Arban Studies 1-14 - Ed. Gomm and Mayes (solo part, piano part and 2CDs) Treble Clef version

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Here is a superb new release from Brass Wind Publications which is sure to bring a new and fresh dimension to your technical practice, with these famous 14 Characteristic Studies, found at the back of the Arban Grand Method.

As well as a beautifully producted solo part and piano accompaniment, this set includes 2 two highquality cds with the piano accompaniment (with a real pianist and real piano!), each in three different tempi: 1. slow practice 2. performance tempo 3. fast performance tempo!


From the publishers:

For nearly 150 years Jean-Baptiste Arban's 14 studies have been an essential part of a brass player's practice routine. Arban's original parts contain many inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Whilst we had no intention of creating an 'Urtext' edition, we have attempted to make each study's phrasing, articulation and where necessary, dynamics consistent with itself, without losing the character and intentions of Arban's manuscript. We, therefore, chose not to add dynamics at the beginning of studies where Arban has omitted them, as you will quickly discover the right dynamic (for you) on practising the piece. You may also, as performer, wish to change or ignore our suggestions, for that is what they are and you must feel free to do so.

This edition includes imaginative piano accompaniments written to reflect the nature of the solo part and enhance the soloist's practice whilst lending these studies also to the concert repertoire. Our hope is that you will gain more from playing these great studies 'with accompaniment’ rather than the traditional way 'without'.

The CD that accompanies this edition contains John Alley's accompaniments in three tempi. One for slow practice, one for general performance and then one for the virtuoso! Also included are stylish performances of all 14 studies by leading UK trumpeter Paul Mayes which are retained for guidance in this euphonium edition. In order to produce an artistically cohesive CD Paul Mayes’ performances are a mix of the two featured performance tempi


Highly recommended!

Duration n/a

Diffiulty level 4-5.5/6

Supplied with:  solo part in treble clef  (bass clef version also available on this site), piano accompaniment, and 2CDs with playalong accompaniments in 3 different tempi (and demo performance) 

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