Bordogni Vocalises (Rochut) in bass clef - Vol.3 (24 pieces) - with piano acc. on CD

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Perhaps the most famous instrumental vocalises, now you can enjoy them with piano accompaniment on the supplied CD.

Please note the solo part is in Bass Clef.

The Bordogni Vocalises have been transcribed by David Schwartz for trombone or euphonium. This volume (3) includes 24 vocalises along with an audio compact disc with Bordogni's original piano accompaniments for all 24 vocalises.

The perfect way to develop your 'vocal' style !

Difficulty level 3/6

Supplied with solo part in BC and accompanying CD.


These relatively new additions to the literature can really be useful to young players. With the employment of the piano CD the students will have to learn to keep good time and will also learn better intonation at a faster rate. The trombone part as transcribed from Bordogni is slightly different at times from the Rochut editions, but Schwartz does a good job indicating these differences. He also provides a list for comparison between the two edition numbers. Other benefits of the book are that there are 3 etudes provided again in different keys at the end of the book, and 2 etudes with faster tempos (although in one of these cases it is difficult to make music at such a tempo). Schwartz also provides a nice overview of Bordogni and concisely explains his edition. Overall this is a welcome addition to our literature, for we now have the ability to rehearse these famous etudes with a CD accompaniment, and it is likely that some may use these for public performances. Grade 2-3.

Comments from Teachers

"David, you have made a monumental contribution to trombone instruction, now and for the future."

- Richard W. Bowles, Gainesville, FL

"David, Thank You! My students and I love it. In my studio Bordogni/Rochut will be phased out and replaced with Bordogni/Schwartz. Thanks for providing this valuable service to the trombone community."

- Nathaniel O. Brickens, University of Texas at Austin

"David, I have my students working out of book one of your set and they are enjoying it immensely. Now that they have the CD versions you have done, they don't know how they ever played them without --- I had one girl yesterday who sang the piano intro before she began playing --- pretty darned neat!"

- Peter Ellefson, Indiana University

"David, Congratulations on your Bordogni editions. The Bordogni-Rochut vocalises have served as the musical basis for most trombonists' legato and "singing" standards. How wonderful it is to have them available in new editions which include CD piano accompaniments. Trombonists have the opportunity to develop and refine their harmonic understanding in the practice room."

- Tom Everett, Harvard University, Founder ITA

"David, You'll be happy to know that I have officially stopped using Rochut. All my students are now directed to use your editions. The accompaniments make such a difference in their practice and I appreciate the scholarly information and advice."

- Mike Hall, Old Dominion University

"David, Good for you! Your series of Bordogni etudes with accompaniment CD are a great addition to my active teaching and practicing materials. I use them to promote good intonation, rhythm, musicality, memorization and ensemble techniques. The simplicity of the accompaniments provides structure but places the musical responsibility upon the trombonist. Buzzing along with the CD in the car is a fun and easy, no-hands approach that not only serves as a good warm-up, but improves clarity of pitch and flexibility with pleasant melodies rather than rigid exercise."

- Scott Hartman, Yale University

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