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The kit consists of: -

Instrument Soak - Unique soak that cleans the instrument from the inside out, removing the unpleasant biofilm from your instrument pipework and clearing oils and greases leaving your instrument with a pleasant citrus scent and an easy next time clean anti-static coating.
Finishing Polish- Made using natural Avocado oil this polish gives your instrument that sought after championship finish.
Helin Brush and Cloth Kit- Quality kit from the worlds leading manufacturer, specially designed for b sharp.

Virtuoso Brass Instrument Cleaning Kit

  • Soak cleans from the inside out Ė remove the biofilm that builds up inside your instrument
  • Biofilm harbours bacteria and germs.
  • Helps to combat illnesses like colds, influenza & Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis.
  • Degreases valves and slides.
  • Put an anti-static coating on the inside and outside to aid easy next time cleaning and water displacement.
  • You break down the instrument ensuring you remove any felts before soaking.
  • Kit consists of soak, polish and a Helin Brush kit
  • Polish is an Avocado oil based non-abrasive polish to give a championship lustre
  • Safe on all finishes. Must use warm not hot water.
  • Personally endorsed by Steven Mead, Mark Wilkinson, Dr Brett Baker and Fodens Band
  • Watch youtube video:


    From an article of www.4barsrest.com

    Recommendation from Steven Mead:

    "Steven Mead recommends the B# Virtuoso Brass Instrument Cleaning Kit † I suppose Iíve always been quite fastidious about keeping my instrument clean. Thereís no question that an instrument thatís perfectly clean with everything well lubricated, performs better. And Iím interested in that! † Over the years Iíve had students play for me, and with many of them, immediately Iíve detected that their instrument hasnít been well maintained, or perhaps hasnít had an internal† clean for some considerable time.† When someone says they put some water through it, or even that theyíve bathed it, they presume this will remove all the build-up of grime that can have such a detrimental impact on playing, in particular tuning.† It always amazes me that people spend so much money on their instruments, and then look after them so badly. Itís like having a car that you never get serviced, and of course you shouldnít be too surprised when it lets you down. †I been using this Cleaning Kit myself for about five months now, and itís been selling very well on my web store†www.euphoniumstore.net.† I know my customers are as satisfied as I am.†† The Instrument Soak solution really works, and itís almost identical to having my instrument professionally cleaned by the manufacturers in Germany.† The brushes are also well-designed and finish off the internal clean to perfection. Then to get a fully professional finish, the Avocado oil is really outstanding, as good as anything Iíve ever used. I canít recommend this highly enough. Everyone should have one of these kits at home."

    Mark Wilkinson (Principal Cornet of Fodenís Band), Dr. Brett Baker (international trombone soloist and Rath Clinician) and Fodenís Band are endorsing the new range of Bsharpbrass (b#) cleaning kit and natural oils.

    Said a spokesman for b#: ďPlayers have long cleaned their instruments with washing up liquid, many of which contain salt. It doesnít take a rocket scientist to understand that water plus salt results in possible corrosion.Ē

    The kit consists of an Instrument Soak that cleans the instrument from the inside out, removing the unpleasant biofilm from your instrument pipework, and clearing oils and greases, leaving your instrument with a pleasant citrus scent and an easy next-time clean, anti-static coating.

    After the soak, you have a finishing Avocado Polish that gives your instrument that sort after Championship finish, and b# has teamed up Helin of Germany to include a quality purpose-made brush and cloth pack to make the Virtuoso Brass Instrument Cleaning Kit the only product of its kind.

    To complete the range, b# has also introduced a range of 100% natural oils and greases, which are non-petroleum, non-synthetic lubricants made from natural oils, with added food grade fruit flavourings to enhance your playing experience.

    The range was launched at the recent North West and Yorkshire Regional Championships, and Mark Wilkinson commented: ďThis is a must accessory for every brass musician and the only product to clean instruments of its kind that I recommend.Ē

    Brett Baker also endorsed: ďThe b# Cleaning Kit maintains my trombone as new, Iíve used washing up liquid for years without knowing about the damage that it can do long-term.Ē

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