Denis Wick 50th Anniversary Special Edition Trombone Straight Mute

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The EuphoniumStore has purchased the remaining stock of the 50th Anniversary Special Edition Trombone Straight Mute!!

The Denis Wick 50th Anniversary Special Edition Trombone Straight Mute has been specially designed to celebrate the fifty years since 1968 when Denis Wick brought out his first mutes. This beautiful mute is coloured gold to celebrate the Golden Anniversary and has a sparkling finish to add to the sense of celebration. We have taken a regular DW5505 and have given it a fantastic new look, which will shine on any concert stage. This Special Edition mute will only be available in the Anniversary year of 2018, and is already becoming a sought-after item for collectors, as well as for players seeking a mute with some added bling!

Denis Wick Wooden Baritone Mute

£85.63 - £72.50
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The Denis Wick baritone wooden mute offers a uniquely warm tone unmatched by any other material, especially in soft dynamics. The sidewalls are constructed from quality birch faced plywood that provides a warm and rich sound. 
Through careful design, Denis Wick has produced the wooden mute to attenuate your tone while retaining accurate intonation with a perfect level of resistance. For enhanced durability, the Denis Wick wooden mute has a marine ply base which is lined with vulcanised fibre to ensure it can survive the lifestyle of a touring musician.

Denis Wick Metal Straight Baritone Mute (DW5523)

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Undoubtedly the market leader.

Made from high purity spun aluminum, these handmade mutes blend perfectly, provide unmatched brilliance and projection, and have excellent intonation. Denis Wick offers the most comprehensive line of straight mutes available.

Weight 540gr

Dimensions 30x23x23


Denis Wick SM Travel Mute - Baritone ** on sale now **

£120.00 - £90.00
Reference:  ACDWP-BTM
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 The new Denis Wick SM Baritone Travel Mute.

Over a year in the development stage, this mute, which is closely related of course to the highly successful Euphonium Travel mute, has been eagerly awaited by baritone players.  It sits flush inside the bell, so can sit inside the instrument when in its case, either a hard case or a gig bag.

The performance of this mute is terrific; it's main features being:

  • A quiet and even sound
  • Excellent intonation right throughout the range
  • Even response and feels very natural to play
  • Very clear high and low tones, despite the quiet sound
  • A lie-flat leather handle for easy removal of the mute
  • Doesn't demand extra effort from the performer, allowing the musician to play freely...and still not disturb the neighbours or sleeping children etc!
  • This mute was shown at the National Brass Band Championships at London's Royal Albert Hall on Saturday 11th October 2014 on the Denis Wick Products exhibition stand, as well as the Shanghai Music Show 8-11 October.

    Be one of the first to own this great new mute !! 

    Weighs only 180 grams

    Steven Mead writes: The essential design element is to balance what we want from such a mute. Obviously as it's a ‘quiet’ mute, rather than a performance mute, (although I have seen the Euphonium Travel Mute used in performances before!) it needs to perform its duty to be quiet, and not disturb others, whether you’re at home, in a hotel, or wherever else you choose to practice.  We also need a true tone, not something pinched or compromised, so we need to try to keep the air resistance to a minimum.  It also needs to be in tune. There is no use having a mute that plays a semitone high or low.  We are really delighted how this new mute has worked out, and as with all Denis Wick Products, exhaustive testing is the key, and never being prepared to settle for something that’s not right.  With this new in-bell mute, which fits flush inside the case, I’m hoping baritone players will be really pleasantly surprised how easy it is to play it.  The consistency of sound from lowest to highest notes is really quite fantastic. 

    As with the Euphonium Travel Mute, sustained strong low note practice with this mute can really ‘open up’ your sound, and so the benefits are not just about its ‘quiet’ credentials.

    So now there are no more excuses in the band room; you can practice at home, you can practice in a break at work, and you can practice when your kids are sleeping, or if you don’t want your partner to hear too much!

    Wick SM Travel Mute - Euphonium

    £130.00 - £108.00
    Reference:  MUTE-AC08
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    Introducing the superb design in silent, in-bell compact mute, the Denis Wick SM Travel Mute (DW5587).  It's the perfect solution for players who wish to practice normally but who prefer not to disturb those around them, enabling a quality sound, with excellent tuning, and free blowing throughout the entire range. Designed by the world famous euphonium soloist Steven Mead in cooperation with Denis Wick Products Ltd, this mute is sure to meet the needs of many players who like to carry a warm up /practice mute inside the bell and who need this mute to perform brilliantly!

    Main features :

  • Weighs only 200 grams
  • Fits inside the bells of all euphonium models, enabling transportation with ease inside gig bags and hard cases
  • Excellent intonation throughout the entire range, and the most in-tune bell mute available
  • Free blowing with a soft and high quality sound, not an anonymous muffled sound but clear and with resonance
  • Very quiet, approximately 5db less sound than other silent/practice mutes - perfect for satisfying your intolerant neighbours (or family members!)
  • Even response from pedal tones to the very highest notes in the range
  • Attractive original design, complete with leather strap for easy insertion and removal, a cork lining inside the bell of the mute, high quality neoprene pads for secure grip once inserted, and finished to the highest quality at the Denis Wick Products factory

  • We've now automatically added a trackable express shipping service for mutes sent out of the UK. This way we can guarantee you recevie the mute without delay and at all times we can track the delivery. It's a little more epxensive but we hope you feel it's worth it.
    Here are three reviews by the fantastic young euphonium talent from Belgium, Glenn Van Looy, Lewis Musson, Solo Euph with the Leyland Band and BBC2 Brass Soloist of the Year,  and the French star Bastien Baumet, Solo Euphonium of the Paris BrassBand and leading soloist, who bought the new mute some weeks ago: "I'm very happy to have had the opportunity to test the brand new Denis Wick Travel Mute.
    I fell in love from the first note I've played on it. Tuning is excellent and the comfort is so easy. The resistance is perfect. If I play on a practice mute it has to have a bit of resistance to improve your sound. This mute has everything.
    It's also very light to travel with. You don't even notice you're carrying it with you.
    From now on I'll always have the mute with me."

    Glenn Van Looy

    "As an aspiring professional euphonium player, the new Wick SM travel mute has quickly become an essential piece of kit that i cannot travel without. Whether I'm warming up in a hotel, backstage at a gig or simply cramming in some late night practise at home, this mute has proved itself worth the expenditure time and time again. It fits perfectly inside the bell of my Sterling euphonium, whilst the tuning is a class above all other travel mutes i have tested. Just take care to remember to remove the mute before you go on stage as it is so small and light you may forget its there!

    Lewis Musson 

    I received the new SM Travel Mute. It is the best practice mute. It is really pleasant for travel, we can put it in the case and it's very light. In addition it is the only practice mute that is 'right' and that has no resistance. The sound is perfect. The bass and treble are perfect as if it wasn't a mute. Now I can practice in hotels, backstage, and home at night when I need without disturbing the surroundings. Since I received it, it's all the time with me in my bag.

    Bastien Baumet  

    "I bought Travel Mute for Euphonium lately. This is very small and it gives us very comfortable practice time. I've used several practice mutes before such as "Practice Mute" by Denis Wick, "Silent Brass" by Yamaha and "Warm-Up Mute" by Best Brass. Everything helped me a lot in each period, but I'm sure that I met the best practice mute now!!!  To practice, it's amazing! we can play everything very smooth. I couldn't believe that we can play legato with practice mute with such a smoothness before I try this travel mute. Also it has very nice response. We can practice on how to make air flow and how to connect air flow and lip's vibration as well. Basically I have opportunity to use this mute a lot in my house. Unfortunately I can't practice in my house without mute... This is life in Japan. :(  It helps my practice a lot.  Of course it's not 100 % same as practicing with out mute, but comfortable to both player and family. :) To transport, it's also amazing! This fits into inside of bell and you don't need any extra space in your case or gig-bag!! One more thing, I love this shiny red!!! If you are fan of Formula 1 or car like me, you remember Ferrari's red by this!! I'm sure it helps a lot of musician's practice.

    Ryunosuke-Pepe Abe

    "The SM practice mute is such a convenient tool to have. Not only in situations where quiet practice is needed, but also in helping with air flow and tone production. After using this mute, I feel like the resonance and size of my sound are noticeably better. I would recommend this to EVERY euphonium player!"

    Grant Jameson






    Denis Wick - Euphonium Mute Bag - now back in stock!!

    Reference:  AC09

    Check out this NEW Denis Wick mute bag to fit all types of Denis Wick Euphonium mutes (straight metal, wooden and practice). It comes complete with a handle for easier carrying! An extremely useful accessory to protect your mutes against dirt, bumps and scratches. Get one now!!


    Denis Wick - Euphonium Straight Metal Mute

    £107.86 - £95.08
    Reference:  MUTE-AC06
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    Made from high purity spun aluminium, 'scotchbrite' finished and bright silver anodised. Offer brilliance and carrying power which make them the choice of the world's finest professionals. Excellent intonation.

    Steven Mead uses this mute for the majority of the solo works, and all those that need a mute capable of a real metallic sound ( especially works like the Hallows Concerto and the  Ellerby Concerto). Played strongly this mute is capable of incredible telling projection with an even sound through the range, including the very highest notes.  There is no other euphonium mute with this unique tone colour and that has really minimal resistance.

    We package these mutes with their original boxes inside a padded larger box, making for quaranteed perfect condition with shipping. We believe we are the only retailer to offer this service, and we always will have them in stock . You won't be kept waiting, we know how important your performance and practice is to you.

    Denis Wick - Euphonium Wooden Mute

    £155.27 - £129.50
    Reference:  MUTE-AC07
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    This wooden mute possesses a simply gorgeous muted tone on the euphonium. In the instances where a bright clear metallic sound is NOT required, you will not be disappointed with this superbly crafted mute. Steven Mead was surprised to find this mute was not widely know in the euphonium world, and only really started work in this mute a few months ago.  He already has 5 different wood/fibre mutes but this , after some modification , as suggested by Steve to the Wick factory, we feel this mute is now sure to be highly sought after.

    The four corks have been completely redesigned, with new thickness, width, length and re-positioned to the absolute optimum position. Now this mute is set to make its mark in the euphonium world and we have the first stocks of this newly redesigned mute. Its not the cheapest mute on the market but for band, ensemble or solo playing , we feel sure this 'new look' mute will make you sound great .. and muted !!

    We package these mutes with their original boxes inside a padded larger box, making for quaranteed perfect condition with shipping. We believe we are the only retailer to offer this service, and we always will have them in stock . You won't be kept waiting, we know how important your performance and practice is to you.

    More info:

    The Denis Wick range of wooden mutes is designed to provide modern brass players with a mute which sounds great, even at the quietest of dynamics. This mute will carry on working even at the end of an extreme diminuendo - it will allow the tone to drop almost nothing. Denis Wick has achieved this by a unique construction method which uses beautiful wood, with all its natural attributes of strength and resonance, and a very hard inner lining, made of a hi-tech modern material, which gives rigidity and enhances the acoustic properties of the mute.
    The use of wooden mutes is popular in European orchestras and helps create that distinctive muted sound which is so useful in nineteenth-century orchestral music. They are especially useful when used in opera, where often a very soft pianissimo is required. Denis Wick wooden mutes can be found in many leading opera houses around the world, including the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and the Teatro alla Scala, Milan.
    The Denis Wick wooden French horn mute is the choice of mute for many professional horn players around the world. With its perfect intonation, beautiful tone and instant response it is the leading mute of its kind. It has adjustable tuning which allows the mute to be adapted to suit every kind of French horn.
    The mutes are very light and resonant, and are also very rigid. They are all individually hand-crafted. The bases are made from a solid piece of marine ply and the wooden ‘cone' from Finnish birch wood. The inner lining is applied by a special method which ensures maximum strength and resonance.
    Denis Wick wooden mutes are used widely in bands and in orchestras: their excellent intonation and all-round performance makes them a great choice for any brass player. They are made in different sizes for most brass instruments, including all brass band and orchestral brass instruments, from Eb trumpet/soprano cornet down to BBb tuba.

    Denis Wick - Euphonium Practice Mute

    £120.00 - £103.00
    Reference:  MUTE-AC05
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    Denis Wick practice mutes are perhaps the best teaching aid ever invented. Not only do they fulfil the need for the IN TUNE painless practice, so essential in the development of every young player and an indispensible 'hotel mute' for the professional, but they also possible an enormous improvement in tone quality using the entire vital capacity as a vibrating air column by opening the throat spaces through playing loudly in the low register.

    Steven Mead uses this mute as an essential tool for practice, and although its not the ideal travel mute, as its bigger than the newer micro mutes (eg Best Brass) its just superb for home practice. Given time this mute, used correctly, will open up your sound, increasing the use and potential of your oral cavity and throat opening. If will make you very popular with family members who dont wont to hear you full-on all the time and with neighbours who will have nothing to complain about !

    We package these mutes with their original boxes inside a padded larger box, making for quaranteed perfect condition with shipping. We believe we are the only retailer to offer this service, and we always will have them in stock . You won't be kept waiting, we know how important your performance and practice is to you.

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