euphoniumstore. While stocks last. Award-winning CDs.


The pianists connected with these CDs are: Joyce Woodhead (1) Stewart Death (2,3), Richard Phillips (1), Nicoletta Mezzini (4), Tomoko Sawano (5)

There is so much fantastic repertoire here, and really essential listening for all euphonium enthusiasts.

The recordings date from 1994 - 2006.

Volume 1

1. Sonata in F - Marcello/arr. Mead

2. Partita Op. 89 - Butterworth

3. Vocalise - Rachmaninov

4. Soliloquy IX - Wiggins

5. Fantasy for Euphonium - Hoshina

6. Variations for Ophicleide - Kummer

7. Sonata Euphonica - Hartley

8. Après un Rêve - Fauré

9. Weber's Last Waltz - Rimmer

10. Heart in Heart - Bosanko

11. Barcarolle from the Tales of Hoffman - Offenbach

12. A New Carnival of Venice – Stevens


Volume 2

1. Concerto Gallop - Wilby

2. Solo de Concurso - Yuste

3. Fantasia - Jacobs

4. The Swan - Saint-Saens/arr. Mead

5. Fantasie Concertante - Castérède

6. Song for Ina - Sparke

7. Ransomed - Marshall

8. Libesfreude - Kreisler

9. Largo Elegaico from Concerto No. 2 - Golland

10. Panache - Dewhurst

11. Two Fauré Duets - Fauré/arr. Mead

12. Ball of Fire - Smalley

13. Hora Staccato - Dinicu/arr. Heifitz


Volume 3

1. The Song of the Brother - Leidzen

2. Flight - Wilby

3. Romance - Elgar/arr. Wilson

4. Party Piece - Sparke

5. Song of the Seashore - Narita/arr. Kanai

6. Fantasy Variations - Ito

7. Sonata for Euphonium - Roper

8. Im Tiefsten Walde - Schmid/arr. Bacon

9. When You Wish Upon a Star - Harline/arr. Kanai

10. Notturno - Rimsky-Korsakov/arr. Mead

11. Concerto per Flicorno Basso- Ponchielli/arr. Hower


Volume 4

1. Euphonium Concertos - Vladimir Cosma

2. Cantabile - Paginini/arr. Richards

3. Fever Fantasy - Nielsen

4. Café 1930 - Astor Piazolla/arr. Mead

5. Sonata for Euphonium - John Reeman

6. By Gaslight - Tadeusz Kassatti

7. Birthday Tribute - Sparke

8. Es ist eine Rose entsprungen - Brahms/arr. Gotoh

9. Pearls - Roland Szentpali

10. Vissi D'Arte - Puccini/arr. Steven Mead

11. Herbmaiden's Dance - Hugo Alven/arr. Olsrud


Volume 5

1.Fantasy - Hummel/Wilby

2.Euphonium Concerto Nr.2 – Philip Sparke

3. Prelude - Ito

4. Four Bagatelles - Howard Snell

5. Absolute Reality - Pete Meechan

6. Concert Piece Nr.1 - Joseph Turrin

7. Lokk from the Green Island - T.A.Nilsen

8. 4 Euphoniums for You (Four Euphoniums and Harp) - Yasuhide Ito

9. A La Suite Classique - Yasuhide Ito

10. Dream Nocturne - Howard Snell

11. Danse Du Diable Vert (Dance of the Green Devil) - Gaspar Cassadó Arr.Thomas Ruedi


Here is a unique opportunity to have the complete collection of Steven Mead's 'The World of the Euphonium' CDs, all five volumes, around 7.5 hours of music.

Each CD Is autographed by Steve. This is a Black Friday special, and unique to the Euphoniumstore. While stocks last. T


The pianists connected with these CDs are: Joyce Woodhead (1) Stewart Death (2,3), Richard Phillips (1), Nicoletta Mezzini (4), Tomoiko Sawano (5)

There is so much fantastic repertoire here, and really essential listening for all euphonium enthusiasts.

The recordings date from 1994 - 2006.


Volume 1

1. Sonata in F - Marcello/arr. Mead

2. Partita Op. 89 - Butterworth

3. Vocalise - Rachmaninov

4. Soliloquy IX - Wiggins

5. Fantasy for Euphonium - Hoshina

6. Variations for Ophicleide - Kummer

7. Sonata Euphonica - Hartley

8. Après un Rêve - Fauré

9. Weber's Last Waltz - Rimmer

10. Heart in Heart - Bosanko

11. Barcarolle from the Tales of Hoffman - Offenbach

12. A New Carnival of Venice – Stevens


Volume 2

1. Concerto Gallop - Wilby

2. Solo de Concurso - Yuste

3. Fantasia - Jacobs

4. The Swan - Saint-Saens/arr. Mead

5. Fantasie Concertante - Castérède

6. Song for Ina - Sparke

7. Ransomed - Marshall

8. Libesfreude - Kreisler

9. Largo Elegaico from Concerto No. 2 - Golland

10. Panache - Dewhurst

11. Two Fauré Duets - Fauré/arr. Mead

12. Ball of Fire - Smalley

13. Hora Staccato - Dinicu/arr. Heifitz


Volume 3

1. The Song of the Brother - Leidzen

2. Flight - Wilby

3. Romance - Elgar/arr. Wilson

4. Party Piece - Sparke

5. Song of the Seashore - Narita/arr. Kanai

6. Fantasy Variations - Ito

7. Sonata for Euphonium - Roper

8. Im Tiefsten Walde - Schmid/arr. Bacon

9. When You Wish Upon a Star - Harline/arr. Kanai

10. Notturno - Rimsky-Korsakov/arr. Mead

11. Concerto per Flicorno Basso- Ponchielli/arr. Hower


Volume 4

1. Euphonium Concertos - Vladimir Cosma

2. Cantabile - Paginini/arr. Richards

3. Fever Fantasy - Nielsen

4. Café 1930 - Astor Piazolla/arr. Mead

5. Sonata for Euphonium - John Reeman

6. By Gaslight - Tadeusz Kassatti

7. Birthday Tribute - Sparke

8. Es ist eine Rose entsprungen - Brahms/arr. Gotoh

9. Pearls - Roland Szentpali

10. Vissi D'Arte - Puccini/arr. Steven Mead

11. Herbmaiden's Dance - Hugo Alven/arr. Olsrud


Volume 5

1. Fantasy - Hummel/Wilby

2. Euphonium Concerto Nr.2 – Philip Sparke

3. Prelude - Ito

4. Four Bagatelles - Howard Snell

5. Absolute Reality - Pete Meechan

6. Concert Piece Nr.1 - Joseph Turrin

7. Lokk from the Green Island - T.A.Nilsen

8. Four Euphoniums for You (Four Euphoniums and Harp) - Yasuhide Ito

9. A La Suite Classique - Yasuhide Ito

10. Dream Nocturne - Howard Snell

11. Danse Du Diable Vert (Dance of the Green Devil) - Gaspar Cassadó Arr.Thomas Ruedi

CD - UFO - Steven Mead and Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band

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Here is the brand new album, UFO, that Steve has recorded with the Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band.

It is a much anticipated release awith some incredible repertoire and its marks another reocrding milestone for our soloist.

He writes:  "Recording this album with the famous Brighouse and Rastrick band was an absolute delight! The broad range of literature including several world premiere recordings has made this truly a gem in my recording career. Whilst composer Johan de Meij does not claim that his Concerto is concerned with extra-terrestrial beings, one might be forgiven for indulging in some thoughts relating to our world and the mysteries of our existence. The simple beauty of nature, and the love for our family, is at the very heart of this album. There is a strong autobiographical element to this choice of repertoire, from George Marshall’s Ransomed, the first solo that I ever played with Boscombe Salvation Army Band on a Sunday evening in Ealing, in the presence of Eric Ball, in 1978, through the exciting modern repertoire of Move Their Mind and Blind Spot, and the truly epic UFO Concerto, to the stunningly beautiful Lullaby by Mike Sheppard and Liz Lane’s Robin Robin, to a work that Tom Davoren composed for me recently, A Simple Gift. It all leads emotionally to the final track, Pastorale; My Joy and Crown, that Howard Evans wrote as a dedication to my father Rex. Dad has always been my biggest supporter in my career, from my earliest memory as a young brass player aged five. Now he is being cared for in the Castle Dene nursing home in Bournemouth, and his favourite hymn tune, Ascalon is given a sublime setting in this work that concludes the CD. I hope you enjoy it"

The band comments:

“Brighouse and Rastrick were delighted to be approached to be part of such a fantastic, innovative project and work with such a superb professional in Steven Mead. We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and can’t wait to hear the finished product.”

Well here it is !!

1. Blind Spot - Gilles Rocha

UFO Concerto - Johan A. De Meij

2. I Andante - Con moto

3. II Giocoso - Vivo

4. III Andante cantabile

5. IV Vivace

6. V Alla Marcia - Vivace

7. Lullaby - Mike Sheppard

8. Robin Robin - Liz Lane

9. Ransomed - George Marshall

10. A Simple Gift - Tom Davoren

11. Move Their Mind - Stan Nieuwenhuis

12. Pastorale; My Joy and Crown - Howard J Evans

We really hope you enjoy this.

This CD will be shipped, for the first 100 orders, with a signed poster.

The CD comes in a full colour digipak format with a 12 page colour booklet inserted in the digipak with all the info on the band, personnel, photos and full info on each piece.

A digital download option is also available on this site! (from 8th November 2019)

Signed souvenir poster for the Pulse CD

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This souvenir poster, A3 size,  was made to celebrate the recording of the new CD, Pulse, with Steven Mead, conductor Matty Cilissen, and the Royal Band of the Belgian Air Force.

It contains the autograph from each band member,soloist and conductor,  the CD cover image, and the photo of the band at the recording in Perwex, Belgium.

A poster to treasure!

CDs - Pulse and UFO - 2 CD special offer

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Buy both of Steve's great releases of 2019

Pulse - with the Royal Band of the Belgian Air Force, conducred by Matty Cilissen

UFO - with the Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band, conducted by David Thornton

Special price of  £18

CD - Pulse - Steven Mead and the Royal Band of the Belgian Air Force - NEW and shipping now!

£12.50 - £8.00
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The amazing new CD from Steven Mead and the Royal Band of the Belgian Air Force. Released May 2019.

An introduction by Steven Mead:


After the success of my two albums with the Central Band of the RAF in the UK, I’ve dreamed of recording a further album with a top military band in Europe, and following a chance meeting with conductor Matty Cilissen at the WMC in Kerkrade in 2017,  I proposed to him a CD recording with the Royal Band of the Belgian Air Force.  I was thrilled that he and the band accepted the idea and they have been absolutely wonderful to work with.

 As we know Belgium is home to some of the finest wind players in the whole of Europe, and this outstanding band sounds quite brilliant on this album.

 My recordings over the years have been driven by the desire to record excellent music for the euphonium, and on this album I’ve brought together a few established classics from the pen of the doyen of euphonium composers, Philip Sparke, sitting side-by-side with five new works for our repertoire by the Austrian composer Thomas Doss, the Belgian composer Kevin Houben and from Spain, Carlos Pellicer and proud Welshman Tom Davoren.  Completing the line-up is a virtuoso encore from trumpet legend Rafael Méndez.

 I want to say a special thank you to recording engineer and producer Richard Scott for his marvellous work once again.

 This is the first album that I have recorded with my new euphonium, the gold lacquered Besson Prestige 2052.

Once again with pride I dedicate this CD to my parents, Rex and Sylvia Mead.



The Royal Band of the Belgian Air Force

Musique de la Force Aérienne

Conductor : Matty Cilissen

  1. Pulse – Thomas Doss                                                                6.35
  2. Reverie – Thomas Doss                                                            8.06
  3. Legend of a Big Friendly Giant – Kevin Houben                     10.07
  4. Summer Isles from Hymn of the Highlands - Philip Sparke        4.56
  5. Pantomime – Philip Sparke                                                      8.45
  6. Omaira – Carlos Pellicer                                                           11.35
  7. Scaramouche – Philip Sparke                                                    6.55
  8. Rituals – Tom Davoren                                                              8.13
  9. Jota Méndez – Rafael Méndez                                                  4.40

 Total 69.30

Recorded in Salle Perwex, Perwez, Belgium  21-23 January 2019

Producer: Richard Scott - RAS Audio  Engineer: Phil Hardman  Produced in the UK by Bocchino Music BOCC128

CD - Love's Joy - Steven and Misa Mead, Benjamin Powell (piano)

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It's the first duet CD from Steve and Misa. Love's Joy is sure to be appreciated by the many fans of this well known euphonium couple!

Recorded in Manchester in January 2017, the repertoire on this album has great variety and incredible freshness about it. Many of the pieces on this disc are specially composed or arranged and can be heard featured in concerts given by this famous duo.

Repertoire/Track list:

1. Liebesfreud (Love’s Joy) - Fritz Kreisler, Arr. David Werden

Two Fauré Duets - Gabriel Fauré, Arr. Steven Mead

2. I. Puisqu’ ici-bas toute àme

3. II. Tarentelle

4. Carmen Fantasy - Georges Bizet, Arr. Luc Vertommen/Misa Mead

5. Devil’s Waltz - Steven Verhelst

6. Life for Love, Love for Life - Franz Cibulka

7. Cousins - Herbert L. Clarke, Arr. Ray Cramer

8. Two-Part Invention - Philip Sparke

9. Till Death Do Us Part - Terrence Wong

10. In a Twinkle Memory - Hidenori Arai

Three Songs - Felix Mendelssohn, Arr. Misa Mead

11. I. Gruss

12. II. Herbtslied

13. III. Maiglöckchen und die Blümelein

14. Batipopo Duo - Xavier Denis

A New Day Suite - Franz Cibulka

15. I. Allegro

16. II. Moderato

17. III. Moderato/Presto

18. Gypsy Earrings* - Ardeshir Farah, Arr. Ryan McGeorge

19. The Seal Lullaby - Eric Whitacre, Arr. Stephen Bulla

Here's the Youtube demo that announced the album's release

Love's Joy has ALREADY won it's first accolade, it is Brass Band World Magazine CD of the Month for June 2017. 

Steve and Misa hope you enjoy their first duet CD.

If you wish to have the CD autographed, please send us a separate email, and if you wish for a special dedication please tell us.

Digital downloads are also available on this site

CD - ROAR! - The Wind Band Music of Andy Scott - Steven Mead, Rex Richardson, Les Neish, Andy Findon and the Maidstone Wind Symphony

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Here's the outstanding new album from the Maidstone Wind Symphony that features there wind band music of Andy Scott and in particular, four superb solo works - Concerto for Euphonium (soloist Steven Mead), Salt of the Earth (tuba soloist Les Neish), Freedom of Movement (trumpet soloist Rex Richardson) and Fujiko (flute soloist Andy Finden).

Roar! The Wind Band Music of Andy Scott is MWS's new collaborative CD, launched February 2017.
The recording was produced and directed jointly by MWS Music Director Jonathan Crowhurst and the composer himself, bringing together his works for wind orchestra on one CD for the first time with a stellar line up of world-class soloists.

01 Madiba
02 Movement I 
03 Movement II 
04 Movement III
05 Fujiko Andy Findon
06 Freedom of Movement Rex Richardson
07 Paquito
08 1. The Lure of the Red Jacket 
09 2. Far Beyond the Stars 
10 3. The Dragon’s Den


Recorded at The Space Performing Arts Centre, Sevenoaks School 
15 & 16 October 2016 
Engineer – Dave Rowell 
Assistant Engineer – Katie Earl 
Editor – Dave Rowell 
Produced by Andy Scott & Jonathan Crowhurst 
Additional Engineering on Freedom of Movement; Carlos Chafin, In Your Ear Studios. 
Design: Split Design

CD - Lyrical Virtuoso - Steven Mead and Brassband Buizingen (cond. Luc Vertommen)

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Here is the brand new album Lyrical Virtuoso, BOCC125, recorded by Steve and accompanied by Brassband Buizingen, conductor Luc Vertommen

You Tube demo


adjective - (of literature, art, or music) expressing the writer's emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way.


noun - a person highly skilled in music or another artistic pursuit.

 Steven Mead reunites with Brassband Buizingen and conductor Luc Vertommen, eleven years after they made their highly successful ‘Euphonium Virtuoso’ album.

 Our soloist, well known for his lyrical artistry and outstanding virtuoso technique has chosen a programme  which perfectly shows off the combination of these fine attributes,  accompanied by a brass band at the top of their game, with a brilliant conductor who also arranged many of these works

As most euphonium enthusiasts know, Steve has recorded many CDs since his first official release, Rondo in 1991. If you include all his albums; solo albums, the education orientated CDs, those with the British Tuba Quartet, and guest appearances, the number is now in the mid-seventies!  For him, recording is a passion, and a mark of his true dedication to the euphonium.  Over the years he has recorded with various ensembles; brass and wind bands, chamber orchestra, wind quintet, trombone quintet, brass quintet, ten-piece brass ensemble, organ, piano, multitracked Mead and electronics. With each genre he has impressed with his musicality, unique rich sonority and virtuosity. For him this instrument has almost no limits.

In 1995 Steve recorded an album, Euphonium Virtuoso, with the outstanding Belgian ensemble Brassband Buizingen.  This album won several international awards that year. He also really enjoys the collaboration and friendship with their conductor Luc Vertommen who is a visionary arranger as well as fine conductor.  So it was decided to get back in the recording studio, eleven years on, and make a second album together. Reflecting on the literature to be recorded, the title Lyrical Virtuoso seems to be such an apt title.  It includes works from the present day, as well as the marvellous Euphonium Concerto No.1 by John Golland, and then looks back even further to virtuoso works from the nineteenth century, and especially recognises the influence and works of the legendary violinist composer Niccolò Paganini.  Six of the ten works are receiving their premiere recording with brass band, and all will be available shortly for performance by those brave enough (especially the highly virtuosic works) to take them on. At the heart of Steve’s musicianship is his singing tone, a feature of his entire career, and here his lyrical approach can be appreciated to the full in some simply breathtakingly-beautiful melodies. We hope you enjoy Lyrical Virtuoso.




Steven Mead – Euphonium

Brass Band Buizingen

conductor Luc Vertommen

  1. La Corrida de Toros - David Bandman/Luc Vertommen*  5.20
  2. Sérenade Napolitaine - Ruggero Leoncavallo/Vertommen*  2.14
  3. Euphonium Concerto No.1 - John Golland  17.16
  4. The Auld Noost - Ronald Jamieson/Anthony Swainson*  4.43
  5. Capriccio di Niccolò - Frank Proto/Luc Vertommen*  16.10
  6. Michelangelo - Sigvart Dagsland/Frode Rydland  5.09
  7. Mayfly Blues - Stan Nieuwenhuis  7.42
  8. In Gardens of Peace - Philip Harper   5.27
  9. Rondo-La Campanella (from Violin Concerto No. 2) – Niccolò Paganini/Luc Vertommen*   6.27
  10. Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen (I Am Lost To The World) - Gustav Mahler/Luc Vertommen*  6.26

Total time 79.37  *Premiere recording with brass band

Recorded in Stroming Hall, Berlare, Belgium, July 1-3, 2016

Producer/Sound Engineer: Richard Scott (with kind permission from World of Brass)

Production Assistant: Phil Hardman

Produced in the UK by Bocchino Music

Catalogue: BOCC125

A Review by Iwan Fox,

Eleven years after he last linked up with conductor Luc Vertommen and Brass Band Buizingen, Steven Mead returned to the recording studio in 2016 for this thoughtful release.
Lyricism in brass playing is in danger of becoming an eroded art: The pursuit of ever more audacious technical brilliance has made it an increasingly difficult musical language to understand as well as master.


However, both elements can still be combined, and here the soloist states his case for appreciation with a cultured sense of authority. Mead is one of the last true polyglots.

The ten tracks are a series of mature performances of eclectic inspiration - from the bullish Iberian swagger of Bandman’s ‘La Corrida de Toros’ to the poetic resignation of Mahler’s ‘Ich bin der welt abhanden gekommen’.  In between we touch on elements of reflection as well as celebration, lasting delicacy to bluesy ephemera.

Expertly realised

The virtuosity on display is skilled and artistic; the lyricism imaginative and beautiful (essential characteristics he himself identifies in his perceptive sleeve notes). The performances are enhanced by equally considered accompaniment (including the use of a harp) and subtly coloured arrangements, expertly realised by Luc Vertommen.

Same coin

The centre-pieces are balanced counterpoints: Golland’s darkly hued ‘Concerto’ is a work of personal complexities hidden in plain view; layers of seeming transparency that still obscure a central core of troubled emotions.  In contrast, Proto’s fantasy on the famous ‘24th Caprice’ by Paganini lays all bare - sumptuous, rich, extrovert.  

They are still two sides of the same musical coin though. And it is a currency that Steven Mead shows throughout is still worth its weight in gold. 

Iwan Fox

Listening Post number 141, April 2017, Tim Mutum.

Eleven years after his first disc with Brass Band Buizingen, Steven teamed up again with the Belgian band and the result is an amazing program that really enables the soloist to demonstrate his talents. From the 10 solos, six premiered on this disc, four left me completely spellbound. The Rondo from Paganini's Violin Concerto No.2 is clearly a fiendishly difficult piece to master, but Steven's articulation is so precise that none of the immense detail is lost. A demonstration of the virtuoso half of the title. On the lyrical side, The Auld Noost is a gorgeous slow melody and its eloquence and charm really tugs at you. In Gardens of Peace is more sombre as Philip Harper's solo creates the aura and peacefulness of the Commonwealth War Graves Cemeteries on the Somme and the playing is beautiful. Luc Vertommen contributed most of the arrangements for the CD but he left the best to last with his arrangement of Mahler's highly emotional I Am Lost to the World, which uses harp, percussion and muted brass to create more distinctive colours. A blissful ending to an immensely musically satisfying CD of which Steven Mead is rightly proud


Steven Mead

Whether he’s playing his beloved euphonium on tour, or teaching at the RNCM, giving a masterclass to a band, designing and testing instruments and mouthpieces for Besson and Denis Wick, or even simply practicing, Steven Mead always does it with passion and the utmost dedication. It’s been like this for many many years. 

 Since his early days in Bournemouth, he’s been passionate about performing music, initially as a young boy soprano, and into his teenage years as a euphonium soloist.  He has become a worldwide ambassador for the instrument, travelling the world constantly, introducing audiences to this instrument year after year, constantly inspiring the next generation of young brass musicians to greatness. Full details of Steve’s career and history can be found on his popular website Follow him on media sites Facebook and Twitter (meadeuph). His online webstore caters for the specialist needs of many enthusiasts too.


Brassband Buizingen


The band was founded in 1879 as a fanfare band by workers of the local porcelain factory.  In 1975 it was amongst the first Belgian bands to convert to the traditional British-style brass band instrumentation.  Since then, the band has played a leading role in the Belgian band world, gaining prizes at competitions and recognition for its musical approach both at home and abroad.  Over the years it has given notable concerts and contest performances, released numerous CDs and, in 1997, had the particular honour conferred on it of being named ‘Cultural Ambassador of Flanders’. 

More recently, BBU won the Belgian National Championships three times, in 2009, 2012 and 2015 and represented Belgium at the European Championships in Stavanger, Linz, Oslo and Lille.  In 2011 BBU was runner-up at the World Music Contest in Kerkrade and in 2012 the band was runner-up at the All England Masters.  Brassband Buizingen won the Flemish Open Brass Band Championships VOBK) three times.  The band was honoured by SABAM (the Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers) with the prestigious Fugue-Trophy for their contribution to Flemish band music and received the title of Cultural Ambassador of their hometown, Halle which is based in the South of Brussels.


Brassband Buizingen had the honour to play in concert with Steven Mead several times and record the highly acclaimed Euphonium Virtuoso CD in 2005 with Steven Mead and team up with him again 11 years later for his latest solo album.  You can find more information on their website


Conductor Luc Vertommen

 Dr. Luc Vertommen was born in Leest (Mechelen) where he made his first acquaintance with wind music through the local fanfare band.  He studied cornet, music theory and piano at the music academies in Mechelen and Willebroek.  Further musical studies were completed with a triple diploma in trumpet, music history and band conducting at the Lemmensinstitute in Louvain.  He also obtained a first prize in chamber music at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, a master degree for conducting and Doctor of Musical Arts (2011) at Salford University, Manchester, (UK).  He has immersed himself full-time in the world of band music as a brass teacher, player, conductor, arranger and writer. 

He conducts Brass Band Buizingen (Belgium), Brass Band Nord-pas de Calais (France) and is head of music school in Deurne (Antwerp).

He can be heard on more than 25 highly acclaimed CD recordings and is editor and artistic director of Band Press VOF.  He regularly is invited to conduct or adjudicate around Europe and obtained the International Buma Brass Award 2014 for his international work within the band movement.

His interest for the past and for band history started a series of books and CD recordings.  For this Anthology of Flemish Band Music, he received the Fugue-Trophy by Sabam (the Belgian authors right association) in 2011.  He unearthed many pages and hours of original music by Belgian composers and his interest for the future is shown in his collaboration with many contemporary composers.

As an arranger some of his arrangements (especially those made for fanfare band and brass band) are played worldwide.


CD - Dream Times - Steven Mead

£12.50 - £9.50
Reference:  CDBOCC124
Stock:  In stock In stock

Here is the fabulous new album from Steven Mead, his first for two years.

Dream Times has been in the planning for several years and many of the works are brand-new compositions, receiving their first performances, and new arrangements.

It has a theme of music and dreams, giving a fascinating feel to the CD. The Rhapsodia suite which ends the album, comes from a fashion show in which Steve was the guest soloist, in Milan in September 2007. With this we hear some funky variations on Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, that were arranged at the request of the Roberto Di Camerino fashion house! This is a brand new realisation of all the solo parts, 8 individual works, which will no doubt amaze all those who hear it !

The title track, Dream Times (anagram of Mister Mead), is a delightful light and at times highly virtuosic work, composed for euphonium and small wind/brass ensemble. With these two pieces we are in the lightest of moods, carefree and joyous.

With the three works by Piazzolla accompanied by string quartet, we delve into more deep human emotions and states, Anxiety, Sleep and Fear. The sound of the euphonium and strings has long been a dream for Steve, and here it is finally realised.

There are two brand-new works for brass ensemble, Aces, by Frank Gulino and Concertino by the young Singaporean composer Lee Jinjun, for brass quintet and brass sextet respectively. These highly optimistic works, with some exquisite lyrical moments, are sure to find their way into mainstream literature in the years to come. 

Perhaps the darkest and most sinister 'dream' on the album is iPhonium by Roderick Skipp. With this work and most of the others there is a strong connection with the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester where Steve is Professor of Euphonium. All the accompanying musicians are current leading performers at this school. The second piece with electronics, Set Adrift by Thomas Kelly was compose one of Steve students at the RNCM, Carina Lam.

When you listen to Ave Maria by Piazzolla we recoomend you pour yourself a glass of your favourite tipple and enjoy the sensuos 6 minutes of Steve playing his euphonium, accompanied by a large brass ensemble.

We hope you enjoy this stunning new album, and to all those of you who enjoy Steve's recording sure to get this!!

It is released on the Bocchino Music label, catalogue BOCC124. Playing time 79 minutes

The presentation of this album is quite superb, with six panel digipak, complete with 16 page full-colour booklet, with lots of information on all the works.


You tube demo video: 

Review from Chris Thomas, Brass band World Magazine July/August 2016:

“If there is a solo performer in the brass band world that can be relied upon not to repeat himself musically, it is Steven Mead. His never-ending quest to innovate and expand the repertoire of the euphonium is, once again, at the heart of this enterprising and beautifully packaged new solo release.

Steven Mead’s playing is an unalloyed pleasure throughout; technically astounding as we have come to expect, but perhaps more importantly exhibiting a musicality in which every note is produced and placed with loving care;  the melodies and phrasing being given both space and an unerring sense of line and shape.” 



Aces for Solo Euphonium and Brass Quintet* – Frank Gulino                      

 Three Tango Sensations – Astor Piazzolla Arr. Matt Krening

i.   Anxiety   ii.  Asleep    iii. Fear                                                                                                                        

Set Adrift  for Solo Euphonium and Electronics* – Thomas Kelly     

Concertino for Euphonium and Brass Sextet* – Lee Jinjun        

iPhonium for Euphonium and Electronic Sounds* – Roderick Skipp 

Dream Times* – Hiroki Takahashi        

Ave Maria – Astor Piazzolla Arr. Ioan Dobrinescu                                     

Rhapsodia, Milan Fashion Show 2007* - Arr. Ray Knight



Recording in Studio 7, RNCM March 22-24 2016

Accompanying musicians from RNCM

String Quartet –Tango Sensations (Piazzolla)

Violin - Andra Vornicu

Violin - Megan Collis

Viola - Joseph Lenehan

Cello - Talulah Yunkers


Brass Ensembles – Aces (Gulino), Concertino (Jinjun), Ave Maria (Piazzolla)

Trumpet - Chris Clark, Hannah Mackenzie

Flugel Horn – Louise Franks

Tenor Horn - Jonathan Bates, Bobby Corkish

Baritone – Mike Cavanagh

Trombone - Chris Binns

Bass Trombone/Euphonium – Christopher Robertson

Tuba - Harry Cunningham


Wind/Brass Ensemble - Dream Times (Takahashi)

Flute - Hannah Clark

Clarinet - Qiran Chan

Soprano Saxophone - Isobel Williams

Alto Saxophone - Gillian Blair

Tenor horn - Jonathan Bates

Euphonium - Chris Robertson

Tuba - Harry Cunningham

Piano - Ruth Webb

Please note from June 1 it will also be available for digital download from iTunes, CD Baby etc

CD - Premier Brass 2014 (live recording) - Steven Mead (soloist) with Amsterdam Staff Band and Brassband Schoonhoven

£13.00 - £9.95
Reference:  CDPB2014
Stock:  In stock In stock

Here is a brand new release from a concert that took place on Sat. 21st June 2014. It's a live recording of highlights from the concert. Steve was the guest soloist and his featured items are: 

Variations - Lloyd Webber Arr.Wilson

Timepiece (duet) - Norman Bearcroft (duet with Simon Smedinga

Batipopo Duo - unaccompanied duet with Misa Mead

The Water is Wide (O Waly Waley) - Arr. Stephen Roberts 

The Flight of the Bumble Bee - Rimsky Korsakov Arr. Mark Freeh

Other works on this great new disc are:

South Shields Celebration (Cordner), The Water of Tyne (Harper), African Symphony (McCoy), Credo (Barry), Lux Arumque (Withacre),

Letter from Home (Sparke), Motivation (Himes), Variations on a Celestial Theme (Downie), Madiba (Scott)

The Premier Brass series of concerts began in 2002, nnd the Amsterdam Staff Band of the Salvation Army hosts a concert that features a renowned brass band. This 2014 edition of Premier Brass featured one of the best bands in the Netherlands, Brassband Schoonhoven,  guest conducted by the Belgian conductor Ivan Meylemans.  The Amsterdam Staff Band was conducted by Olaf Ritman.

CD - Pearls - Steven Mead and the Central Band of the Royal Air Force

Reference:  CDBM122
Stock:  In stock In stock

Pearls, a worthy successor to the superb award-winning Diamonds CD that Steve recorded with the Central Band of the RAF in 2012.

Here we can witness Steve at his virtuosic best in an album that is sure to delight casual listeners as well as the most dedicated devotees of the euphonium and Steve's playing.

The repertoire covers many styles and has some wonderful new compositions and arrangements. This one is absolutely 'not to be missed!'

Here's a link to some sound clips - enjoy!


Pearls II - Roland Szentpali

  1. i. Nissan 300 2X 3.20

   2. ii. For Deny 5.21

   3. iii. The Last Dance 5.12

4. Sir Eu - Thomas Doss 11.25

5. A Child is Born - Thad Jones Arr. Stephen Bulla 4.43

6. Fast Forward - Hans Van der Heide 3.30

7. Ascension - Tom Davoren 8.11  - Duet for trumpet and euphonium, featuring Ben Godfrey

8. Amazing Grace - Trad. Arr. Stephen Bulla 3.20 - Euphonium Duet featuring Misa Mead

9. Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso - Camille Saint Saens Arr. Stephen Bulla 9.57

10. Romance (from The Gadfly) - Dmitri Shostakovich Arr. Ed Keeley 4.00

11. Euphonic - Franz Cibulka 11.34

Total playing time: 70.45


Steve's writes:

After the overwhelming success of my previous album with the Central Band of the RAF I knew it would be a good idea to follow up the Diamonds CD with another project. The main factor for me would be how to equal the quality of the repertoire of the first disc. As ideas for ‘Pearls' materialised, I realised that this mix of music, some of it more in a jazz idiom than previously, would be very strong. The major works on this new album demonstrate the huge possibilities that exist with the euphonium as a solo instrument, accompanied by an outstanding wind orchestra such as we have here. The title track Pearls II by my good friend Roland Szentpali is really a breath of fresh air, and mixes modern styles so perfectly. It's exhilarating and challenging to play, as is the new composition by the Austrian composer Franz Cibulka, Euphonic, that I premiered in Germany about six months ago. For some years I have been enjoying performing Sir Eu by another Austrian, Thomas Doss, and I felt it was definitely time to record this in its version with wind orchestra. A chance meeting with the American arranger Stephen Bulla last summer, led to the inclusion of three of his arrangements, and the most challenging of these of course is the violin composition by Saint Saens, Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso. So the music on this Pearls album encompasses possibly the widest range of styles and genres that I have ever recorded. We have romance, folkloristic music, big-band, traditional, classical,
funky... and probably a few others! I hope you enjoy the mix. Once again it has been absolutely wonderful to work with the Central Band of the RAF, whose skill and dedication makes any musical collaboration with them such a pleasure.

Here's a review by Ron Holz in the British Bandsman 16th August 2014:


Steven Mead (euphonium) with the Central Band of the Royal Air Force (Duncan Stubbs) 

In this diverse, attractive, entertaining disc, world-class euphonium soloist Steven Mead teams up with one of the UK’s outstanding wind bands in a programme even more engaging than their award winning collaboration of 2012, Diamonds. Mead’s very considerable technical skills are on full display, while the repertoire also pays particular attention to his warm, lyrical playing. The RAF Central Band and Duncan Stubbs provide first-class accompaniments; just what one would expect from this leading wind band.

The highly eclectic mix of new music, both original compositions and arrangements for euphonium and band, slants towards a strong, jazz- inflected (and related popular styles) posture, though not exclusively so. The title work Pearls II by Roland Szentpali takes the form of a high energy, three-movement suite in which the wind band at times resembles an expanded jazz ensemble, including effective use of piano, especially in the closing movement, a jazz waltz. Thomas Doss pays tribute to Mead in Sir Eu, the title reflecting Mead’s involvement in the European brass scene. The cadenza that precedes the finale is a stunner - Mead gives it his inimitable touch.

Ballad-style works, an interest of the soloist, balance the technical display. Bulla’s adaptation of jazz trumpeter Thad Jones’s A Child Is Born intrigued me, as I have usually encountered it in Jones’ own big- band setting. Here Bulla restricts himself to an accompaniment force of woodwinds, vibes, string bass, and drum set - a delightful frame

in which to savour Mead’s rich sound. Other lyrical standouts are the transcription of Shostakovich’s Romance from The Gadfly (arr. Ed Keely) and Bulla’s Amazing Grace in which we hear Steven joined by his new wife, euphoniumist Misa Akahoshi Mead. They make a great musical pairing, and Bulla’s arrangement will prove to be a classic setting of this universally acclaimed melody.

Another soloist, trumpeter Ben Godfrey, matches up very well with Mead in Tom Davoren’s challenging duet, Ascension. Here is another high-energy work commissioned especially for Mead and Godfrey to perform with both the RAF Central Band and the Brass Band of Battle Creek. Lots of exuberance in evidence as the musicians mimic in sound the ascent and descent of Felix Baumgartner’s 2012 Red Bull Stratos Jump.

Steven Mead has always sought to expand the repertoire of the euphonium. A pleasant surprise in that category is Bulla’s wonderful adaptation of Saint-Saëns’ violin solo, the famous Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso. Not only is the soloist at the top of his ‘game', arranger and band provide a spectacular vehicle for the renewal of this classic.

Two more festive works by European composers round out the programme, Fast Forward by Dutch writer Hans van der Heide and the really scintillating closer, Austrian Franz Cibulka’s Euphonic. In the latter Cibulka makes good use of American funk styles, among other pop styles embraced, to drive the tour-de-force that summarises the essence of this highly accessible recital. The opening with electric bass, vibes, and percussion will draw you in - and the some of the unison licks by the band and Mead are breathtaking. The production aspects are excellent, including an attractive 16-page booklet containing highly-informative notes. Recording engineer Richard Scott captures Mead’s sound perfectly, centring it within the band’s rich timbres. This is an exceptional compact disc I highly recommend.

Ronald W. Holz


CD- HOSANNA - Steven Mead (Euphonium) & Lidia Ksiazkiewicz (Organ)

£12.50 - £10.50
Reference:  CDBM121
Stock:  In stock In stock

Here is the  CD release from Steve, accompanied by the talented Polish organist, now living in France, Lidia Ksiazkiewicz. It was recorded in Laon Cathedral and the Church of St Pierre, Guignicourt, France at the end of August 2013.

The first 100 CDs ordered will be autographed by Steve

Take two of the most impressive and sonorous instruments from the world of music, played by two of the leading exponents, and put them together. This sublime new album has a cross section of beautiful music that will thrill audiences the word over.

Sonata in Bb Major – Alessandro Besozzi **

1.                     Andante       2:07

2.                     Allegro       2:03

3.                     Larghetto       2:10

4.                     Allegretto       1:38

5.         Duet for Trombone and Organ – Gustav Holst       9.08 

6.         Ave Maria – Franz Schubert       4.22    

7.         Chants Russes – Eduoard Lalo       5.09

8.         Lacrimae Lacrimae – Jan Sandström       4.33

9.         Romance Op. 36 – Camille Saint-Saëns       3.44

10.       Concerto for Oboe in D Minor, Op.9 no.2       3.40

                   1st Movement – Tomaso Albinoni **

11.       Sicilienne – Maria Theresia Paradis       3.11

12.       Invocation  Op.135 – Gardner Read       7.23

13.       Poem – Zdenek Fibich       2.39

Sonata in A Major – Francesco Geminiani  **

14.                   Andante       2.16

15.                   Allegro       1.52

16.                   Andante       1.00

17.                   Allegro       2.03

18.       Pie Jesu – Andrew Lloyd Webber +       3.10

19.       Hosanna – Franz Liszt       4.48  

20.       Ave Maria – Guilio Caccini  +       4.15

 TOTAL: 74.37minutes

 + duet with Misa Akahoshi

Recorded in France in Laon Cathedral, and the Church of St.Pierre, Guignicourt ** 


The story behind Hosanna

 A chance meeting with the wonderful Polish organist Lidia Książkiewicz in France some nine months ago awakened my curiosity of how it would be to record an album with euphonium and organ. I have made many recordings over the years, variously with brass band, piano, brass quintet, brass ensembles and multitrack for example, and with each of these the outcomes were all quite predictable, and in many cases the repertoire quite bountiful.

 In my head I could imagine the rich sound of the euphonium set against the resonant sound of a cathedral organ, two mighty voices playing in harmony!

 I set about looking for suitable repertoire and spent a few weeks searching music libraries and online resources. It immediately became clear that there was almost no original literature for this combination and not put off by this,  I sought out a balance of other works for brass and organ, classical arrangements and songs that might create not only a musical balance, but would allow a chance to show off the potential of this combination. During a very brief visit to the Strasbourg Conservatory where Lidia is also a professional piano accompanist, we took the occasion to try out some of the repertoire. We recognised instantly that this combination had so much potential. The CD project therefore became inevitable.

The logistics were quite quickly worked out and Lidia made enquiries whether we could use Laon Cathedral for the recording. Lidia is the resident organist there knew the full potential of this great organ. As we discussed the repertoire we also were discussing some Baroque works and perhaps using a second organ that was more suitable for this music. About 25 km from Laon is the town of Guignicourt and the organ there was absolutely suitable for a couple of pieces from all that. All the other pieces of jigsaw felt together relatively easily in place.

We hope you enjoy Hosanna as much as we did recording it!

If you'd prefer to digitally download this album, click here

Robert Groslot conducts his Five Concerti (Including Euphonium Concerto)

Reference:  CDRG001
Stock:  In stock In stock

The Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides are the stunning professional wind orchestra, conducted by the composer Robert Groslot in his FIVE solo concerti;

1. Concerto for Euphonium  ... soloist Steven Mead

2. Concerto for Saxophone ... soloist Norbert Nozy

3. Concerto for Piccolo ... soloist Peter Verhoyen

4. Concerto for Marimba ... soloist Carlo Willems

5. Achae, la docile Amie ... Vlad Weverburgh (clarinet)

Robert's virtuoso and inventive music is winning new audiences every Steve gives the premiere performance/recording of his amazing and daunting Euphonium Concerto with its subtle tribute to Henry Purcell throughout the 16.5 minutes work. Recorded in stunning quality in Antwerp, Belgium in September 2012.

The sheet music with piano accompaniment and full wind orchestras accompaniment are available on this site too. 

Sound clips for the Euphonium Concerto:

Diamonds - Steven Mead and The Central Band of the RAF

£12.50 - £6.00
Reference:  CDBM20
Stock:  In stock In stock

VOTED SOLO OF THE YEAR 2012, by Brass Band World, British Bandsman and 4Barsrest !!!!

This is the brilliant CD release from Steve, on which he is accompanied by what is generally regarded as the finest military band in the UK,  The Central Band of the Royal Air Force, in a stunning programme of original music for euphonium,  including the brand new Diamond Concerto, by Philip Sparke. It was recorded in April 2012 at the RAF base at Northolt, London.  This amazing digital recording is set to excite both euphonium enthusiasts and general music lovers.


1. Diamond Concerto (Euphonium Concerto No. 3) ... Philip Sparke

2. Bliss (Concertino for Euphonium) ... Hermann Pallhuber

3. Euphonium Concerto ... Stephen Roberts

4. Concerto for Euphonium, Winds and Percussion (Summer of 2008) ... David Gillingham

5. Panache ... Robin Dewhurst

for more info, click here

 If you love the euphonium and Steve's playing, this CD is totally un-missable !!


CDs - Beautiful Sounds (2-disc) - Steven Mead

£13.00 - £7.00
Reference:  CDBM16
Stock:  In stock In stock



1. Serenade (Schubert Arr. Wilkinson)                                  4.13

2. The Last Sleep of the Virgin (Massenet Arr. Vertommen)    4.14

3. Carrickfergus  (Trad. Irish Arr. Roberts)                           3.45

4. Estrellita (Ponce Arr. Bennett)                                        3.38

5. Vaga Luna (Bellini Arr.Creux)                                        3.33

6.  Serenade (Drigo Arr.Stephens)                                       4.07

7. The Girl With The Flaxen Hair (Debussy Arr.Bale)           2.03

8. Largo Elegiaco, from Euphonium Concerto No.2 (Golland) 9.09

9. Peace  (Golland)                                                           4.08

10. Midnight Euphonium  (Richards)                                   5.14

11. When He Cometh (Evans)                                            4.51

12. On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss (Holsinger Arr. Stuckemeyer) 4.04

13. Barcarolle (Offenbach Arr. Mead)                                 2.39

14. Aria (Bozza Arr. Van der Woude)                                4.03


1. Apres un Reve (Faure Arr. Mead)                                   2.48

2. 2nd Mov. Concertino (Wilhelm Arr.Viet))                         3.08

3. A Night in June ... Karl King                                             5.35

4. Serenata (Toselli Arr. Ruedi)                                           3.53

5. Shenandoah (Trad. Arr. Olcott)                                        2.52

6. Vissi D'Arte (Puccini Arr.Mead)                                         3.23

7. Notturno (Rimsky Korsakov Arr. Mead)                             2.29

8. Adagio from Clarinet Concerto (Mozart Arr.Bale)             6.50

9. Pokarekare Ana (Trad. Arr. Vertommen)                           4.07

10. Scarborough Fair (Garfunkel. Arr. Reichenbach)               1.54

11. The Holy Well (Graham)                                              3.52

12. Adagio from the Cello Concerto (Elgar Arr. Bourgeois)    4.58

13. Di Provenza  (Verdi Arr. Creux)                                     3.47

14. Quiet Place (Carmichael Arr.Robertson)                         2.51

15. David of the White Rock (Trad. Arr. Bale)                      2.43

16. Pilatus (Richards)                                                         7.08

Additional Information

 This collection of some of my favourite recording moments spanning twenty years will I hope bring the listener a few hours of relaxation, away from the hectic stress of modern living, and show off the sound of the musical instrument I enjoy playing so much!

The recording industry has changed over the last twenty years but the desire of people to listen to music, thankfully remains undiminished. The way we listen maybe changing, moving from LP to CD to digital downloading but one thing is for sure, for a performing musician it remains perhaps the ultimate challenge to create, often in the rather sterile conditions of a recording studio, something that will give pleasure to not only students and specialists in the music world, but also the general public, who enjoy the enrichment that music brings to their lives.

Over the years I've recorded a lot of very difficult music, first performances of new works and commissions. This has been central to my life as a soloist. But with an instrument like the euphonium, capable of such beautiful ethereal sounds the universal appeal of this instrument must be it's ability to deliver melodies with a human appeal which audiences find quite captivating. It has been this characteristic I have observed so clearly in over thirty years of travelling. It crosses language and cultural borders with consummate ease, creating a bond of human emotion that is genuine and that stays in the memory long after the ‘live' moment has ended.

As a boy I was equally known in my home town of Bournemouth for my angelic (!) soprano voice and, as I've told many times, the euphonium became my second and real voice after my first voice descended in pitch. Selecting the melodies for this collection of previous recordings was difficult but I hope you enjoy the variety of accompaniments and melodies from around the world. For me, this creates a self-revelatory feeling, as I have since earliest memory ‘sang' from the heart. For me every note in a melody has value and meaning, always going somewhere and always carrying an emotion that I hope to convey to the listener.

So, I hope you enjoy this twenty-year collection of recorded melodies that will soothe and calm, and continue to show off the extraordinary instrument that is the euphonium. 

Steven Mead


£13.00 - £9.00
Reference:  CDMB17
Stock:  In stock In stock

Repertoire :

1 Gypsy Airs (Zigeunerweisen) - Pablo Sarasate Arr. Snell 6.52
2 Three Expeditions - Ethan Wickman
i. Strange Departures 3.47 ii. Moriah 5.42 iii. Olympus 2.54
3 Toccata - Yoshio Nakahashi 2.56
4 Fandango - Antonio Soler Arr.Takehiko Yamada 8.27
5 Concertino for Euphonium and Piano - Marco Pütz 9.49
6 The Girl With The Flaxen Hair - Claude Debussy Arr. Snell 2.47
7 Party Piece - Philip Sparke 7.23
8 Yorkshire Ballad - James Barnes 4.20
9 Variations on Auld Lang Syne - Simone Mantia 6.52
10 Oblivion - Astor Piazzolla Arr. Anderson 4.19
11 The Dance of The Goblins - Antonio Bazzini Arr. Pierce 4.44

Total CD: 70.32

This latest release from Steven Mead, 'Fandango' is a recording that demonstrates the spirit and vitality of the euphonium. The popularity of this wonderful instrument is continuing to grow worldwide. Steven Mead is perhaps the best known euphonium soloist in the world today and he enjoys an international reputation as an outstanding soloist and an innovative and inspirational teacher. On this disc we hear some brand new music for the instrument in addition to a couple of well loved classics.

The accompanist in the brilliant Japanese pianist, Tomoko Sawano who has played on some of my recent discs with piano, including the award winning ‘Audacious' double CD.

Please watch this short YouTube demo/video which gives you a better idea of the album.


Part of the review by Alan Jenkins (Brass Band World magazine June 2011)

This is a wonderful programme of music for euphonium and piano worthy of any concert stage in the world. It is so easy to throw together a collection of contrasting pieces and call it a programme. To do the job properly requires substantial thought and perhaps a prayer to the Almighty for the gift of a little inspiration to get the balance of music and style right. This programme suggests the inspiration was forthcoming for it truly hits the bull's-eye.

More than that, the 70 minute programme reveals the true art of music where two or more musicians, listen, feel and perform as one. The technical prowess and musical sensitivity displayed in such rich abundance by both performers leaves nothing to be desired.

The programme is a satisfying mixture of original music for the euphonium and arrangements from the classical masters. The original music ranges from the instrument's early days with Simone Mantia's Variations on Auld Lang Syne to challenging music of the 21st Century. There are popular showpieces - the CD opens with Sarasate's Gypsy Airs, arranged by Howard Snell, which always signals a good beginning for any disc - mingling with serious works such as the Concertino for Euphonium and Piano by Marco Pütz, with the enlightened, eclectic programme posing so many different challenges and all met with innate skill and musical authority by the enterprising duo.
The recording quality is of a high standard throughout....."

Fandango is CD of the Month, BBW June 2011 

Croatian Euphonic Brass

£13.00 - £5.95
Reference:  CDBM16
Stock:  In stock In stock


    1. Euphonium Concerto (V.Lisjak) 1st movement   6.45
    2. Euphonium Concerto (V.Lisjak) 2nd movement   8.52
    3. Euphonium Concerto (V.Lisjak) 3rd movement   5.30
    4. Pavane (G.Faure) arranged for euphonium and harp   7.48
    5. Marches (Paisible/Tollet/H.Purcell)   6.39
    6. Thou Knowest Lord, the Secrets of our Hearts (H.Purcell)   1.59
    7. Canzona (H.Purcell)   2.13
    8. Praise The Lord, O Jerusalem (H.Purcell)   6.55
    9. Sonata Pian' e Forte (G.Gabrieli)   4.15
    10. Madonna Mia, Pieta (O.De Lassus)   1.37
    11. Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte (M.Ravel)   6.26                                   

Total CD 58.59

Steve writes: "Croatian Euphonic Brass has been a really excellent project with the musicians of the Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra. It is not a disc full of 'fireworks' ! I have a few of these already and will probably do more in the future! This is a recording that has sounds and moments that I've been dreaming about since we discussed the possibilities with this repertoire. We planned for three years and now I'm so happy with the results. The ensemble consists of four trumpets, four French horns, three trombones, tuba and three percussion. The main work on the CD is the brand new Euphonium Concerto by Vanja Lisjak, who also arranged all the other tracks on the recording.. This is a marvellous work full of emotion, human spirit and at times, great depth. I hope this becomes a work that everyone will want to play." 

Vanja Lisjak writes: ""The musicians playing on this CD are the finest brass and percussion artists in Croatia, educated in Croatia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and the United States. Since 1990, almost all of us are members of the Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra, where we unfortunately have a rare chance of playing as a chamber group, as our orchestral schedule doesn't allow enough time. A concert with Steven Mead gave us a chance to show our great love for this type of music, and to unite the experience we were gaining as members of different chamber ensembles present in our country. I am very grateful for the great effort and professionalism invested in the realisation of this CD"

You can watch a 6 minute presentation with extracts from each work YouTube, by following this link:

Virtuoso Music for Brass - Complete works for euphonium (Jules Demersseman)

£13.00 - £4.00
Reference:  CDBM15
Stock:  In stock In stock


  1. Premier Solo
  2. Premier Solo de Concert
  3. Deuxieme Solo de Concert
  4. Cavatine Op.38
  5. Cavatina
  6. Introduction et Polonaise Op.30
  7. Grande Fantasie Dramatique
  8. Grande Fantaisie sur ‘Don Juan' de Mozart
  9. Fantaisie sur ‘Le Desir' de Beethoven
  10. Introduction et Variations sur le ‘Carnival de Venise'
  11. Grand Duo sur les motifs de Guillaume Tell (Grand duet on themes from William Tell) ~ both parts played by Steven Mead


Additional Information

Thanks to Luc Vertommen for the inspiration behind this remarkable CD. The music of Jules Demersseman is certainly unknown to brass players at present. But this recording of his 'lost' works for the now extinct six valve trombone, a creation of the instrument maker Adolphe Sax in the early 19th century, is sure to put his music into the minds of brass players now. It is wonderfully inventive and spontaneous music which tests the ability of even today's players. How these virtuoso pieces were played on the trombone with 6 independent valves we just don't know, it seems too remarkable for words!! Enjoy this latest CD recording by Steven Mead and the brilliant accompanist Tomoko Sawano.

Jules (Auguste Edouard) Demersseman (1833-1866) was in his time a remarkable flautist and meritorious composer. Historically the most important works he composed were those for the new trombone with six independent valves developed by Adolphe Sax.

The works that Demersseman wrote for this new instrument could be easily subdivided into two main categories : the typical exam-pieces (Volume 1) and the themes and variations usually based on well known operatical themes (Volume 2). Both the typical ‘Solo de Concert' (the exam-pieces used at the Paris Conservatory) and the themes and variations breathe the Parisian musical taste of that era and the influence of romantism and salon music. They focus on the many technical difficulties and virtuoso effects a student should master and the emotional expression. This new and first complete edition for euphonium and piano was mainly based on the original 1865 editions published by Adolphe Sax himself and are suited perfectly for the modern day euphonium players.

Rococo Variations - Steven Mead

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  1. Allegro Appassionato Op.43 ..C.Saint-Saens Arr. Luc Vertommen    3.38
  2. The Song of the Birds .. Trad Arr. Luc Vertommen        4.05
  3. Rococo Variations ..Tchaikovsky Arr. Thomas Ruedi     17.26                       
  4. Walking on Music .. Roger Deronge    6.09
  5. Vintage .. David Gillingham  Arr. Vernon Briggs   9.00
  6. Pilatus .. Goff Richards    7.05                               
  7. Canaans Land .. Peter Graham    9.14               
  8. The Last Sleep of the Virgin (Le dernier sommeil de la vierge) ..G. Massenet Arr. Luc Vertommen      4.13
  9. Carmen Fantasy .. G.Bizet Arr. Luc Vertommen    10.18

Total CD 73.57


Additional Info

Stunning lyrical playing allied to an audacious technique in great abundance on this new solo CD from Steve. With 5 brand new arrangements, this mainly classical CD shows off the sheer beauty and passion of the sound of the euphonium, no more so than in the title track, Rococo Variations, the cello masterpiece from Tchaikovsky skilfully arranged for euphonium and brass band by the Swiss euphonium master Thomas Ruedi. This incredible work sounds almost like an original work for euphonium in this quite immense performance. Three romantic, atmospheric slow works are also going to be highlights of this disc, two of which were unearthed by the famous Belgian conductor/arranger Luc Vertommen who provided much of the musical inspiration behind the award winning 'Euphonium Virtuoso' CD.

The incredible Carmen Fantasy in a brand new arrangement by Luc sees Steve's technique at its sparkling best in between the passionate operatic melodies. Gillingham's Vintage is a big favourite of many of todays euphonium soloists and this new setting with brass band is sure to spark great interest. Canaan's Land by Peter Graham is the other major work on the disc , written for Derick Kane (ISB) a few years ago . Steve was the dedicatee of Goff Richards beautiful work Pilatus (the awe-inspiring mountain sitting overlooking Lucerne) back in 1993 and this new recording sees the work given a fresh feel and the arching melodies are just perfect for the euphonium, in the hands of our soloist. Saint Saens' Allegro Appassionata, originally for cello is the curtain raiser on this feast of euphonium magic. This is a CD you'll definitely not want to be without!!

Listed in several magazines on the shortlist for Solo CD of the Year 2009.

Brass Band World review January 2010:


"Any new Steven Mead CD excites high expectations and this latest doesn’t disappoint.

Drawing heavily on classical repertoire with a little help from the arranging skills of Luc Vertommen, the transcriptions are thoughtfully interspersed and there are several original pieces from the pens of Goff Richards and Peter Graham, amongst others.  The choice of music places as much emphasis on the lyrical qualities of the instrument as it does on the stunning virtuosity of the soloist – all to compelling effect.

It’s not simply  the technique that impresses, however.  In the case of Tchaikovsky’s Variations on a Rococo Theme and Saint-Saens’ Allegro Appassionato, both mainstays of the cello repertoire, it is Steven Mead’s stylistic affinity with the music that it marks the playing out as truly special, whilst in Roger Derongé’s Walking on Music and Goff Richards’ Pilatus, the control and phrasing of the lyrical lines is a joy to behold.

For pyrotechnics, though, Bizet’s Carmen Fantasy steals the show with playing from the soloist that, at times, almost beggars belief.

Although the acoustic is a touch and brittle, Andy Duncan and Whitburn band provide carefully judged accompaniment.

To quote the title of the David Gillingham piece, performed with such elegance, Steven Mead proves again that his is artistry and musicianship of a rare ‘vintage’.  It all makes for a disc not to be missed.

Christopher Thomas."

Brass band World magazine issue 190, December January 2010

Brass and Wines - Steven Mead and Spanish Brass Quintet

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Brass and Wines - José Rafael Pascual-Vilaplana Muro.

  1. Expectative
  2. Almoroig
  3. Albir

Concerto for Oboe in C Minor - Philipp Telemann

4. Grave 5. Allegro 6. Andante 7. Vivace

8. Elegie - Peter Meechan
9. Lisonjas de la alcahueta - Juan J. Colomer
10. Bravura Variations on a Theme by Mozart - Adolphe Adam Arr. Henry Howey
11. Kaleidoscopic Overdrive - Ben McMillan
12. Canción de cuna para dormir un negrito - Xavier Montsalvatge
13. Innuendo - Queen Arr.Roland Szentpali
14. Finale from Concerto for Violin Peter Iliich Tchaikovsky Arr. Henry Howey


Additional Info

Take the worlds best known euphonium solo artist and Europe's finest brass quintet Spanish Brass Luur Metalls, you have a the possibility for a truly vintage recording and Brass and Wines is just that. With several specially commissioned original works and some stunning arrangements here is a a showcase album for the euphonium enthusiasts, fans of brass ensembles and music lovers to savour.

Enjoy this truly wonderful combination of euphonium and brass quintet in a programme that will thrill and entertain. Another great release from Steve's own award winning label, Bocchino Music!

The original works are major contribution to the euphonium repertoire, challenging and wonderful in their innovation. The lighter works are a true delight. The finale of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, that concludes the CD has left many with their jaws wide open. Simply incredible.

This is one of Steve's all time favourite recordings !!! 

CD -Strike Up The Band - Steven Mead, Hans Gansch and Sound Inn Brass (Austria)

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1. Spain** .. Chick Corea Arr Peter Meechan
2. A Night in Tunisia .. Dizzy Gillespie Arr Joachim Refardt
3. Chess ** *- Medley from the Musical .. Ulvaeus/Andersson, Arr Hubert Gurtner
4. Children of Sanchez .. Chuck Mangione, Arr Johannes Baer
5. Ballade for Alicia** .. Johannes Baer
6. Strike up the Band .. George & Ira Gershwin, Arr Joachim Refardt
7. Send in the Clowns* .. Steven Sondheim, Arr Roger Harvey
8. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy** .. Joe Zawinul, Arr Peter Meechan
9. I Got Rhythm .. George Gershwin, Arr.Roger Harvey
10. Sardan .. Johannes Baer
11. Chameleon** .. Maynard Ferguson,Arr Peter Meechan
12. Little Jazz Waltz #.. Bob Seibert
13. Carioca** .. Vincent Youmans, Arr Colin Randle/Hubert Gurtner
14. La Fiesta .. Chick Corea, Arr Roberto Di Marino

*Hans Gansch - Solo cornet
**Steven Mead - Solo euphonium
# Euphonium quartet and drums


Additional Info

Steven Mead's third recording with the spectacular Sound Inn Brass from Austria, this time with Steven featured as conductor and soloist. Special guest Hans Gansch, cornet, complements this breathtaking collection of music in big band style, with red hot trumpet playing, improvisations, and stunning solos from this popular 12 piece Austrian professional brass ensemble.

This CD has sold extremely well and continues to reach new audiences. It has opened many doors for this great professional brass ensemble, based in Upper Austria. The best album for the car !!! Great fun, you'll listen to this many times over.

A chance to hear the euphonium in a jazz/big band situation and a new genre that Steve is exploring.

Four Concertos - Joseph Horovitz

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  1. Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra (1948 rev.1956)
  2. Concerto for Euphonium and Chamber Orchestra (1972 rev.1976,1991)
    Con Moto
  3. Concerto for Violin and String Orchestra (1949-50)
  4. Jazz Concerto for Piano, Strings and Percussion (1965)
    Slow Blues

Additional Info

Steve is featured in this first ever recording of the most famous euphonium concerto with a professional orchestra, conducted by the composer himself. As a celebration of the 80th birthday of this popular composer, EPOCH DUTTON recordings have released this fabulous new album featuring 4 concertos accompanied by the Royal Ballet Sinfonia, conducted by Joseph Horovitz.

As the only regularly contracted ballet orchestra in the UK, the Royal Ballet Sinfonia enjoys a full touring schedule, appearing with Birmingham Royal Ballet in its hometown, in London and around the UK and frequently with the Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera house, Covent Garden. The orchestra has appeared with many of the world's leading ballet companies including Paris Opera Ballet, New York City Ballet, Australian Ballet, The Kirov.

Regarded by many, including the composer, as the definitive recording of the Horovitz Concerto. This is a special recording and one that will prove to have great historical significance in the years to come. If you love the Horovitz Euphonium Concerto you will also be delighted to hear three other great concerti by this timeless master of composition.

World of the Euphonium, Vol. 5

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Reference:  CDPR05
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1. Fantasy ... Hummel/Wilby (Winwood Music) 6.43

2-4. Euphonium Concerto Nr.2 ... Philip Sparke (Anglo Music Press)

2. 1st mov. Giocoso 4.26
3. 2nd Mov. Adagio 8.00
4. 3rd Mov. Molto Vivo 4.10

5. Prelude ... Ito (Studio Music) 4.04

6-9. Four Bagatelles ... Howard Snell (Rakeway Music)

6. Refrains and Choruses 2.16
7. Ballad 3.04
8. Improvisation 2.26
9. Galop 1.26

10. Absolute Reality ... Pete Meechan (Nordic Sounds) 5.18
11. Concert Piece Nr.1 ... Joseph Turrin (Manu) 6.16
12. Lokk from the Green Island ... T.A.Nilsen (Nordic Sounds)2.26
13. 4 Euphoniums for You (Four Euphoniums and Harp) ... Yasuhide Ito (Studio Music) 5.15

14-20. A La Suite Classique ... Yasuhide Ito (Studio Music)

14. Prélude 1.49
15. Allemande en forme de Tango 2.48
16. Sarabande en forme de Chaconne 2.25
17. Interlude l'imitation de Mr.L.Couperin 1.22
18. Gavotte en forme de Habanera 1.14
19. Menuet en forme de Musette (piano solo) 1.35
20. Gigue en forme de Zapateado 1.43

21. Dream Nocturne ... Howard Snell (Rakeway Music) 5.24
22. Danse Du Diable Vert (Dance of the Green Devil) ... Gaspar Cassadó Arr.Thomas Ruedi adapted by Roy Newsome (Obrasso) 4.08


Additional Info

As with the other albums in the series the new World of the Euphonium Vol.5 features Steve with piano accompaniment, but this time with a few surprises ! This highly versatile collection of mostly original euphonium repertoire presents a large number of new works as well as some premiere performances on this recording. The addition of harp in the Ito quartet, with Steve playing all four euphonium parts, is sure to be of interest, as is the new Euphonium Concerto No.2 by Philip Sparke, the A La Suite Classique (Ito) and the brand new Dream Nocturne (Snell). In all 79 minutes of great music and great playing, aided by the talented Japanese virtuoso pianist Tomoko Sawano.

Euphonium Virtuoso - Steven Mead

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1. Harlequin - Philip Sparke........9.25
2. Concerto per Flicorno Basso - Amilcare Ponchielli Arr.Prof. Henry Howey..........13.37
3. The Playful Pachyderm - Gilbert Vinter Arr. Luc Vertommen.......6.42
    Euphonium Concerto - Joseph Horovitz
4. 1st movement - Moderato.......5.06
5. 2nd movement- Lento............6.54
6. 3rd movement - Con moto.....4.03
7. Pokarakare Ana - Paraire H.Tomoana Arr. Luc Vertommen.......4.06
8. Introduction and Tarantella - Pablo de Sarasate Arr. Luc Vertommen 5.38


Additional Info

When the great 19th century violinist Nicolo Paganini gave his awe-inspiring musical firework displays to astonished audiences there were those who wondered seriously if he had sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for his phenomenal powers.


The modern euphonium has been with us for nearly 150 years. Plenty of time, you might think for its character to develop or even change. It is remarkable how composers and players seem to have grasped the basics of its musical nature. On the one hand it is the supremely 'well sounding' (euphonic) voice to support the singer's emotional revelations and on the other hand the euphonium's agility soon had it marked out together with the cornet as the virtuoso brass instrument 'par excellence'.

Even so, it is rare to find a modern performer who has so thoroughly mastered both sides of the euphonium's personality as Steven Mead. He sounds utterly at home in whatever he plays and his repertoire for this CD is huge and wide - ranging from original euphonium works (Joseph Horovitz , Amilcare Ponchielli, Philip Sparke) to virtuoso pieces originally written for the bassoon, the voice, the violin and cello.

Euphonium Magic Vol. 3 - Earth Voices

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Reference:  CDBM08
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  1. Rush Hour - Ben McMillan 3.46 
  2. Toccata - Frescobaldi/Joe Skillen 4.57
  3. A Eupher's Dream - G.Robertson 5.16 
  4. Canzon XV11 - Giovanni Gabrieli/Pat Stuckemeyer 2.41
  5. Soldiers Chorus - Charles Gounod/Maurice Bale 2.53
  6. Concert Etude Op.49 - Goedicke/Pat Stuckemeyer 3.01 
  7. Dances - John Stevens
  8. On A Hymnsong of Philip Bliss - David Holsinger/Pat Stuckemeyer 4.08
  9. Funk Theory - Pete Meechan 4.12
  10. Cartoon Symphony - Arr.Gianni Bannetta 3.12
  11. Theme from Schindler's List - John Williams/Gail Robertson 3.38
  12. Earth Voices - Roland Szentpali 8.00 
  13. Dance of the Comedians - Bedrich Smetena/Pat Stuckemeyer 2.51

Additional Info

The third installment of the hugely popular Euphonium Magic series. Join Steve for a cosmic ride through as many as 12 different multi-tracked parts!

Brassin' Mozart 2006

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Reference:  CDBM05
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  1. Overture - Marriage of Figaro . . Mozart Arr.Hubert Gurtner 4.31

  2. Theme and Variations from Andantino con Variazioni (Sinfonia Concertante) K.297B . . Mozart Arr. Maurice Bale 8.28

  3. Aria - Zaide . . Mozart Arr.Hubert Gurtner 5.46*

    Bassoon Concerto K.191 . Mozart Arr. Maurice Bale

  4. Allegro 7.17

  5. Andante ma adagio 6.41

  6. Minuet 3.54

  7. Exultate Jubilate . . Mozart Arr.F.Polak 2.42* 

  8. Overture - The Impressario . . Mozart Arr.Hubert Gurtner 3.59

  9. Sub Tuum Praesidium . . Mozart Arr.Hubert Gurtner 4.34*

  10. Requiem Paraphrases on a Theme of Mozart . . Peter Meechan 9.53

  11. Adagio (from Clarinet Concerto) .. Mozart Arr. Maurice Bale 6.53

  12. Moz! ... Peter Meechan 2.36

    *CHARLOTTE PISTOR, soprano

Additional Info

Steven is once again joined by the extremely talented Austrian 12-piece Sound Inn Brass for an album of brand new Mozart arrangements! This disc also includes two original compositions to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of W. A. Mozart. 

Proved to be a really popular disc, despite the wacky cover !! 

Locomotion - A Tribute to my Childhood

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Reference:  CDBM04
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  1. Locomotion ... Norman Bearcroft 8.00
  2. The Holy Well ... Peter Graham 3.53
  3. Slavische Fantasie ... Carl Höhne Arr.PeterGraham 6.01
  4. When he Cometh ...Howard Evans 4.53
  5. Variants on St. Francis ... David Chaulk
  6. There Will Be God ... Joy Webb Arr.Richard Phillips
  7. Banjo and Fiddle ... William Kroll Arr.Thomas Rüedi 3.31
  8. Deep Inside the Sacred Temple ... Bizet Arr. KeithWilkinson
  9. We'll All Shout Hallelujah ... Norman Audoire
  10. My Unchanging Friend ... Ivor Bosanko 6.55
  11. A Quiet Place (5 part multitrack recording, all S.Mead) ... Arr.Gail Robertson 2.52
  12. Journey into Peace ... William Himes 7.51


Additional Info

Steven Mead's CD, 'Locomotion' has been given a prestigious award at the 2006 International Tuba Euphonium Festival in Denver , Colorado. It won the inaugural 'BOBO Award' for recording excellence in the euphonium solo category, presented by the tuba legend Roger Bobo.

The Locomotion CD, subtitled 'A Tribute to my Childhood', is on Steve's own label, Bocchino Music. It was recorded in the spring of 2005 in his home town of Bournemouth with Boscombe Salvation Army Band, and Bandmaster Howard Evans.

Steve writes: "It was such a pleasure to make this recording. It had been on my mind for years to do it, as my days growing up in Bournemouth were such happy ones and the memories of playing with Boscombe never go away. To get this international award for the disc is tremendous and unexpected. I know the Band and Howard Evans will be delighted too."

Join Steve on a walk down memory lane with this breathtaking fusion of old classics and new arrangements!

Bella Italia - Steven Mead

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Reference:  CDBM02
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  1. Dulcamarata (Donizetti Variations) for Euphonium and Symph Band K.H. Koper
  2. Caro mio ben G. Giordani Arr. A. Bona
  3. Aria di chiesa "Pietà Signore" A. Stradella Arr. A. Barbagallo
  4. Vaga luna che inargenti V. Bellini Arr. A. Bona
  5. Vi ravviso, o luoghi ameni V. Bellini Arr. A. Bona
  6. Ah, non credea mirarti V. Bellini Arr. A. Bona
  7. Ah, non giunge V.Bellini Arr. A. Bona
  8. A fors' è lui G. Verdi Arr. F. Creux
  9. Di Provenza il mar, il suol G. Verdi Arr. F. Creux
  10. Ave Maria G. Verdi Arr. F. Creux
  11. Vissi d'arte G. Puccini Arr. A. Bona
  12. Serenata E. Toselli Arr. T. Ruedi
  13. Preghiera F. Feliciangeli Arr. F. Creux
  14. Alla Czardas G. Orsomando Arr. F. Creux
  15. Variations on "Carnival of Venice" J.B. Arban Arr. D. Hunsberger

Additional Info

Steven Mead has for some years visited Italy regularly, bringing his instrument to this country of music lovers who, it must be said, seem to have fallen in love with the sound of the euphonium. Thanks to his numerous visits to Italy (including Aosta, Milan, Trento, Bolzano, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Ancona, Bari, Calabria and Sicily), he has developed a musical affinity with the country, the people and their music. This unique CD is another landmark in the relationship between Mead and this country and for the growth of the popularity of the euphonium in Italy.


It has always been part of the Italian band music tradition to play pieces from the operatic repertoire using instruments, especially those of the saxhorn family, to "imitate" the human voice. This tradition began in the nineteenth century when, given the lack of radio and records, the band was the medium of broadcasting the fashionable melodies of operatic music in the town squares. Today Italian bands are following many different musical paths, including the current extensive repertoire of original pieces. Dedicating almost an entire CD to operatic Romances and Arias therefore has a double meaning: on the one hand it pays homage to this genre, whose intrinsic beauty defies description and on the other hand it does that which virtuosi and instrumental soloists all over the world have always done, that is to give a ‘voice' to these immortal works through their instruments. Please enjoy the unique, inimitable sound of Steven Mead, who for the first time has recorded a CD with an Italian military band on this stunning album of Italian classics!

CD - 4 Valves 4 Slides - Steven Mead and Trombonisti Italiani (trombone quartet led by Lito Fontana)

£13.00 - £9.50
Reference:  CDRCR02
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Back in stock - and highly valued by enthusiasts of Steve's recording catalogue, recorded in Rome in 2004!


1. Gypsy Dance .. Bizet/Mendez/Bale
2. Girl with the Flaxen Hair .. Debussy /Bale
3. Napoli Variations .. Bellstedt/Hunsberger/Bale
4. Recondita Armonia from Tosca .. Puccini/Bale
5. Fly Me to the Moon .. Howard/Hughes
6. Grand Russian Fantasia .. Levy/Bale
7. One Note Samba .. Jobim/Dittmar
8. Flight of the Bumble Bee .. Rimsky Korsakov/H.James/Bale
9. My Funny Valentine .. Arr.Pipone
10. Au Privave .. Charlie Parker
11. Pcelinka .. Hungarian trad. arr. Stueckelschweiger

Additional Info

The musical arrangements for the CD were nearly all specially made, 5 of them by the amazing Maurice Bale who provided most of the arrangements for Steve’s Euphonium Magic multi-track CD. Others were made by arrangers associated with Lito Fontana. The styles reflect the huge potential of such a combination and the combined virtuoso talents of Steve and the trombone quartet. Lito is a famous jazz musician who has encouraged Steve to jam with him on a few tracks!

Euphonium Magic Vol. 1 - the original multi-tracked Mead!

£13.00 - £4.50
Reference:  CDBM01
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This incredible multi-tracked album has now sold over 5000 copies, making it one the most popular euphonium CDs ever!


  1. Humoreske - Tchaikovsky arr. M.Bale
  2. Sonata Pian'eforte - Gabrieli arr. M.Bale
  3. Erinnerung - Schumannn arr. L. Mahlknecht
  4. Toccata and Fugue in D minor - Bach arr.A.P.Taylor 
  5. Scarborough Fair - Art Garfunkel arr.B.Reichenbach
  6. The Sorcerers Apprentice - Dukas arr.M.Bale 
  7. Golliwogg's Cakewalk - C.Debussy arr.M.Bale 
  8. Clair de Lune - C.Debussy arr.M.Bale
  9. Scherzo from Midsummer Nights Dream - F.Mendelssohn arr.M.Bale
  10. The Girl with the Flaxen Hair - C.Debussy arr.M.Bale
  11. The Ride of the Valkyries - R.Wagner arr.R.Hall 
  12. Frankie and Johnny - American Trad. arr.S.Roberts 
  13. Fly Me to the Moon - B.Howard arr.R. Hughes
  14. Jump, Jive an' Wail - L.Prima arr.J.Vinson 

Additional Info

Euphonium Magic is the title of a  recording that is a completely multi-tracked album where Steve plays every single note on the one hour recording. In pieces ranging from 4 to 17 parts, it is an amazing technical and musical feat to produce such a disc where everything from Gabrieli to jazz is covered, including four substantial works, Dukas’ Sorcerer’s Apprentice (the inspiration behind the title), Wagner’s famous ‘Ride of the Valkyries’, the complete Scherzo from Mendelssohn’s Midsummer Night’s Dream and J.S. Bach’s famous Toccata and Fugue in D minor. Tchaikovsky, Debussy and Schumann complete the classical side and there are three jazz and swing pieces to round the disc including a rip-roaring version of Louis Prima’s Jump Jive an’Wail.

Those who have heard pre-production versions of the disc are frankly astonished by the results! The sound quality is amazing, warm rich euphonium tones combining in perfect rhythmic precision and astonishingly perfect intonation throughout. Steve’s only regret is that this particular euphonium ensemble/orchestra can never play live…at least, not all at the same time!! But when you listen to the great music on Euphonium Magic you can cast this regret away, and listen in wonder as to how the hell this was ever done. Some secrets will come out, but as the title suggests, some it will remain, like all good magic, a secret.

CD - Bravura - Steven Mead

£13.25 - £8.00
Reference:  CDPR19
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  1. Hail Ancient Walls ... Gounod, arr. Snell
  2. Euphonium Concerto No. 2 ... John Golland
  3. Arbucklenian Polka ... Hartmann
  4. Sicilienne ... Paradies, arr. Snell
  5. Concerto ... Vladimir Cosma, arr. Meredith
  6. Lento from Cello Concerto ... Elgar, arr. Bourgeois
  7. Fantasy on Moto Perpetuo ... Pagannini, arr. Snell (euphonium duet and band, both parts played by Mead)
  8. Bravura Variations for Euphonium quartet and band ... Peter Graham (all four parts played by Mead)



Additional Info

Steven Mead dazzles audiences with a jam-packed disc that is sure to please even the most critical listener. Bravura has everything that you will need to get started listening to Euphonium repertoire! Definitely a CD to impress!  One of Steve's most popular all time CDs with the Fairey Band and conductor Howard Snell is incredible form and Steve rises to the heights of his powers, with Golland 2 and the Cosma on the same disc..Wow !!

Classic Quintet, Vol. 2

£13.25 - £12.25
Reference:  CDRCR01
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Wind Quintet in Ab op. 14... Gustav Holst 

  1.  Allegro moderato 4.13
  2. Adagio 5.00
  3. Allegretto 2.23
  4. Poco allegro e cantabile 4.03

5. Brilliante ... Peter Graham Arr. G.Veit 5.38

6. Pequena Czarda ... Iturralde arr. G.Veit 4.29

7. Czardas ... Monti arr. G.Veit 4.20

8. Fantasie Originale ... Picchi arr. G.Veit 7.43

9. The Lark in the Clear Air ... Trad Arr. Catherwood re-arr. G. Veit 3.47

10. Concerto Brillante on Carnival of Venice ... Bimboni arr. G.Veit 11.39

Additional Info

Steve teams up once again with the this superb professional woodwind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon) from Northern Italy, under the leadership of Alexander Veit.

Mead IN(N) Brass

£13.25 - £12.50
Reference:  CDWR01
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  1. Farandole from Arlesienne Suite .... G. Bizet, arr. H. Gurtner
  2. Sir "EU" ... Thomas Doss
  3. Polovitzian Dance from Prince Igor ... A. Borodin, arr. H. Gurtner
  4. The Amazing Mr. Arban ... J.B. Arban, arr. E. Howarth / H. Gurtner
  5. Pie Jesu from the Requiem Mass ... G. Fauré. arr. H. Gurtner
  6. Adagio and Allegro ... R. Schumann, arr. H. Gurtner
  7. Slavonic Dance No. 8 ... A. Dovorak, arr. H. Gurtner
  8. Midnight Euphonium ... G. Richards, arr. S. Mead
  9. Endfang (Fanfare, Swing, Trauergalopp) ... P. Wesenauer
  10. Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair ... S. Foster, arr. R. Harvey


Additional Info

Steven is joined by Sound Inn Brass, a professional brass 12-piece from Upper Austria, under the baton of maestro Howard Snell in this spectacular recording of brand-new works for Euphonium and brass ensemble. Apart from the excellent arrangements by INN-Brass trombonist Herbert Gurtner, the CD contains 5 tracks for solo euphonium and brass ensemble, including the not-to-be-missed new piece composed for Steven and the INN-Brass: "Sir Eu" by Austrian composer Thomas Doss - "...possibly the most important new euphonium composition in 2002." - Steven Mead


£13.25 - £10.50
Reference:  CDPR17
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  1. Pequena Czarda ... Pedro Iturralde Arr.Klaas van der Woude
  2. Aria ... Eugene Bozza Arr. Klaas van der Woude
  3. Euphonium Concerto ...Philip Wilby 
  4. Walter's Prize Song ... Wagner Arr. Maurice Bale
  5. Fantasia di Concerto ... Eduardo Boccalari Arr. John Meredith
  6. Mr. Euphonium ... Bertrand Moren
  7. The Lark in the Clear Air ... Trad . Arr. David Catherwood
  8. Introduction, Theme and Variations ... Rossini Arr. Brennan
  9. Oration ... Howard Snell

The Essential Steven Mead

£13.25 - £10.50
Reference:  CDPR16
Stock:  In stock In stock


  1. Home on the Range (Leidzen)
  2. O My Beloved Father (Puccini/Smith)
  3. Varied Mood (Woodfield)
  4. Kol Nidrei (Bruch/Gay)
  5. Carnival of Venice (Remmington)
  6. Peace (Golland)
  7. Variations (A.L.Webber/Graham)
  8. Grandfathers Clock (Doughty)
  9. Variations on Annie Laurie (Heaton)
  10. Serenade (Schubert/Wilkinson)
  11. Serenade from Les Millions D'Arlequin (Drigo)
  12. Drink to Me Only (Snell)


£13.25 - £10.50
Reference:  CDPR15
Stock:  In stock In stock



  1. Concertino for Euphonium and Symphonic Wind Band (Rolf Wilhelm) premiere recording
  2. Peace Please (Frode Thingnaes)
  3. Fantasy (Philip Sparke)
  4. Vintage (David Gillingham)
  5. Lento from Euphonium Concerto (Joseph Horovitz)
  6. Russian Dance (Boehme, Arr. J. Smith)
  7. Concerto (originally Trombone Concerto, Derek Bourgeois)




£13.25 - £10.50
Reference:  CDPR13
Stock:  In stock In stock


One of Steve's most popular ever CDs, recorded with the RNCM Brass Band conducted by Howard Snell.

  1. Euphonium Concerto (Sparke)
  2. Carrickfergus (Trad.)
  3. Euphony (Redhead)
  4. Aubade (Sparke)
  5. Return to Sorrento (De Curtis)
  6. Euphonium Music (Bowen)
  7. Napoli (Bellstedt/Brand)
  8. Midnight Euphonium (Richards)
  9. The Better World (Bearcroft)

Symphonic Variants

Reference:  CDDH01
Stock:  In stock In stock


1. Raise of the Sun (Galante)

2. Rhapsody for Euphonium (Curnow)

3. Spirit of Independence (van der Roost)

4. Concerto for Euphonium (Curnow)

5. To Fly Without Wings (Curnow)

6. Symphonic Variants for Euphonium (Curnow)

World of the Euphonium, Vol. 4

£13.25 - £10.50
Reference:  CDPR04
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  1. Euphonium Concertos - Vladimir Cosma
  2. Cantabile - Paginini/arr. Richards
  3. Fever Fantasy - Nielsen
  4. Café 1930 - Astor Piazolla/arr. Mead
  5. Sonata for Euphonium - John Reeman
  6. By Gaslight - Tadeusz Kassatti
  7. Birthday Tribute - Sparke
  8. Es ist eine Rose entsprungen - Brahms/arr. Gotoh
  9. Pearls - Roland Szentpali
  10. Vissi D'Arte - Puccini/arr. Steven Mead
  11. Herbmaiden's Dance - Hugo Alven/arr. Olsrud



Additional Info


The fourth installment of the World of the Euphonium series. Jam-packed with material - you can't find a better representation of contemporary euphonium repertoire! Be sure to check out the other four volumes of the World of the Euphonium series.

World of the Euphonium, Vol. 3

£13.25 - £10.50
Reference:  CDPR03
Stock:  In stock In stock


  1. The Song of the Brother - Leidzen
  2. Flight - Wilby
  3. Romance - Elgar/arr. Wilson
  4. Party Piece - Sparke
  5. Song of the Seashore - Narita/arr. Kanai
  6. Fantasy Variations - Ito
  7. Sonata for Euphonium - Roper
  8. Im Tiefsten Walde - Schmid/arr. Bacon
  9. When You Wish Upon a Star - Harline/arr. Kanai
  10. Notturno - Rimsky-Korsakov/arr. Mead
  11. Concerto per Flicorno Basso- Ponchielli/arr. Hower

World of the Euphonium, Vol. 2

£13.25 - £10.50
Reference:  CDPR02
Stock:  In stock In stock


  1. Concerto Gallop - Wilby
  2. Solo de Concurso - Yuste
  3. Fantasia - Jacobs
  4. The Swan - Saint-Saens/arr. Mead
  5. Fantasie Concertante - Castérède
  6. Song for Ina - Sparke
  7. Ransomed - Marshall
  8. Libesfreude - Kreisler
  9. Largo Elegaico from Concerto No. 2 - Golland
  10. Panache - Dewhurst
  11. Two Fauré Duets - Fauré/arr. Mead
  12. Ball of Fire - Smalley
  13. Hora Staccato - Dinicu/arr. Heifitz

World of the Euphonium, Vol. 1

£13.25 - £10.50
Reference:  CDPR01
Stock:  In stock In stock


  1. Sonata in F - Marcello/arr. Mead
  2. Partita Op. 89 - Butterworth
  3. Vocalise - Rachmaninov
  4. Soliloquy IX - Wiggins
  5. Fantasy for Euphonium - Hoshina
  6. Variations for Ophicleide - Kummer
  7. Sonata Euphonica - Hartley
  8. Après un Rêve - Fauré
  9. Weber's Last Waltz - Rimmer
  10. Heart in Heart - Bosanko
  11. Barcarolle from the Tales of Hoffman - Offenbach
  12. A New Carnival of Venice - Stevens

Great British Music - Vol.8 - Dreamscapes

£13.25 - £12.50
Reference:  CDPR18
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  1. Dreamscapes ... Martin Ellerby
  2. Rail .... Wilfred Josephs
  3. Euphonium Concerto ... Martin Ellerby
  4. Mata Hari ... Nigel Clarke
  5. Meditations ... Martin Ellerby

Additional Info

The RNCM Wind Orchestra is widerly regarded as the finest wind orchestra in the UK today, receiving outstanding reviews for recordings and concerts. This CD features some of the most important wind band repertoire on the UK scene today, particularly important is the first studio recording of the Euphonium Concerto by Martin Ellerby.

Not only was this Euphonium Concerto commissioned by Steven but gave the first performance in its version with brass band, piano, symphony orchestra and wind orchestra. It is perhaps the most difficult concerto in the repertoire, totally unrelenting in its demands on the soloist throughout the entire 22.5 minutes duration. Conductor is James Gourlay, famous tuba soloist, also conducted the world premiere performance with Steven back in October 1995 in Switzerland.


Vistas - The Music of Martin Ellerby

£13.25 - £12.50
Reference:  CDPR10
Stock:  In stock In stock


  1. New World Dances
  2. Requiescant Aberfan
  3. Euphonium Concerto (Martin Ellerby) *
  4. Concerto for Brass
  5. Vistas

* soloist Steven Mead

The Mighty Voice

£13.25 - £10.50
Reference:  CDPR12
Stock:  In stock In stock


  1. Sinfonietta No. 2 (Sparke)
  2. Old English Suite (Short)
  3. Pantomime (Sparke)*
  4. Delta Dances (Platts)
  5. Mountain Song (Sparke)
  6. The Mighty Voice (Patterson)
Steven Mead - soloist
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